Thursday, July 12, 2012

who is ready to arm partaaaaaaay?!

Whats up you guys! You have probably seen all the cryptic tweets from Ilene and Leonora in regards to what the 2 of us are brewing up.

Well, the wait is over, we want to invite all of you guys to our Summer Time Arm Party!

What is an Arm Party and how does one RSVP?
When the 2 of us think of summer one thought that came into our head was friendship bracelets. It brings you back to your elementary school days where being besties for life meant sporting some knotted up embroidery floss around your wrist.

We wanted to find a way for bloggers to get to meet new besties out there, and what better way to do that then host a fun Summer Time Arm Party Bracelet Swap!

Simply fill out the google document form by visiting the "Rules and Regulations" section at the bottom of this blog post to RSVP, we will hook you up with a partner where the 2 of you guys get to swap bracelets with each other! (before signing up PLEASE read entire blog post AND our "rules and regulations" section, open to a limited number of people, thanks guys!)

What Type Of Bracelets Can I Swap?
We want this to be fun and fashionable! We have compiled a TON of awesome DIY bracelet ideas below that are super easy to create and really affordable. Can't choose which bracelet to make? Thats ok, go nuts! Its a stinkin' PARTY! You can totally send your bracelet buddy more than one bracelet if you have the time and moola. You are not limited to these ideas at all, these are just suggestions :)

Worried you're not crafty enough to make some of these bracelets but still want to participate in the swap? Gurl we got you covered. We are encouraging everyone to try to make a bracelet, but if you want we are allowing participants to also buy a bracelet for their swapping partner if they are nervous about their crafting skills. We just ask that if you do buy a bracelet that it look awesome and not like a cracker jack toy ;)

Ok, We Swapped, Now What?
Now it's time for the party to start! When you get your bracelet from your partner you'll probably have the urge to squeal with delight and beg whoever is closest to you to quickly help you get your new arm bling on your wrist. We are asking that all bloggers who participate in this swap write up a blog post about it! You can make it an outfit shot post or make it a post strictly about the arm party swap. Either way please have the post up and running by August 21st so you can link up with Leonora and Ilene on our blogs!

Again the link will go live on August 21st so you all can see all the awesome bracelets that everyone got! We'll bring the chips, can you guys bring the dip?

• This is only opened to US Residents
• First come first serve basis, we will only open the sign up process to the first 100 people
• You will have 1 week to register, if registration fills up before the week is up then registration will close.
• Once registration ends on July 20th we will then start to team up partners! You will get an email with your partner's information in it with in 2-5 business days. Please only contact us if AFTER the 5 business day mark you did not get a partner (by July 27th). You may not have gotten a parter if you were too late to register or our email might have went to spam. Please follow Ilene and Leonora's twitter accounts for tweet updates about the swap. We will make an announcement when all the names have been teamed up!
• We really really REALLY hope everyone plays nice in the sandbox, but if they don't please note that unfortunately Ilene and Leonora are not responsible for anyone's actions during this swap. We are also not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.
• Once you have your partner you will be given 2 WEEKS TO MAKE AND MAIL YOUR BRACELET.
• You will get the wrist size of your partner, we recommend making the bracelet *slightly* bigger than your partner's wrist so its not tight on them. Think about it, if their wrist is 7" around and you make the bracelet EXACTLY 7" thats gonna be a weee bit uncomfortable!
• All bracelets must be in the hands of your swapper by August 11th so that everyone has time to take pictures and write a blog post for our link up party on August 21st
• Once you get your bracelet please blog about it! Include any links to your partner's social media sites. Again you can incorporate your bracelet in an outfit post or just blog about the swap! When you do link up with Ilene and Leonora please link back to our blogs on your blog post and include our button in your post. Any blog posts that are linked to us that do not have anything to do with the swap will be deleted (giveaway posts or a link to your entire blog will also be deleted).
• Now let's have some fun! Wanna RSVP to our party??
Click here to be directed to a google document for registration (CLOSED - email Ilene at muchloveilly at gmail dot com to get put on the waiting list! thank YOU for your support and excitement, friends!)


A broken up timeline of all the dates so you don't have to keep re-reading this blog post :)
• July 12th: Registration opens for our Summer Time Arm Party Swap
• July 20th: Registration officially closes (if filled up before the 20th it will close sooner)
• July 27th: Will receive partner on or before this date
• July 27th - August 10th: 2 week time frame to make and mail your bracelet(s) to your partner
• August 11th: Latest day your partner can get your bracelet
• August 21st: The day your blog post should be published and linked up to either Leonora or Ilene's blog, please link back to our blogs when making your post so people who are unfamiliar with the arm party swap know what it is!


so you all ready to partaaaaay?!
 i cannot wait to see who joins in the fun!
so after you submit your form, be sure to comment below with your name and blog address to let us know if you are IN!
*doing a happy dance now, waving my bracelet-covered wrists in the air*

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]


  1. I am totally in! This is pure genius. :)

  2. I am totally in!! This is going to be fun :)

  3. This is so fun! I filled out a form and hope that I get to be a part of this. =)

  4. I'm so excited!! Definitely in!!! Thank you guys for hosting!

  5. I'm in! Thanks so much for putting this fun!!!!


  6. I'm in! I hope I made it in time, this sounds like SO much fun, and... coincidence or chance? I've been practicing making bracelets this week!! Thank you so much for organizing this - it has got to be a lot of work and time to pull this off, and it just sounds like a really nice thing to do. :) I love your blog so much!

  7. I am so totally IN!
    Karly @ Three in Three

  8. Oh so wish I could join in but I don't live in the US. I will just have to drool from afar :)

  9. I am in!

    Dragonflight Dreams

  10. Whoo-hoo! I'm so excited!!!

    Liz Meyers

  11. This sounds so great!

    Kiana Bates

  12. I hope I got in with enough time! I knew going to see "Singing In The Rain" tonight was cutting into this amazing announcement! I can't wait to create something amazing for my buddy!

  13. This is such a great idea, I LOVE things like this!!


  14. Great idea! But it sucks that it´s only open to US residents.....

  15. love this! thanks for hosting :) I can't decide what to make...

  16. This is a GREAT idea. Good luck to you and Leonora. I am sure you will get a good turnout and the arm party swap will be a huge success.

    I would have loved to sign up but I am in Canada. It's a good thing because I wouldn't know what to make - I'd end up buying something and it then defeats the whole purpose.

  17. Aw I wish :( I'm a sad Canadian

  18. i'm in, i hope!

  19. Adorable. I'm in.


  20. how FUN! i'm in too! xo

  21. I'd love to join, too!
    Renee "Nay" Soriano

  22. I filled out the form - hopefully that means I'm in?

  23. I. am. so. excited. for. this!

    This is such a great idea! I recently picked up a friendship bracelet kit at the book store a few weeks ago, so I'm on a huge bracelet kick now. d^______^b

  24. Sounds like SO much fun!

    I'm sad I'm not in the US (or at least have US address I can use) so I can't take part but if you open something like this to canadian's in the future I am SO down! =)

  25. how fun! and how seeing all the different
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    this is a great way to bring people together.

  26. This is such a great and awesome opportunity for me to show my Dilettante side :) I'm in!

  27. This is a great idea! I can't wait to share my bracelet obsession!

  28. Hey! I'm Catie and I am SO in!! Love these swaps so much!!!

  29. Great idea! I'm so in. Thanks for hosting!

  30. I submitted a form but forgot to comment here after I did! #fingerscrossed I got in!!

  31. Everything are looking so cute here!

  32. I'm SO in. This looks soo fun!
    Hope mine made it into the 100! *fingerscrossed*

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  33. I'm in and SUPER excited =) =)

    Much Love,

  34. Just missed this.
    I'd like to find out if you ever have another swap of some sort.

  35. Ditto! When are you doing this again!!?? Love love love it and just saw the pictures floating around bloggy world. Would love to participate :)

  36. Ditto! When are you doing this again!!?? Love love love it and just saw the pictures floating around bloggy world. Would love to participate :)


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