Wednesday, July 11, 2012


- when i spent time with my almost-niece and her uncle ryan, reading books, playing peek-a-boo and eating lil graham crackers all day long.
when i went to see The Amazing Spiderman and my couple crush on Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone continued to blossomed. 
when emails from my designer show up in my inbox with sneak peeks of my new blog design - eeek! (cannot wait to share!)
- when i read a book like this one and are encouraged by words that i needed to hear right that very second.
- when i received hilarious texts from my sister while she waits at the doctor's office.
- when i enjoyed every single second with my fiance and the statement time flies when you're having fun could never be more true.
- when i come home from a trip to an incredible family and cutest dog in the world.
- when i'm learning to be grateful in the midst of life's disappointments and remembering that my God is always faithful and always good. 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. so sweet! those are some great moments. :) how exciting about a new blog design! i really need a new one... a profesh one. cant wait to see yours! :)

    -maria isabel

  2. A new blog design? Sounds exciting!!!

  3. awhhh! this is just too precious. you and ryan are such a cute couple. the love that you guys have for each other is really rare. :D

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  4. she's adorable

    please visit!

  5. she's cute! can't wait to see the new design!

  6. I love your blog. I don't always comment because you usually have SOO many comments. I saw the new Spidey too. You are so right. I had my doubts about a new character ... but he is sooo perfect for the part and they do make a great couple. If you can believe it we were in San Diego on the 4th and went opening night...15 minutes before show we were the only ones in the theater. Crazy.

    Would totally love it if you and your pup would grace my Puppy Love Photo Party. Last Monday of the month. Just any post with a pic. Just love sharing great pet photos. Thinking about a Doggy Calender at the end of the year. Hope to see your puppy on the 30th of July.

  7. Such a great post:)

  8. new blog design? yay, can't wait to see it goes online! <3

  9. I think it shows the signs of an amazing relationship when time always seems to fly when you're together =-)

    I'm so happy you're happy!

  10. so cute, she is darling and you my friend are gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend (soon)!

  11. it makes my heart sing when you get to spend time with ryan <3

  12. marvelous.
    my blog is being re-designed, too! exciting.

  13. love seeing pictures of your little almost niece! she is just ADORABLE!! and you guys will be great parents when that time comes, i can see it! :)

  14. OH I love new blog designs!! Can't wait to see friend...

  15. you look SO gorgeous (and happy) in that first pic. so so so bummed we didnt get to hang out. next time we WILL make ilene/ashley time happen. promise!

  16. Oh she's so cute :)!



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