Tuesday, July 31, 2012

olympic dreams.

okinawa, japan / me in the center, behind balance beam, age 13.

sometimes i feel like i've lived more than one life. there was that life where i lived on a base as a kid in the Philippines - visiting our families in the barrios and going to an American school. and then the other lives where i lived in South Carolina for 7 years - which is a heck of a long time for a military family - and life in Okinawa, Japan, far away from all of my best friends and all things familiar. and then there was my gymnastic life that spanned 10 years of my life.

gymnastic memories have been coming to mind so many times especially with all of the USA Men and Women's chatter throughout the media. i found myself drawn to this Olympic sport more than any other because i know first hand the difficulty of the sport and the literal blood, sweat and tears that go into it. not saying that the other sports do not exercise the same strenuous effort, but i can certainly identify with the world of gymnastics.

Magnificent Seven were my heroes, 1996 Atlanta Olympics via goggle images

and i'm talking about the long hours at the gym - even early ones on a Saturday morning when i would have much rather slept in. the sprained ankles and hyper-extended knees. the calloused, bleeding palms from the uneven bar routines. the number of ACE bandages, hair clips, and glittery leotards we recycled through. the coaches who screamed with words of encouragement and words of pressure. going to sleep in my splits and practicing routines and back handsprings on a mattress on my bedroom floor. the hugs, kisses, and cheers from supportive parents, and the emotions of defeat and celebration.

competing at age 9 (broken camera, wrong date).

then when i turned 14 years old, i found my passion for the sport starting to fade. we could blame it on puberty, change of interests, or just plain old fizzling. and so now while watching the Fab Five compete, i keep kicking my teenage self and saying, why did you quit?! 

so don't be shocked if you stop by the house these days, and see me polish up on a floor routine in our back yard or vault off of the living room couch or start walking across the kitchen floor on my hands 'cause this gymnast is gonna try to make a come-back. even if she only has a 27 year old body to work with.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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Monday, July 30, 2012

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okay, so remember when i was tweeting up and wearing these shoes from my friends at B.a.i.t. in nearly every outfit post a couple weeks ago?! well, i am still in love with them and they are still making an appearance nearly every day when i walk outside of my house. they are comfortable and just ridiculously fun, i can't seem to stop wearing them! 

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much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

Sunday, July 29, 2012


top: c/o Oasap / dress turned skirt: Forever 21 / wedges (last season): c/o Blowfish Shoes / necklace: c/o Le Mode Accessories / clutching together clutch: c/o Le Mode Accessories 

though i could be referring to the USA Men's swim team (particularly Ryan Lochte - i apparently have a thing for Ryans - mmm) or even the USA Men's gymnastic team or possibly Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder (as i have been on a continuous roll watching VD on Netflix), but i'm thinking more along the lines of the southern humidity. thank the good Lord that i was born into an era of knee-length dresses, open-toed sandals, shorts, and sleeveless tops because i do not believe i could have survive in a time era of bloomers, corsets, layers of petticoats and puffy sleeves and then have to suffer the humidity of summer. but i totally give props to those women. you go, you awesome women of thick uncomfortable layers, who handled all of it with more grace than i ever could.

and back to the whole melting thing, as much as those guys make awesome eye-candy, there is only one man who makes me melt. and he is better looking and hotter than any vampire or Olympian that i know. when i am around him, i am one big ole, messy puddle.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

Friday, July 27, 2012

happy birthday to my beautiful mom + friend.

today is my beautiful mom's birthday. we celebrated her 30th birthday...again. *wink* actually she really doesn't care that people know her age (she turned 55 years old) - and who would care when you look as good as her at her age! and that is real black hair - never dyed. impressive, right?! (i doubt i'll be like that way at her age with how many times i've dyed my mop.) the fact that i could even be home to celebrate is such a blessing (for newer readers, i had lived in Chicago for 8 years a couple ago so i wasn't able to always make it home for the summer - so i do not take this time for granted).

but not only do my sisters and i admire her for her age-defying looks and hair, we love her for so many other things - her daily, sacrificial love for her family and for other people, her respect and support for her husband, Daddy, her heart for Jesus and His Word, and her sense of humor. we are the beyond blessed to have your as our mom and our best friend. thank you for always being there for us, demonstrating us to love every bit of life and people, and not to take it all too seriously. happy birthday, Mom! we love you so much!

much love.
{happy birthday, mom.}

Thursday, July 26, 2012

this weekend is boss 'cause...

cropped top: belk / mint tank: forever 21 / denim shorts: GAP / arrow bracelet: c/o Posh Locket / Natty hairclip: Whippycake / nails: essie, meet me at sunset / gypsy wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes / lipstick (moxie): c/o Radiant Cosmetics 

celebrating my beautiful mom's 30th b-day (again)
seeing The Amazing Spiderman for a second time
messy buns and Whippy Cake hairclips
going to the newly opened Buffalo Wild Wings in town
recovering from a cold
Vampire Diaries season 2
brand new bike
making friendship bracelets for the Summertime Arm Party
real and fake British accents
The Olympics (go Team USA!)

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a rocking July group giveaway!!!

hold your summer floppy hats because i got one amazing giveaway in store for you, awesome people! 
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much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i wanna be really, really real today.

i am a movie freak. i get excited when the newest trailers preview on this ginormous screens or when my favorite actors or actresses make announcements about their upcoming projects. DVDs line my bedroom wall, and you know my netflix que is full of my movie favorites. i love being one of the first to purchase tickets ahead of time and tweet it out because i am that fan. so like many summer blockbuster movie fans, The Dark Knight Rises was on the top of my top to-see movies of the summer. 

however, as we all know and as the news headlines screamed on repeat to us all weekend long, was a weekend predicted to be of celebration and hype, turned out to be the most tragic shooting of U.S. History. instead of a giddy movie-goer, i found myself solemnly cautious to rejoice over the movie tickets we had for the Friday showing. and the looming feeling clouded over me as the lights dimmed and the previews began - and instead of finding myself getting sucked into the film as i usual do once the movie begins, i found myself thinking about the victims of the Colorado movie theater shooting. and how they too were just watching the movie, allowing themselves to forget about reality - the bills piling up at home, the unfinished project nagging for attention, or the broken relationship needed to be mended - for the next couple of hours, and the last thing they suspected was that the very violence they were viewing was the very violence about to change or end their lives that night. 

my heart broke again and again, hearing the names and the stories of those killed in the massacre. i fought back those tears when i heard about the heroic boyfriends who protected their girlfriends from those bullets. i thanked God for the lives that were spared and the testimony and inspiration they are being for the world to see.

the timing of this event in my own life brought it's own reality check for me. last week was one of the roughest weeks i have had in a long time. i found myself struggling with being content for where i am at in my life. if you read through my journal, you'll find me questioning and wrestling and complaining. i lost focus on my relationship with Jesus and allowed bitterness, frustration and even anger to take root in my heart. i tried to hide my struggle but found that it was finding it's way out of my heart, from my mouth with words and emotions hurting those people closest to me. my struggle was affecting my work and my day to day life. 

i know, i know. i was in one big self-pity pit and i wasn't even trying to get out of it. sure, we all go through self-pity parties but i was so tired that i didn't even feel like getting out of it.  

until Friday. when i was slapped in the face with reality: get out of the self-pity pit RIGHT NOW.

and those images ingrained in my mind - of those running out of the theater for dear life. people hugging onto their families like they would never let them go. mothers kissing their sons, and sons not caring that their mothers were kissing them in public. the sympathetic tweets from tweeters around the globe. the eerie first photo released of the killer. all of these various components of the weekend ran through my mind all long - because none of those victims would care what season of life they were in if they knew they were about to lose their lives. all they and their families and friends care about is to be able to hold each other one last time. 

life is precious and we are never promised tomorrow. there isn't time to sit and mope in the pit. we aren't promised that time. it's a harsh reality - but it's reality nonetheless.

and with that reality, i found myself climbing out of that pit. i hugged my family a little tighter that night. i told my fiance over the phone that i loved him and miss him. i savored that McDonald's vanilla cone more than usual, licking my lips to get every bit of vanilla. i breathed a prayer of thanks for the roof over my head, a warm comforter, and a ceiling fan spinning above me.

life is so fragile, and today is a gift none the less from a gracious, loving God. may we live that truth out - hate less and love more. learn to let go of the stress and the fears, and hold tighter to the people we love the most.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

Monday, July 23, 2012


 dress: base exchange / lace cover-up: belk / garren wedges (last season): Blowfish Shoes / fringe with benefits belt: c/o Kintage / earrings: c/o Le Mode Accessories 

obsessing over: Christian Bale. not like he is a brand new obsession or anything. i fell in love with him when he took the role as Laurie in one of my all-time favorite movie (and book!), Little Women. but after going to see The Dark Knight Rises last Friday, i definitely got the urge to pull out all of my Christian Bale movies - from the other two Batman movies, The Swing Kids, Newsies, and of course, Little Women. *swoon*

working on: i carry a notebook around with me where i go, and lately, i've been jotting down a ton of ideas for writing projects. this excites me because writing is my first love - even before sewing and fashion. and lately, i've gotten the urge to dive back into writing - more of it than normal. whether or not these essays or writing pieces show up on the blog, i'm just excited to get them all out on paper. 

thinking about: like most of the world, Friday's news headlines of the movie massacre shook me up. we had the news on for most of the morning, and then around 11:00ish, i couldn't handle it anymore. i fought back the tears hearing about all the victims, reading this blog post, and then thinking about all the families and loved ones directly affected by this senseless, violent act. i honestly am still processing my thoughts from this and most likely will be writing a separate post on it. it's something i know that i need to write out to help me think through it. so stay tuned! 

listening to: no shame but Justin Bieber's Believe cd continues to be replayed. i also love me some Foster the People and Regina Spektor's newest album. 

watching: Vampire Diaries continues to grow into a dangerous addiction to my well-being. in other words, i keep pushing the bedtime to after 1:00am. i have been going strong with about 3 episodes plus a night. i can't stop! i need to know where is Katherine?!

eating lots of: vanilla yogurt and granola has been meeting my cravings as of late. oh! and Mickey D's vanilla ice-cream cones have made a comeback in my life. 

wishing: for August to be here because of some exciting happenings *hopefully* making their appearances during these last few days of summer. oh, the suspense! *wink*

what about you, friend? make your own list in the comments, or create a post and leave me the link so i can see! 

this post was inspired by the currently feature over at danni's blog, sometimes sweet

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

sponsor love + giveaway with Agape Love Designs and Mommy Made.

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meet maria of Agape Love Designs and Mommy Made.

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i remember finding Maria's blog a few months ago and thinking, dang, this woman knows color! and her blog and shop proved that to be so true. this gorgeous blogger is easily a blog favorite with her variety of topics that sprinkle Agape Love Designs blog. and she even started a blog just for mommas so be sure to check that out, too! 


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much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

i have a question to ask you.

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much love
{happy weekend, friend.}

Thursday, July 19, 2012

and so i tip my hat to you, good people.

i don't know about you, fine fellows but it's been one long week. you know those weeks where you look forward to crawling into bed and staying there for a little bit longer and wanting to hit the snooze button 10 times instead of the normal 9? (i know, i know. i am really bad with the snooze button. i have to set my alarm 30 minutes earlier than i mean to get up 'cause i know i'm gonna slam that button.) 

but what the heck?! it's Friday and this weekend, i plan to squeeze in a couple of naps in there while probably curled up with a book. the family also is looking forward to seeing Christian Bale take on Gotham City as we inhale buckets of buttery movie theater popcorn. and i was able to squeeze in some Vampire Diaries this week - and oh em gee! - i need to have more Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder in my life. plus a weekend is not a weekend for me unless i get my 20 miler bike ride with my dad, so def looking forward to that (especially after inhaling the zillion of delish fatty calories of movie theatre - yum!). 

button-up: belk / tank: forever21 / boyfriend jeans: GAP / hat: billabong / fuschia oxfords (sadonnas): c/o Bait Footwear / turquoise clutch: c/o Javo Edge

and so i tip my hat to you, good people, wishing everyone of you a mah-velous weekend! 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

p.s. see that adorable turquoise clutch?! it's from my friends of Javo Edge and it seriously is the perfect clutch to hold your phone and all of your cards and cash! the quality is really impressive, and the color is too fun (not like i'm not obsessed with turquoise...at all). want your own (you need your own. for reals. like now)?! Javo Edge is offering Much Love, illy readers 15% off their entire order using discount code MUCHLOVEJAVO (valid thru  July 31st, 2012).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

um, i can't keep my eyes off of you.

ze new blog design. (yes, i said ze like the french would.) i am completely OBSESSED, in loved, totally smitten by the redesign that Kelly Ann did for my little ole blog. after blogging for 2 years and doing most of the design and tweaking myself (googling the heck out on HTML tutorials), i thought it might be time to take the big leap and revamp. so the above image is the mood board that Kelly sent me in the beginning of the creative process - and you can see how i was giddy from the very beginning about this re-design. Kelly nailed it. she is mega talented and so easy to communicate with and of course, offers quality work - the woman blows my mind! - so i cannot recommend her enough! 

 ze French fashion magazine. (see why i was on ze French accent roll?) when my little sister went to the Ukraine last month, she and her team made a stop in Paris on their way back home - and while they were there, Ashley picked up this French fashion magazine for me! no, i can't read any of it (the 3 years of French in high school just didn't stick) - but the pictures are amazing. the colors, photography and layouts are major eye-candy for my beady eyes.

consider my phone hello kitty-fied. my friends from Javo Edge sent me an adorable package that included this adorable red bow, which reminds me of my favorite Japanese kitty cat in the world: Hello Kitty! it sticks into the headphone jack - and it's not made from flimsy material, so this bow is staying in there! i also got a pink one so it'll be fun to mix it up every now and then. too cute, right?! (and psst! use code MUCHLOVEJAVO for 15% off of your entire order from Javo Edge - valid thru July 31st, 2012).

anything emma stone and/or andrew garfield. i believe i mentioned this last week, but my couples crush on this couple continues to grow more and more especially after seeing The Amazing Spiderman last week. i even got overly excited at the library when i found The Social Network at the library. i just need to re-watch The Help and then life will be complete. well, until these two get engaged and married already. love them!

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

Monday, July 16, 2012

i stole these oxfords from the super trendy librarian up the street.

 tee: borrowed from my sister /shorts: GAP / fuschia oxfords (Sadonna) : c/o Bait Footwear / lipstick (Moxie) : c/o Radiant Cosmetics

okay, so not really but oxfords have always reminds me of librarians. or super smart, genius people. though i wouldn't put myself in the genius category at all (except for maybe on the good days that i beat my dad in a couple rounds of Jeopardy), i worked a summer job at a base library back in high school. i was a reader back then too so i always loved helping pick up the new books from the NY Bestseller lists and being the first to check them out when they came in. i also loved checking out books for library customers - something about that flickering red light over the barcode and the library cards slipping in and out of their pockets and and the beep sound the computer made always made me super giddy. so there you have it - if you thought i was a book nerd before, i just took you to another level of my book nerdiness.

much love
{happy tuesday, friend.}

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

sponsor love + giveaway with Saturated Canary.

meet Krista of Saturated Canary.

Hello!  My name is Krista and I blog at Saturated Canary.  I love to craft and wear semi-cool clothes.  I most of all love my two kiddos and super yummy hubs.  I also love to blog-- it's like tasting the sweetest parts of life over again...writing and smiling at my computer screen, because, honestly-- life is pretty amazing!  I'd be so happy if you stopped over and said hello!

last year, krista drew these two custom drawings for me. they sit on my art desk, and i still just stare and obsess over them (the one of me and Ryan is my absolute fave - check out the drawing process HERE). her drawing style is just so fun and detailed that i could browse through her shop for forever! and be sure to check out her blog - you will fall in love with it as she writes about daily life with her darling family, smash book adventures, and her art. 


and today because she loves all of you guys so much she is giving - wait for it - a $50 ModCloth gift card! Modcloth happens to be one of my favorite online clothing/accessories  website ever! see?! i told you she loves you guys that much. don't let this giveaway slip through your fingers cuz i'd say, it's way too good to lose! 

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much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

Thursday, July 12, 2012

who is ready to arm partaaaaaaay?!

Whats up you guys! You have probably seen all the cryptic tweets from Ilene and Leonora in regards to what the 2 of us are brewing up.

Well, the wait is over, we want to invite all of you guys to our Summer Time Arm Party!

What is an Arm Party and how does one RSVP?
When the 2 of us think of summer one thought that came into our head was friendship bracelets. It brings you back to your elementary school days where being besties for life meant sporting some knotted up embroidery floss around your wrist.

We wanted to find a way for bloggers to get to meet new besties out there, and what better way to do that then host a fun Summer Time Arm Party Bracelet Swap!

Simply fill out the google document form by visiting the "Rules and Regulations" section at the bottom of this blog post to RSVP, we will hook you up with a partner where the 2 of you guys get to swap bracelets with each other! (before signing up PLEASE read entire blog post AND our "rules and regulations" section, open to a limited number of people, thanks guys!)

What Type Of Bracelets Can I Swap?
We want this to be fun and fashionable! We have compiled a TON of awesome DIY bracelet ideas below that are super easy to create and really affordable. Can't choose which bracelet to make? Thats ok, go nuts! Its a stinkin' PARTY! You can totally send your bracelet buddy more than one bracelet if you have the time and moola. You are not limited to these ideas at all, these are just suggestions :)

Worried you're not crafty enough to make some of these bracelets but still want to participate in the swap? Gurl we got you covered. We are encouraging everyone to try to make a bracelet, but if you want we are allowing participants to also buy a bracelet for their swapping partner if they are nervous about their crafting skills. We just ask that if you do buy a bracelet that it look awesome and not like a cracker jack toy ;)

Ok, We Swapped, Now What?
Now it's time for the party to start! When you get your bracelet from your partner you'll probably have the urge to squeal with delight and beg whoever is closest to you to quickly help you get your new arm bling on your wrist. We are asking that all bloggers who participate in this swap write up a blog post about it! You can make it an outfit shot post or make it a post strictly about the arm party swap. Either way please have the post up and running by August 21st so you can link up with Leonora and Ilene on our blogs!

Again the link will go live on August 21st so you all can see all the awesome bracelets that everyone got! We'll bring the chips, can you guys bring the dip?

• This is only opened to US Residents
• First come first serve basis, we will only open the sign up process to the first 100 people
• You will have 1 week to register, if registration fills up before the week is up then registration will close.
• Once registration ends on July 20th we will then start to team up partners! You will get an email with your partner's information in it with in 2-5 business days. Please only contact us if AFTER the 5 business day mark you did not get a partner (by July 27th). You may not have gotten a parter if you were too late to register or our email might have went to spam. Please follow Ilene and Leonora's twitter accounts for tweet updates about the swap. We will make an announcement when all the names have been teamed up!
• We really really REALLY hope everyone plays nice in the sandbox, but if they don't please note that unfortunately Ilene and Leonora are not responsible for anyone's actions during this swap. We are also not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.
• Once you have your partner you will be given 2 WEEKS TO MAKE AND MAIL YOUR BRACELET.
• You will get the wrist size of your partner, we recommend making the bracelet *slightly* bigger than your partner's wrist so its not tight on them. Think about it, if their wrist is 7" around and you make the bracelet EXACTLY 7" thats gonna be a weee bit uncomfortable!
• All bracelets must be in the hands of your swapper by August 11th so that everyone has time to take pictures and write a blog post for our link up party on August 21st
• Once you get your bracelet please blog about it! Include any links to your partner's social media sites. Again you can incorporate your bracelet in an outfit post or just blog about the swap! When you do link up with Ilene and Leonora please link back to our blogs on your blog post and include our button in your post. Any blog posts that are linked to us that do not have anything to do with the swap will be deleted (giveaway posts or a link to your entire blog will also be deleted).
• Now let's have some fun! Wanna RSVP to our party??
Click here to be directed to a google document for registration (CLOSED - email Ilene at muchloveilly at gmail dot com to get put on the waiting list! thank YOU for your support and excitement, friends!)


A broken up timeline of all the dates so you don't have to keep re-reading this blog post :)
• July 12th: Registration opens for our Summer Time Arm Party Swap
• July 20th: Registration officially closes (if filled up before the 20th it will close sooner)
• July 27th: Will receive partner on or before this date
• July 27th - August 10th: 2 week time frame to make and mail your bracelet(s) to your partner
• August 11th: Latest day your partner can get your bracelet
• August 21st: The day your blog post should be published and linked up to either Leonora or Ilene's blog, please link back to our blogs when making your post so people who are unfamiliar with the arm party swap know what it is!


so you all ready to partaaaaay?!
 i cannot wait to see who joins in the fun!
so after you submit your form, be sure to comment below with your name and blog address to let us know if you are IN!
*doing a happy dance now, waving my bracelet-covered wrists in the air*

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]