Sunday, June 17, 2012

dear daddy.

to my daddy, the first man i ever loved. i know that kristine, ashley and i are beyond blessed when it comes to having you as a dad in our lives. you are a dad who has always been there for us, a dad who really cares about us - not because you are obligated to, and a dad who has a love for us that we have never doubted. you set the example of what a loving husband should be as you've always loved Mom. thank you for your love for God - being a reflection of what our Heavenly Father is like and showing us what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus. and of course thanks for all the biking adventures from the past year - looking forward to even more of them! love you, daddy! 

and happy father's days to all the dads around the world! 

much love.
{happy father's day!}


  1. such a sweet post!!! i hope to be able to meet your dad one day, he def sounds like an amazing man! love your fun glasses btw!! :)


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