Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 ballerina tee (old) : Urban Outfitters / maxi skirt: Belk / neon tank, red heart ring: Forever 21 / moonstone ring: pandora, gift from Ryan's mom / nails: passionfruit by Orly / ellie flats: c/o Bait Footwear / threads bracelets: c/o The Shine Project

ever since my sisters, dad, and brother in law returned from their mission trip in the Ukraine, i find myself thinking back to the days when i had the privilege of serving on the mission field. flashbacks of the long days, always learning and receiving more from the generous, loving people we went to serve than i felt like we extended to them. in my previous job, i co-led several college spring break mission trips to the Philippines and worked with a prostitute transformation ministry where they taught women a livelihood (such as cooking, sewing, jewelry-making, etc) so that they would have the chance to turn their lives around. 

that excites me more than you know - to see people's lives change because a person shared a piece of his/her own life with someone else. they didn't just hand over money and say go, change your life then turn around and walk away. time and sacrifice and a relationship were a part of the process and as a result, we see a life changed for the good.

so you can bet that i was beyond stoked to hear about my friend, Ashley's next project, threads! and you all may be familiar with The Shine Project, in which threads is an extension to further assist at risk teens in pursuing leadership qualities and a college education. through threads, these students make beautiful, trendy bracelets to continue to raise funds for The Shine Scholarship Project. basically, the more of these bracelets that are sold, the more students that can be hired to raise more money for their college educations. 

besides the stunning bracelets i received, my favorite part of the threads package was the card with the photo of a girl named Mary. Mary is a student and she was the one who made my bracelets. nothing like making it personal, right? every threads package will receive a card with a thank you from the student, letting you know that he or she appreciates your help! 

so want to make a difference? want to shine? then take that first step and visit The Shine Project shop and make your own threads purchase! so many designs to choose from - i am especially obsessed with mine! buy one for yourself, your sister, your neighbor or your best friend and spread the word! and when you wear that bracelet, you can be reminded that you helped somebody and know that you changed a life for the good.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. Hi! I'm from the Philippines. It's so nice to hear you helped our country. Thank you so much. More power to your blog. :)

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  3. Amazing! I love how proactive she is about life. And can we talk about your skirt for a hot second? Actually- that whole outfit is DIVINE!

  4. gosh your outfit is so cute!
    love how comfortable and adorable you look all at once!

    Happy Wednesday Girly!

  5. so cute :) checking it out now!

  6. youre beautiful. thank you for supporting TSP always... love you friend. xoxoxox

    shine on

  7. This outfit is so perfect for summer! The blue and yellow go great together, and you look so dang comfortable :) So proud of Ashley and her aspiration to help so many kids go to college!! She's definitely making a difference in their lives!


  8. i love the shine project! this is awesome!


  9. I really love the idea of proceeds helping to fund their education! This is an awesome idea and program. Way to go Ashley!

  10. Gorgeous as always girl!!!! Love the outfit and Shine support!!! Love it

  11. i spy an anti-maxi-skirter in a maxi skirt! AAAAND rocking it might i say. haha i totally read this first and thought the big sparkly ring was your engagement ring and you called it a "gift from ryan" haha. i need sleep. but the gift ring from ryan's MOM is also incredible.

    ok....i'm going to stalk orly passionfruit!

  12. Aww, I love this! I loved her work with the Shine Project and now with Threads. I'll be buying a bracelet or two with my next paycheck! :)

  13. I saw this on Twitter and I love this idea so much! I adore reading The Shine Project blog and I love this. Thanks for sharing :) It would be great as friendship bracelets. x

  14. um, wow. how cool is this? things like this get me PUMPED UP!! thanks for sharing and getting all these readers involved in something pretty darn awesome!!

  15. you look gorgeous as always! :) LOVE the bracelets and the cause! Such a great thing!! :)

  16. This whole post is inspiring.

  17. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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