Tuesday, June 12, 2012

random ooey-gooey.

these are two of my favorite fisheye lens pictures from the past week. oh, that chips ahoy cookie and that milk. and those puppy dog eyes. i die.

i found myself falling in love all over again with this blog and oh, this one, too. 

need this for summer, especially in teal and pink.

have your read this book? it's the next one of my reading list!

just downloaded her newest album and i'm officially obsessed with this song.

i'm in need of a new wallet and i think happy, cute one is calling my name. 

these ombre necklaces are incredible, are they not? 

these have been my go-to oversized tees for the past few weeks. perfect for summer! 

people sometimes need to be reminded that they are loved. this shop does that very thing.

two of the most inspiring and creative mommas i know here and here

her photos make me want to go on an adventure - so pretty and inspiring! 

if you love their colorful handbags as much as i do, then you'll want to come back and visit me again tomorrow. just sayin'... *wink* 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. Is there a giveaway?! Eeeek!

    And now I'm craving chocolate chip cookies big time.

  2. ADAFDKSANFDKSLADASLFD THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. it's the best book ever, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll repeat. must read. must.

  3. Those puppy dog eyes! I love the look on that dog's face. It's all, "Oh, my gosh ..."

  4. aw, cookies & puppy eyes! off to check out some of those links now. ;)

  5. you just made me click on a whole bunch of links!! :) found some new blogs and shops!

  6. that random ooey looks bomb. your bomb. i miss you.

  7. Love this post. You are too cute!! LOVE the puppy dog eyes!! So sweet!! :)


  8. Such a sweet photos and those oversized-tees are awesome:) Have a great one, dear. xo

  9. Love all of these things, friend! Especially eating up those oversized tees . . . I need a few of those!

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  11. I will have to check out the book. I'm finishing Insurgent (of the Divergent trilogy) and I'm so bummed that the 3rd book isn't out yet!!

  12. I loved the Loved shop, seriously such an inspiring place.

  13. I have the worst day ever and then I read your kind words!! Thank you! I love you!!!!!

  14. haha you are adorable!!! and you've got me craving some cookies now! ;)

  15. great list!!...

    the handbag site might do me in...what lovely pieces!!!!
    you picked an especially pretty one, too!

    hope your summer is going great-- it definitely seems to be!!!


  16. I just did my hair teal and blue and I love it. Teal and pink would be a great colour combo! Do it!


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