Saturday, June 9, 2012

a happy birfday letter to my quarter of a century old seester.

now that you are a quarter of a century old, i feel that it's my obligation privilege as your oldest and dearest friend to pass on a few words of advice for your 25th year of life:

- laugh even more than you already do
- be spontaneous 
- make ice-cream runs as often as possible
wear red lipstick 
- don't take life too seriously
- listen often to the 90's Pop Pandora radio station
- try not to twist any more ankles or hit your head with car doors less often
- and last but not least, rent a car because you can now

on a serious note, you are my oldest best friend.
you have always been there for me.
and i will always be here for you. 
that will never change.
even when i'm right next to you in the nursing home, 
rocking it out in our wheelchairs.

stay beautiful. stay hilarious. stay amazing.
love you, seester.

much love.
{happy 25th birthday, kristine!}


  1. what a fun post!! you ladies are sooo beautiful and cute!!

  2. aw such a sweet post! you guys are so cute! :] xo JA

  3. So sweet!!!! You three look so much alike!

  4. Aww, this is so cute! You both are so cute.

    I'm a new follower!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  5. This is way way too sweet! I love it. Happy birthday to your sister!

  6. so sweet! I wish I had a sister!

  7. how cute! so glad to hear that someone else is rocking 90's pandora too hahah

    happy birthday to your gorgeous sister!

  8. No way - your sister's birthday is today too? Happy Birthday, Kristine!


  9. what a wonderful post. it really makes me miss my sisters and wish we hadn't had a bit of a recent "falling out."

  10. lovely birthday post. Happy Birthday to Ate Kristine. miss you both. :)))

  11. happy birthday to your sister! I COMPLETELY freaked out when I saw the picture of her with Plus One. I instantly recognized them, as my walls used to be adorned with their faces. I was a tad bit obsessed in middle school...

  12. so sweet! that picture of you two with baby ashley is how I think i'll always remember you! loved this post!

  13. Happy late birthday to your sister! I'm so jealous of the Plus One picture!! :) xoxo


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