Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 tee: c/o Lamixx /jeans: American Eagle / gypsy wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes / camera bag: c/o JoTotes
headband: c/o Ellarye Boutique / necklace: c/o NSPottery /bracelets: c/o PoshLocket

actually i wore this outfit last weekend, not today.  
actually it's been raining all week long, not sunny. 
actually i am happy for Miley and Liam's engagement.
actually it's been more off an over-sized tee and jeans sort of week.
actually ashamed to say that i have never read The Great Gatsby.
actually feeling off since my stomach bug last week and lack of consistent exercise.
actually Call Me Maybe still makes me punch the ceiling when i'm in the car.
actually haven't had a cupcake for a week due to my obsession with Chips Ahoy cookies. 
actually i tried watching Vampire Diaries too late last night but turned it off 'cause it freaked me out. 
actually i pray for my sisters on their mission trip whenever i hear Yeah by Usher (side note: back in 2005 when i went on the same trip, i didn't bring my ipod so i listened to the airplane radio station which happened to be broken and the only song that played the entire 8 hour flight, i kid you not was, Yeah. the song normally drives me nuts for that reason but now i've used it as a reminder to pray for my sisters. God has a sense of humor, i tell ya.)

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. wow. that is quite the song to remember to pray to....but hey. i'm not hatin. :)

  2. Ohhhh girl... you will LOVE vampire diaries!!!!!! Sexy boys, good plots, it's one of my very favorite shows!

  3. you are actually pretty in that outfit. and I'm actually getting obsessed with the "call me maybe" song.. hehe :D

  4. Actually - you look great, no matter when you wore it! I really like your hair like that!

  5. wow. that is a hilarious song to pray to!

    much love to you girly-- even if you haven't read the great gatsby.

    (forgive me, im going to be all fangirling over the movie)

  6. You should read it! It's an american treasure :)

  7. nothing wrong with over-sized tees and jeans...especially when you look as cute in it as you!

    hope you are feeling better...actually, lots better;)!

    have a good thursday!


  8. Loving this look! I love how you styled your hair.

  9. So sorry about the stomach bug. Not fun at all!!!

  10. Actually, I use the word actually quite a bit, too. :) You are adorable! I still NEED that necklace. On my ETSY favorites.

  11. Haha, that's hilarious!
    Yeah, chips ahoy cookies are a-mazing.


  12. You are so cute!!
    Boo to the stomach bug. IT can really throw you off. Hope you feel back to normal soon!
    x, Anna

  13. and by the way, The Vampire Diaries is actually my FAVORITE tv show ever. Besides LOST of course. Give it a few episodes. I think its a super sexy show! and since I think we have similar book tastes(I actually started Divergent a few days ago, before I saw your post!!)I think I could see you really liking it!

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  15. Great look! Chic yet relaxed! Perfect!

  16. You look so comfy Ilene!! I love this outfit!!
    I am actually quite happy for Miley and Liam too. (although I was pretty shocked when I first heard about it!!)
    and I have yet to read that Great Gatsby too!! I went to go pick it up but it was too much $$ so I have to wait till it goes on sale. :)
    Call Me Maybe is the most fantastic son and I have been wanting to watch Vampire Diaries for a while, it looks really good!! :)

  17. Outfit looks great on you - especially the hairstyle!

    Love the song you pray's unique haha!

  18. PLEASE teach me how to rock headbands!!! youre so gorgeous!!!!

    love your nail color too!!!

    ps. im doing a michael kors giveaway if you want to check it out :)

  19. Love this casual look!

    xo Jennifer

  20. Actually I adore this casual chic look! The bag is gorgeous. And I definitely recommend reading The Great Gatsby before seeing the movie coming out soon (which looks amaaaaing)! :) have a great day!

    daydream frenzy

  21. I looove The Great Gatsby! You should totally read it. :) Also, Call Me Maybe is totally one of my favorite songs at the moment...the mister laughs at me when I get so excited to hear it. ;)

  22. super cute!!!

    Call me maybe...FANTASTIC song! lol

    I've got a giveaway going on..come check it out!

  23. i love your top! i've been loving oversized tees lately.

  24. You are so cute! I love that Yeah by Usher reminds you to pray, such a funny reason behind it. He does have a sense of humor, doesn't he!

  25. actually, this was one of my favorite posts.. haha
    And I think its amazing and funny that God is using USHER to remind you to pray. The things our GOD uses sometimes are pretty humorous. BUt either way it shows that He is definitely a God who loves to speak uniquely to His children... So sweet.


  26. I'm quite surprised about the Miley and Liam engagement. Although I love Liam, I'm not a Miley fan. I have a strange feeling that this union will last. Liam seems really into her and vice versa.

    I hope you don't give up in Vampire Diaries. I found it a little scary at first but it tames down after and you just get use to all the hot guys!


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