Sunday, May 13, 2012

to my beautiful mom.

happy mother's day to the most amazing woman in the universe!
thank you being for the example of the woman, mom and wife that i want to be.
thank you for your unconditional love for your family. you are the most self-less person i know. you have always put your needs on the back burner and cared for others first. 
thank you for always being there for me - whether it was by phone (when i was away from home) or in the living room.
thank you for always loving daddy, for showing us what it means to love your husband. 
thank you for showing me and my sisters what it means to be beautiful - to not care about what others think, to find your own style, and to ditch the flipflops and hoodies (inside joke).
thank you for making me laugh and cooking my favorite foods.
thank you for always praising me in my writing or my art.
thank you for being someone i can have fun with.
thank you for your love for Jesus - your love for Him is so evident in your every day life. your love for Him is more than words. i witness your love for Him in how you serve your family, love people, and live your life.
thank you for loving me for who i am. 

you are the best mom anyone could ask for.
and i am more than grateful that God gave you to our family to be our mom.
and to be my best friend.

i love you, mom.

and happy mother's day to all the moms out there - whether you are a mother of one or of 10, a mother-in-law,  or adopted mother. may you be surrounded by love and know how appreciated you are! your sacrifice for your families do not go unnoticed. happy, happy day to each and every one of you! 

much love.
{happy mother's day, friends!}


  1. so sweet---your mom is gorgeous!

  2. I can see where you get your good looks from!

  3. beautiful - love the pictures of you all. and i love when moms become best friends.

  4. Beautiful post, you are like peas in a pod ;)

    Wonderful, totally made me smile.

    Happy Mothers Day weekend!!

  5. lovely post! Your mom is lucky to have you =).

  6. what a sweet post to your mama!! :)

  7. Your mom is so beautiful, and has such a radiant smile (just like you!). What a lovely post.

  8. Moms are indeed the best friends God has given us! :)

  9. What a beautiful post! I love the pictures!

  10. Wonderful and encouraging to read how your mama has loved you in all these ways! Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Sarah

  11. your all so beautiful! so sweet


  12. awww what a sweet note to your mom and those photos, per usual, are adorable!!

  13. awww i love this! ya'll are awesome! your mom is so pretty!!

  14. awww what lovely ladies!


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