Tuesday, May 1, 2012

officially cursed.

soooo...two weeks ago, i received this fun, adorable package, covered in stickers and colorful tape - and it evidently looked like it's made it's way all over the United States! inside the package was a knitted grey scarf, trinkets, a map, instructions, and notes from the other bloggers who participated in this fun little project, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf. lovely lady friends like Tiekah and Linley plus a number of others got the chance to model the scarf, too - so it was super fun to read the blog posts and follow the map to see where the scarf had made it's appearance. also everyone that participated in this project attached a little trinket to the scarf - from hearts to flowers to pins. i decided to add one of my poppies from my garland headbands! 

 oversized tee: c/o Lamixx / shorts: GAP / scarf: borrowed from Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf (scarves.net)/ flats: c/o Bait Footwear / eyeshadow: Urban decay 

so remember how i mentioned there were instructions in the box?
um...yeaaaah, the instructions said to get the scarf back on the trail in a week.
if you don't, you get bad luck or some curse or something. eeek! 
and i totally failed that rule.
with it being way too hot in these parts of the US, i couldn't get myself to wear a knitted scarf.
soooo...if some bad things head my way, we all will know why, won't we? cross your fingers!

let's hope it brings some good luck to the next participant, Kristina of Simply Bold
can't wait to see how she rocks it!

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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  1. that's such a fun idea! and even if you failed on that one count, you definitely succeeded at making it super cute. xo.

  2. Cute!! I think I signed up to participate in that forever ago!! I like the way you styled it, and I'm sure you won't be cursed, lovely lady. :)

  3. What a FUN idea! Hoping no bad luck comes to you ;-)

  4. Pretend you are back in Chicago! That scarf would be right at home in our windy city :-). Miss you!

  5. Love your blog but don't always remember to visit daily to see what is going on in your life. Do you have a follow me through e-mail option and I just can't find it?

  6. this is so awesome! i love those shoes!

    ps: LOVE the blog. i can't wait to read so much more! :)

    love, rach.

  7. This outfit is adorbs girlie! Make sure to toss the salt over your shoulder...just in case. I mean, it couldn't hurt, right? :) I can't wait to get the scarf and see all the little loves that have been added! Thanks for thinking of me Love!


  8. Oh no! hopefully it'll bring you good luck, not bad luck!

  9. Haha! Well, i don't blame you. PS... you look gorgeous in these photos. I love the new eye color.

  10. What an awesome idea! This would be so much fun to be a part of!

  11. I love this idea!! I adore the way you wore it!! You look so comfortable!! xo

  12. Oh no! I hope the curse isn't too hard on you! Maybe it will just burden you with a life time supple of ice cream or something ;)

  13. love how your pretty eyeshadow matches your shoes!!

  14. omgosh! im in love with your loafers <3

  15. Goodness, you're just adorable!!! These are beautiful photos! And I adoooore your outfit!

  16. Lovely photos and post too, want to see more


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