Tuesday, May 22, 2012

more than just another night full of kimonos, bamboo sticks, and chow mein.

last Friday, my family and i attended the annual Asian-Pacific Islander Dinner Event, celebrating the Asian-American heritage. it was especially a privilege to attend since my dad was the chairman of the committee that headed up the whole deal - so it sweet to see his hard work from the past year unfold. mom, my sister and i were very proud of him and his team! 

over 500 people showed up for the event, so it was def a full house! and the night was filled with colorful costumes and ethnic dress (there was even a fashion show!), cultural dances (i love tinikling, a Filipino dance and watching a group dance a Japanese fishermen dance), and a ton of Asian-inspired dishes. and i was particularly moved by the guest speaker (Admiral Chinn) who reminded us that diversity was more than the color of our skins or our races - diversity is the coming together of different backgrounds and experiences. and the night certainly proved that to be true. 

for such a fun night, i actually walked away from the event  with more than a full tummy and satisfied entertainment with some deeper thoughts. i personally don't want to forget where i've come from, where my parents and their families have come from. and then i thought about the children that i hope to bring into the world one day - and how i want them to know this part of my heritage, part of their heritage. i felt proud to have come from a cultural that celebrated life and fought for freedom. and even in the hardest of times, they held on to what was most important, such as family, faith, and values, and celebrated the fruit that blossomed from the hardships. 

it's easy to forget where we've come from, so sometimes it's a good thing to stop and think, really think. and not for the sake of just thinking, but so that we can be grateful for the past, to be appreciative for today in hopes for an even better future.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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  1. your parents are so cute together. :)

    and it sounds like a great evening! that's so wonderful you can do that with your fam. <3

  2. This is such an awesome post! You're so right that it is good to sit back and think about where your family came from! I do that sometimes and I always find really cool things when I do!

    Plus these pictures are so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fun event! Your family seems so wonderful.


  4. Ooh what an awesome night! & everyone in the first photo is wearing GORGEOUS dresses! Love all of them!

    haha love that photo of Ashley!

    That quote is lovely! Great post!

  5. Really nice pictures. It's nice to see this side of you.

  6. I loved this post! I also have to say I LOVE your dress. So cute!! :)

  7. Your family is so stickin' cute! And where is that dress from, I love it!

  8. This looks like so much fun! I grew up in an area with a strong Chinese and Korean community, and I really miss being a part of that. I mean, nothing you find in a restaurant will ever trump my bff's mom's homecooked chinese dinner spread. Uh-may-zing.

    Also, that dress is adorable. I love it and it shows off your itty-bitty, beautiful figure!
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  9. so that we can be grateful for the past, to be appreciative for today in hopes for an even better future.... That gave me goosebumps. So good. This looks amazing and fun! And you look absolutely gorgeous!!! You are stunning. What an amazing family it looks like you have. :)


  10. Umm yes you are adorable and lovely and I covet that dress!

  11. I'd love to go to an event like that! Congrats to your father and his success with the event.
    I adore that dress- I want it!

  12. your suggestions are great, bold and versatile.

  13. looked like such a fun event! wish i could have gone!!

  14. you're a filipino ilene? I'm a filipino! :) marunong ka ba mag tagalog? ang ganda ganda mo :)

  15. @Kelly

    yes, i am Filipina, too! and yes, i actually understand tagalog very well, but i have a hard time speaking it! i wish i could speak it fluently! p.s. salamat! ;)


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