Monday, April 30, 2012

you know it hits the spot when...

 dress, neon belt: forever 21 / tights: c/o We Love Colors
timo wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes / clutch: c/o Le Mode Accessories 

1. when you french-kiss a unicorn. in other words, inhale a Taco Bell Dorito taco in three big bites.
2. when picmonkey makes your day after your unexpected withdrawels from picnik.
3. when you wear cobalt blue tights or cobalt blue pants. either works for moi.
4. when you go through two books that have bored you like crazy and then come across a new one that makes you fist-pump the air and say yes, that was what i was talking about
5. when you find a new shade of nail-polish that you wear for weeks - coral reef by sally hansen.
6. when you hear a sermon at church that you know you were meant to hear. 
7. when you pour Almond Joy flavored creamer into your coffee. life-changing, i tell ya.
8. when you nail a drawing in Draw Something and feel like the next Van Gogh.
9. when you flip through the channels on a sunday afternoon and find a movie you never get sick Forest Gump.
10. when you eat cereal anytime after 10pm.

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

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  1. Now I want to run to a taco bell.
    We are polka dot twins today! LOVE this dress Ilene!
    x, Anna

  2. Seriously, picmonkey made my whole week when I discovered it. And I love that cobalt blue!


  3. Please tell me the book you're reading. I'm reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I HATE it so much =-(

  4. Dare I say it-- I think I might actually like picmonkey BETTER! :) have fun editing, friend! :)

  5. 2 confessions.
    1. almond joy creamer is the only thing I've been using for ages...and I cannot get enough.
    2. I was channel-surfing the other night when forrest gump came on. Just the opening credits, and just like that, I was all-out crying. Now maybe I was just feeling super womanly at the time, but I swear that movie gets me every all points throughout the month!

  6. My Sunday tv movie was totally Miss Congeniality ;)
    Xo Dana

  7. you look adorable! i need to check out that venue your tights are from cause they're beyond rad! xo

  8. your outfit is adorbs.
    i agree on the cobalt blue tights or pants. i also have both and love them..
    what good book did you fist pump the air about? xo!

  9. Your adorable! I saw your tweet about the doritos taco and I was courious to know if it was good or not. I'm guess a unicorn means good ;) wish they made them in turkey cause I would totally try!

  10. I feel like you pretty much described a perfect day! LOL! Love the outfit. My boss actually had on cobalt pants today with a black top = stunning!

    Hope you stop by sometime!

  11. Looking gorgeous like always Ilene! I love the dress and of course your neon accessories!

  12. Looking gorgeous like always Ilene! I love the dress and of course your neon accessories!

  13. Cereal after 10 pm- you are a woman of my heart.

  14. hilarious. the dorito taco bell taco is a trip.

  15. Yep - totally agree with all of those. We need to schedule a meeting of the minds... could be a dangerous combination!

    Happy Tuesday, love!

  16. You pull off everything effortlessly!
    So cute.

  17. Hattitude Style Blog

    neon yellow....bright purple and royal blue! this outfit is singing. j'adore!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  18. Love your list and your dress.


  19. loving all the colors to your outfit girl!!!

  20. Can I add to your list - When you listen to a sound track that never gets old & always gives you a huge field of emotions - i.e. Forest Gump Soundtrack. Amazing.

  21. I agree with you on quite some points up there! :)
    Specially the Picmonkey love & the cobalt leggings/pants!!!

  22. Love this dress, & the way that you wore it with the neon belt!! So pretty.

    I was saying to Keith's sister yesterday that we need to go over to the States to try those new tacos! Haha. Mmm!

  23. almond joy creamer?! I am SO missing SO much living here in Korea!

  24. Did I tell you that I totally bought the Blowfish Timo wedges after seeing them in an earlier outfit post of yours? I'm obsessed with them!



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