Tuesday, April 10, 2012

professionally random.

 blazer, red heart ring: forever 21 / shirt: Urban Outffiters
wide leg jeans: GAP / Valora boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes 

blazers make me feel way professional.
like let's sit down for an interview-professional.
like tell me something random about yourself.

for reals. 

tell me something random about you.
and i'll tell you something random about me:

when i was 6 years old, i got the chance to audition to be an extra (as a Vietnamese child running around during one of the war scenes) for the movie, Forrest Gump. and before you ask - no, i'm not Vietnamese. and no, don't go watch the movie and look for my 6 year old self. the scene was cut, so it didn't make the movie. boo.

how's that for random?!
so now you're turn, friend. bring it.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. hahahah that is such a COOL random fact!! wish they didn't cut the scene!!!!! and i love blazers for work!! :D

  2. Love the blazer and "not so messy, messy bun" :)

  3. Really?! That sucks they cut it, or I'd be watching it just to find you! Also, you look so adorable, I love the blazer and I feel the same way! Fitted blazers make me feel so professional and grown up!

  4. totally random fact about me: I had a bowl cut when I was like 5 years old and everyone used to always ask my older sister what her little brothers name was. I'm still scarred to this day :/

  5. random note about me: when I was little, I thought it was a brilliant idea to pick up a baby skunk... not so great idea... I definitely bathed in tomato juice to get rid of the smell!

  6. Oh I love that movie! Too bad you were cut :( Oh and super cute outfit lady. Hm random fact eh? When I was 5 I got stuck under a stool. Yeah it was embarrassing. I sat under it, pulled my legs in and then couldn't move :( My family still gets a kick of that story to this day. :S
    Hope you had a great one!

  7. you are SO cool. i mean, for reals. i am jealous of your cut movie scene!
    OK, random thing about me...um, i wore glasses until i outgrew them...literally! i have to wear them at the end of my nose because they were so small. i looked like a granny i'm sure!

  8. your outfit posts put mine to shame. you are so so so gorgeous!
    random thing? hhhmmm...
    there were four people in my high school graduating class. i married one of them.

  9. haha! I love your outfit. :) Super cute blazer.

    Um, something random...
    I really, really, really, love the color grey. it's slightly odd, and maybe slightly boring as well. :P and maybe just a teensy bit crazy.


  10. That is so cool yet random!! lol :)

    LOVE The shirt btw :)

  11. at first I was like: "ohmyword!! must watch Forrest Gump!!" ..and then I was like, "awe. shucks." haha ..that is an insanely cool random fact though. I think you take the cake out of all of us. :D

    hmm. something random about me? welll...I don't wear make-up and have never done it on anyone else, but this last Friday-Saturday I did theater make-up for a huge church's easter pageant and found out I could do make-up. needless to say I MAY or may not have found my future career-on-the-side. :D

    hugs, illy!


  12. i think Professionally Random should be a legitimate fashion category. So awesome.

    Random: my kids dyed raw eggs this year. i completely forgot to boil them...and didn't realize till Phil asked if they had been cooked.


  13. Blazers have that way, don't they? And that Paris shirt, LOVE! And what a random fact; even tho the scene was cut, it's still cool that you got to do it!

  14. Girl, finally got a chance to catch up on a bunch of your blogs. They are so fun, as always, and your hair so pretty pretty long! And seriously, 36 boxes of peeps?!?! This is one of the reasons I love you! :)

  15. Too bad your scene got cut. Love this outfit, and you're so right about blazers, they do make you feel really bad ass, don't they?

    Hmmmmm, random fact. I'm terrified of bananas! True story!

  16. that sucks it got cut!

    random fact: I was born 3 months premature at 1 pound 7 ounces.

  17. Great blazer! I love your hair in here! Just found your blog, you have a great smile and a great style to match!

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q
    PS. If you're interested, check out my $50 Gift card GIVEAWAY!

  18. Professionally Random huh? I like it!

    I've never had chicken pox. Is that random?

  19. Haha, that's such a great random fun fact!

    I had really bad colic as a baby and cried non-stop for a month. The only way my parents could calm me down was by "singing" the Atlanta Braves chant :)

  20. oh my god, love your hair like this! and yes, blazers make me feel so put together :-) hmmmm the most random thing that I can think of right now is that I'm deathly afraid of snakes - like can't even look at a picture of them. pathetic, i know but they really really scare me!

  21. LOVE that random factoid. I answered a few randomness in my post today, but otherwise, i am terrified of monkeys. yes terrified.

    is that random enough?

    love you!

  22. So random! I was in a protest rally and my picture was taken for a magazine and then later on for a college political science book where a friend of my husband recognized me.

  23. You look gorgeous - lovin' that blazer, such a cute color! And that's an awesome random fact :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  24. LOVE your hairstyle today:D

    that's a pretty random fact.

    Ok um..... I have a dog yet I don't like dogs all that much....

  25. LOVE the blazer!!

    Fact: I absolutely ADORE sloths. Seriously, they make my heart glad. Seriously. I can't explain it. It just is. I heart sloths to pieces.


  26. That blazer is super cute! And that's a pretty good random fact...

    I think my best random fact is that I've gotten to hold a baby black bear cub.

    It was when I was volunteering at a wildlife refuge and the cub & his mother were hit by a car. The mother died, and the baby was brought to the center in a state of shock.

    He was mostly fine, physically, but emotionally distraught. Since he was so young, they knew they wouldn't be able to rehabilitate him for the wild (he would be a permanent resident), so I got a bottle full of mashed up blueberries and milk, and cradled him the way you'd cradle a a toddler (they were the same size).

    It was one of the most intense experiences of my life. He finally curled up with his head under my chin and fell asleep.

    -C Marcia (Sequins)

  27. You make me feel like I could pull off a blazer. Love it!

    Random- When we were younger (but not young enough for this to be okay), my sister and I legitimately wanted to join the circus. We trained and practice tumbling and watched shows like Totally Circus on Disney channel religiously.

  28. blazers make me feel way more together and preofessional too, they are kind of like my battle armour, if that makes sense.

    Want to know something random I don't like bacon. I don't know why I just don't.

  29. You're adorable!! :) LOVE that shirt, haha. Love Paris!!

    hehe I actually knew that fact aobut you!! :) I LOVE hearing random facts about people. Here's one about me...

    The place where Keith & I met is now a SWINGERS CLUB. HOW IS THAT EVEN LEGAL? I don't know. But the name has not changed, so if we tell people where we met (even though it was YEARS ago) they will now picture that swingers club. AH. Keith said, "We should just say we met online..." hahaha! We really DID meet through mutual friends, so I guess we can just saw that. haha! How's that for random?! (And gross! AH.)

    (Totally just realized you said "How's that for random?!" at the end, hahahah!)

  30. Sucks that they cut the scene. Random fact about me: I can't pronounce the word "cinnamon". Not in my 25 years

  31. I love that apricot color of your blazer! You look fab in it, of course.

    Hmm, something random... lately, I've been ADDICTED to iced peppermint green tea from Starbucks! yummmm!

  32. Random...I love country music. I don't know why that always surprises people. : ) Love your hair all piled up like that!

  33. haha are you serious?? you got to be in it...technically! that's so awesome.

    also, i usually don't like blazers, but yours is such a fun color that i'd be all over that. so cute!

  34. did you get my package? i wrote something random on the back of it. ;)

  35. What a fun idea!

    Random fact: My middle finger is permanently crooked from getting it slammed in the hood of a suburban...whenever I show people, I just end up flicking them off on accident. :)

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  36. Love that cool random fact! Bummer that the scene was cut!
    Random fact about me: Deathly afraid of sharks, spiders, and snakes. The three S's.
    Love love love this look on you sista friend!

  37. I love the color of this blazer! It looks fabulous on you. Great post.


  38. I love the color of this blazer! It looks fabulous on you. Great post.


  39. totally didnt know this? how did i not know this?! haha

    hmm something random? when i get nervous, i get goosebumpbs! ha!

    PS - you are way cooler than Blake Lively...girlfran stole my boyfran ;)

    ok - going to read your feature!

  40. i love this blazer! you look adorable. random fact: I got a miniature donkey for my 8th grade graduation present.

  41. I totally love your blazer! Seriously, so cute!

    xo Jennifer


  42. Super adorable look! You're lovely.


  43. Love your blazer!! Great color.



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