Tuesday, April 17, 2012

made my day.

1. a starbucks chai tea latte. 
2. expanding my book wish list at barnes and noble.
3. updating our hunger games knowledge in the magazine section.
4. mint green anything.
5. mom, dad (who was there, but was behind the camera), and my little sistah - i love them so stinkin' much, it's ridiculous.
6. discovering a nearby Jo-anne's. felt like i discovered gold. 
7. shopping at forever 21 at 10am - made us feel like we owned the place, didn't have to fight crazy weekend shoppers.
8. Poshlocket arrow bracelet (hunger games, no?).
9. stuffing our faces at a Chinese buffet.
10. the therapy that comes with phone dates with those that can make cry laughing.
11. coming home to a bunch of orders of this (thank YOU! i'm gonna blame this friend for it. again.)
12. sonic happy hour all freaking day long - and trying to their new york hot dog for the first time (partaaay in my mouth).

tell me, friend.
what's making your day?

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. sonic new york hot dog!? i must try!!! and i LOVE mint too!!

  2. oh. katniss. i'm totally there!
    -jocee <3

  3. i thought you'd get alot of orders from your giveaway! i wear my mustard poppy headband all the time. story even wore it in professional pictures awhile back.
    EXCELLENT quality. everyone should have one.
    looks like you had the perfect day!

  4. ummm, sounds like the best day ever!

  5. This sounds like a brilliantly fun day indeed!

  6. mm sounds splendiferous. :) and your sister is just as pretty as you! <3

    xo lucia


  7. not gonna lie, this post made me jealous. i wanna go home and be a part of this!!!

  8. Looks like a perfect day! I'm wearing my jealous face

  9. is this Savannah?!?! so much fun! Their F21 rocks it out!

    And yesss......I am dying over anything mint! I NEED mint skinnies in my life!

  10. looks like a fun way to spend the day!

  11. I love just chillin in book stores. The atmosphere is so calming, and you get to just read and chill
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
    Enter myLia Sophia Giveaway

  12. MMMmm chai. You and your family never cease to be adorable!

  13. Your list is making my day... seriously! :)


  14. Good food, lots of laughter, and good news. Oh, and Chinese food. I want it so bad now.

  15. I absolutely love hanging out at Barnes and Noble! And who could resist a Chai Tea Latte?? Looks like a splendid time :)

  16. i so miss relaxing trips to B&N!

  17. Looks like a wonderful day! Love the turquoise nail polish!

  18. The Boyfriend taking today off so we can go SHOPPING!!!

  19. I miss Sonic so muchhhhhh. Now that I like hamburgers, I NEED to return so I can try theirs.

  20. Ooh whatdya (hahahaha is that a word?!) put on your book wish list? I love adding new stuff to my wishlist on amazon. I tell myself one day when I win the lottery (even though I don't buy lottery tickets ever... ha.) I'm going to buy everything on it for myself. ;)

    Sounds like a lovely list of happiness!!

  21. What a great day!

    At the moment fig rolls; hula hoops; my gorgeous new bag; and my husband are making me happy.

  22. You seems like such a happy, joyful and genuine girl!
    Your smile is definitely contagious :)


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