Friday, April 6, 2012

look! look! look!

i remember when i was a little, i'd come home and be so excited to show mom and dad my latest art project or drawing from school. so, um...yeaaah, that's how i'm feeling right now.

look! look! look! what i did when i had no internet for a whole day yesterday.
i have had this product design in my head for forevah.
i actually designed a custom ribbon necklace for a customer a few months ago and realized that this was a design that i'd love to make more of. so ta-da there you have it!

and just as a heads up, these are all OOAK (one of a kind) ribbon statement necklaces, so once they are sold, that's it for that particular design. due to the vintage buttons, it limits the number of necklaces that i'm able to make. but hey, that just means you, my friend, will have something so unique and just for you! 

at least, i hope that's how you look at it. 

and psst! because i love you so much, feel free to use the coupon code EASTERBUNNY10 for 10% off of through the weekend. don't worry. the Easter bunny said you could splurge a little bit. he and i are tight like that.

much love.
{happy weekend, friend.}