Tuesday, March 20, 2012

you call it desperation. i call it dedication and the biggest craving ever.

white tee, green sheer skirt: forever 21 / natalia flats: c/o Blowfish Shoes

i don't think i've celebrated St. Patty's day in a long time. not that i'm Irish. it's just that green is my all time favorite color in the world and you'd think i would be all over the green-obsessed holiday. this year, i celebrated it with Ryan and we both rocked out in green - me in my favorite green skirt and Ryan, his hunter green tee. 

he also planned out an afternoon for us to hang out at Mall of Georgia to do some window shopping. (we like to pretend that we already have a home together and pretend to shop for all the things we want to fill it with. William and Sonoma and Pottery Barn are two favorites.) for dinner, we made a Chipotle run (duh) and then went on a mad hunt for Mickey D's shamrock shakes. sadly, every MD we went to were sold out. seriously?! it's St. Patrick's Day! you guys need to double-up on your shamrock shake mixtures! so to make up for it, Ryan took me to Starbucks for a green tea frappe. it was good but def did not meet the minty-goodness craving. 

we wrapped up the evening with a casual walk at a nearby park. mostly people-watched and then set my camera on timer. after what felt like a million tires, we finally got my timer to work and get a somewhat decent photo. if you look close enough with this photo, i'm in mid-laughter. or maybe it's just my awkward crooked smile making it's appearance.

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day :) You look adorable!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. Loving the green skirt!! Stunning.
    Sorry about your non-shamrock shake weekend...at least you were able to have some Chipotle! I love window shopping with the hubs for our future larger home :)

  3. you two are adorable and i love the green skirt :)

  4. i think i might go buy that skirt right now! i love it!

  5. that outfit is so simple yet so stunning!
    so glad you had a great time with the Ryan man :)

  6. love that picture...so adorable!

  7. Hattitude Style Blog

    i was decked out all in green for st. paddy's day as well! i'm glad to see another blogger was rockin' it!
    you guys are really cute in green!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  8. Psst. Hey Ilene. We still have them here in WI ;-) I just had one today =-)

  9. Love your green skirt!


  10. your smile is SO CUTE in that picture.
    love how you said "duh" after chipotle.
    it's my fave, too.

  11. ooh I love that skirt. I actually have a similar one in a tan-ish color, but it looks so pretty in green!

  12. I love your skirt and I ADORE the picture of your two together. You guys could not be cuter!

  13. I love the skirt!

    Our MDs don't have shamrock shakes over here--wish they did as they sound right up my street.

  14. I love that skirt!! The color is beautiful!!

  15. Cute cute cute! Love that photo of you guys! Hooray for self-timers!

    And yes... I freakin love St. Patrick's Day. Had three full days of celebrating and I don't even drink alchy.

  16. you look so cute together! and I'm so glad skirts are coming in style!!

  17. I love your skirt and your whole style! Great blog! Check mine out if you would like to ;)
    Oh ya, I'm following you!

  18. i love you two together :)

    and i'll buy you something from pottery barn someday

  19. LOVE that skirt!

    And I LOVE Pottery Barn & William Sonoma! Just think of filling out wedding registries! ;)

    Glad you guys had such a great time! Minus not being able to get your shamrock shake, ;)

  20. i looooooove that skirt. you're cute as a button! said so on my blog today :)

  21. Aww that sounds like such a cute day! Plus I love the outfit :)

  22. "we like to pretend that we already have a home together and pretend to shop for all the things we want to fill it with"

    haha! Same here! It's like, our favorite thing to do.

  23. um - first things first - did you dye the underpart of your hair (referring to your sponsorship pic)....it is AMAZING!! I love it!

    secondly, so you glad you got to see your man-lover and had such a great time! you guys are stunners!


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