Thursday, March 29, 2012

never ever. ever. never. ever.

i never can walk out of a Walgreens without buying a box of sour patch watermelons.
i never fall in love with a song without listening to it a million times on repeat.
i never hold back on the Parmesan cheese when i go to Olive Garden - or anytime cheese is a part of the ingredients.
i never start a day off without a cup of coffee and personal Bible study and journaling time.
i never go to bed without saying "good night" and "i love you" to Ryan over the phone or to my family in the house (and we're talking total Walton family style). 
i never could imagine life without our dog, Peyton E. Manning.
i never let my nails go without nailpolish (i try to paint them every three days).
i never get tired of the movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 days or While You Were Sleeping (i die laugh every single time i watch them).
i never eat less than 3 meals a day - when i do, it's bad business.
i never can watch an emotional movie, drama, or commercial without crying (i'm a BIG cry baby! get your kleenex box ready if i'm ever around!).
i never sleep without 3 pillows (two under my head, one behind my back).
i never thought i could rock bright-colored lipstick but the past few months, i've found myself obsessed with bright red, orange and pink lips.
i never forget inside jokes or memories - i can still laugh or cry happy tears over there even after so many years.

then again, i probably should never say never.
much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

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  1. I'm a big crybaby too.
    I love your hair!

  2. I totally agree with the lipstick.. I'm slowly getting into it more and more! LOVE IT!

  3. I'm obsessed with that nail polish! And hmm...maybe I should become more adventurous with my lipstick?! I'm scared!

  4. I'm a big cry baby too... I cry about EVERYTHING. You're not alone =-)

  5. i'm such a big crybaby. and the second one? story of my life.
    -jocee <3

  6. I've never cried in a movie before! That's my only never!

  7. sounds like you start your day off just right :)

  8. love this list! love your morning routine!

  9. awww what a cute little list!! i am a BIG cry baby too!!! and i wish i had your drive to do nail polish that often!

  10. Aw I like this. Neat to learn these things about you :) I'm the opposite and never have nail polish on because they grow too fast, I can never keep up! I wish I had the same "problem" with my hair - haha!

    Happy week to you!
    Nook & Sea

  11. I LOVE While You Were Sleeping. I used to pretend to be sick when I was younger if I knew this was on TV lol. Perhaps not the best reason ever but I still love it to this day and I watch it an extra few times around xmas :) Maybe I'll watch it today!

  12. Lipstick-yes. Sour Patch-yes. 3 meals a day-yes. Peyton E Manning-well not so much but that ain't bad! Loved this post Girlie!!

  13. Aw i love your list :) i try to paint my nails every couple days too :) we are such girls! Lol

  14. I could watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 days all my life. This is such a cute post!

  15. aw, this post is absolutely darling!! ways we are the same:
    i have to listen to all my favorite songs on repeat until i no longer care for them...for at least a little while.
    i never hold back on parmesan cheese!!
    if i eat less than 3 meals, you don't want to be around me.
    and i never forget inside jokes or memories.
    too much fun!
    p.s. love all your little accessories ;)
    xo TJ

  16. what a great list!!!

    i never eat less than 3 meals a day - when i do, it's bad business. -- TOTALLY AGREE! AMEN & AMEN!

  17. So fun! And, I cannot leave without a box of anything sour... though it's typically the SPKids. MMM!

  18. I feel ya on the cheese! LOVE cheeeeeeeese. Yum. I couldn't imagine life without my lil' Squirty, either. Haha I am such a cry baby, too. Gah even in books... haha. & I also need at least 3 pillows. One under my head, one on my left side to hug and one on my right side to hug, haha. I usually hug Keith & the pillow.. haha.

  19. Aw cute list... Im a big baby too... I cry at everthing too!

  20. I think we could be good friends:) sometimes at olive garden i ask for the block of cheese after they're done grating it. so...good.
    Happy end of the weekend!

  21. Loved this post.. I'm the same with the nail polish and being a big cry baby in movies. And I totally can never resist sour patch watermelons! xo

  22. i have never ever. ever. never. ever. loved you more, girl! you are so cute with your little confessions :)


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