Sunday, March 25, 2012

because i can't fit my thoughts in 140 characters, you'll find them here. in letter form. (WARNING: contains spoilers)

dear hunger games, the movie. 
you met my expectations. the acting and cast, superb. the setting, perfect. you made me cry. you made me hold my breath. you made me cover my mouth to keep from screaming. you made my heart flutter. you made me cheer and celebrate. the quick camera actions, facial expressions and sound effects were rather creative in providing the intensity of the arena without being gory (which my sensitive eyes and stomach appreciated). there were several details that i feel like you could have portrayed far better if time provided (particularly flashbacks of Peeta and Katniss' previous interaction with the burned bread; Katniss' father and his death; and Madge and the mockingjay pin; Peeta's missing leg after the games; and the fact that the mutations in the finale were the tributes themselves, etc.). but i will give you grace in that the movie was already 2 1/2 hours long and no movie can fully capture every single detail that a book provides. but again, overall, you blow me out of the water! i went to see you twice this weekend (losing sleep by going to the midnight showing was SO worth it!) and look forward to many more dates with you. and please give gary ross, my regards. he rocks my face off.

dear hunger games, the book.
no movie based on a book will ever fully satisfy me. you provide details and emotions in words that the camera cannot capture. nothing can replace the imagination. and you will be among the few books in my library that i read more than once. 

dear katniss everdeen.
you are my hero. i want to be "outdoors-ey" because of you. and learn archery. stat.

dear peeta.
i did not think i could love you anymore, but i do. burn bread for me anytime.

dear gale.
you have a pretty face. and i admit, you are a hunk. but yeaaaah, it sucks to be you.

dear prim.
i expect to see you in more movies. dang, girl. you can act. your scream gives me goosebumps.

dear jennifer lawrence.
your acting blows mah mind.

dear caesar flickerman.
you made me giggle every time, especially when you laughed and scrunched your nose. and i have to ask, are you related to Katy Perry? something about your blue hair.

dear cinna.
love that gold eye-liner. you can be my stylist anytime.

dear seneca.
i don't even like beards but yours? uh-mazing. wish you were in the next book/movie.

dear effie. 
i love your style. your shoes and your make-up were my fave. i'm thinking halloween costume 2012. 

dear cato.
you and glimmer should get a room.

dear hunger games soundtrack.
you will be on repeat for the next several days. weeks. months.

dear catching fire, the movie.
it needs to be november 2013 now.

shall we discuss?! what were your thoughts on the movie? do you have your own letters to write? feel free to include them in the comments! i'd seriously would love to hear!

much love.
{happy hunger games weekend, friend.}


  1. i can't read this post b/c i don't want to spoil the book for myself, but i think your hunger games obsession is soo cute! :D

  2. ILENE! I could have written this! I agree with EVERY SINGLE THING you said. Seriously. I am so in love with Peeta I could just cry. And I want to be Katniss. And I can't decide who I loved more Caesar or Cinna. AH!

  3. I have to say I agree 100% with everything you've said! Exactly my thoughts! I thought somethings could have been expanded upon, but seeing how long the movie already was and how all the most important things were covered so wonderfully, there were absolutely no complaints from me! Amazing! Amazing! I need to see it a third time asap! And I feel so fan-girly, but I totally don't care. Love. And I'm pretty sure Katniss is my hero.

  4. OH MY GOSH!!! I loved it!! SOOO amazing and the acting was phenomenal!! I had forgotten that Peeta's loses his leg! And you're right! They should have put it in. However, it was exactly as I imagined it!!! AWESOME!!!! :) :)

  5. I LOVED LOVED LOVED The movie. I agree it isn't EXACTLY like the book but how can they fit an entire book in to 2
    I love that even though they left some stuff out I love the little stuff they left in.. Like when Peeta touches katniss braid, and when he shakes his head before they take off in to the arena ;) I thought it was great they left the little details in there :)

  6. lol i just saw it too and it exceeded my expectations (book vs. movies--i honestly didn't expect it to live up to the book!). but i LOVED it.

    (yeahhh except for the few discrepancies)

    ahhh i can't wait to see the 2nd one!

    p.s. i totally forgot about peeta's leg. haha!

  7. I agree with all of this! I was so so happy with the movie, though it will never be as great as the book. I. cannot. wait. for Catching Fire to come out. I need some more Finnick in my life like NOW.

  8. I totally googled "when does catching fire movie come out" as soon as I left the theater, I can't wait! This movie totally rocked, I loved it! Can't stop talking about it over here! I totally loved caesar flickerman....helllooo, hilariousness! There were some things I thought they rushed through that could have used more time (can you say makeout in the cave? Haha) but overall, muy excellente! I mean, they can't realistically make a 4hr long movie, right? (but, if they had, we'd all still totally watch it, right?) Anyway, I wanna go see it again asap, & I'm so excited for the next one...I'm totally curious who will play Finnick! Let me know if u hear anything, k?! I think I might have loved catching fire even more than the 1st book...whattaya think? 3rd books so sad... we're daydreaming they'll change the ending for the movie, haha (not likely) but it's def. Not a "hollywood"type ending. It would just be nice if more people lived to the end, right?!

  9. i loved reading this post! i haven't seen the hunger games yet, but i have to go... like now, haha! ;)

    p.s. i love what you wrote for gale!

    <3, Mimi
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  10. i'm dragging my old body out past my bedtime tonight to go see it. i just can't stand waiting anymore!

  11. hehehe this post is funny! i agree with everything...especially the casesar comment---omg he was SO FUNNY. i love that actor-i wouldn't have placed him in that role-but holy crap was he awesome.

    a few random things...i think the graphics were a little unrealistic...but that's not vital.

    i thought the "gore" was perfectly and tastefully done.

    i think the complicated relationships between katniss, peeta and gale were not mastered {those who haven't read the book would have no idea what is really going on--but it would be hard to portray in a movie}.

    i thought the volunteer scene was EPIC. seriously EPIC. i cried so freaking hard--the acting was superb and i just wanted my little sister to be next to me so i could hug her.

    overall, super wonderful i thought. i didn't have my hopes set high from a fear of being let down--but i was very impressed:)
    :):):) yaya!

  12. OH and it just so happens i tried archery for the first time this weekend....WAY TOO MANY REFERENCES TO HUNGER GAMES hahahahaaha. it was awesome! i just need a cool back strappy thing so i can pull one out over my shoulder and look really awesome and concentrated and smouldering and then shoot a bag of apples and blow some crap up!!! WOOOO!!!

  13. AHHHH I loved the movie. After I seen it, I couldn't stop talking about it, I still cant. lol. I happen to have a crush on Cinna {Well Lenny Kravitz} & I LOVED the gold eyeliner, and yes, he could be my stylist any day.

    Poor Gale, it did suck for him.

  14. Completely agree with your post! Loved.Loved.Loved everything about the movie and am dying that the wait is SO long for the next one!

  15. Dear Haymitch,
    Why did you not fall off the stage like you did in the book?

    I really really really loved the movie. I was so happy with ALL of the casting.

  16. totally agree with all of this. i will add:

    woody harrelson surprised me. i thought he'd be cheesy, but he was perfect as haymitch.

    i wish there was a way to go deeper with peeta and katniss so the audience could really grasp the back and forth inner conflict she had.

    i loved it. like totally, and completely, and i am going to make my husband read it, or i will read it to him so he can appreciate it when i make him go with me again.

  17. La la la la la (with ears plugged) lol I have yet to see the movie and am so anxious! Have seen SO many people talk about it, glad it was good and I can't wait:)

  18. I have nit seen the movie because I have been afraid the movie would ruin the book for me....but I did just peek at the actors and was pleasantly surprised. They match my head except for Thresh. He doesn't seem big enough....Guess I'll have to see it ;)

  19. definitely will watching it soon :)

  20. UH-EFFING-MAZING. I left the theater immediately wanting to see it again. I could not believe how good it was. And quite a few people I know, DIDN'T like could you NOT like it?! By far one of the best book turned movie, I've ever seen!!! I cannot wait for Catching Fire.

    You can see my little review on it as well, here:

    xo kay

  21. You said EXACTLY everything I thought!!!! Great review. Wish more people would stop holding movies to book standards and just enjoy seeing most of what you imagined come to life. Bravo on this post.

  22. i agree with your review completely, it was a great movie but sad to miss some of the details. i guess i'll just have to re-read the book! and Seneca's beard was amazing, my husband asked if he could grow one like it ;)

  23. yes, yes, yes, yes! your review is so spot on. I was totally on the edge of my seat even though I knew everything that was going to happen! Amazing. Cannot wait for next year!

  24. I don't know if I could have written a review any better. I agree with all your points. I was blown away by the movie, but sad about certain aspects being left out and especially that they didn't really go into depth between the relationship between Rue and Katniss in the ring. Soundtrack, cinematography, costumes, acting... freakin' amazing!

  25. I love everything you wrote!!!! I've been saying for WEEKS to that I want to be Effie for Halloween too!!! And Rue... I was trying so hard not to cry but I couldn't help myself. The actress who played her was perfect!!! {And could they not have extended the cave scenes??? Any one else wanted so more Katniss and Peeta moments and maybe kissing?????}

    My one additional note to yours....

    Dear Camera Man,
    By the end of the movie I had a massive headache from all the shakey camera. ALSO the shakey camera on the last fight between Cato, Katniss, and Peeta... I couldnt' follow the fight! At one point I was like is that Peeta and Katniss fighting???? However, I loved the X on Cato's hand! Even better then I imagined.

  26. Loved the movie too! I saw a girl walk in with a homemade shirt that said "We found bread in a hopeless place" & I almost peed my pants after laughing so hard at that originality! :) Have a great week!

  27. I LOVED how well the actors portrayed the characters and captured their personalities. Peeta was so lovable and endearing, Caesar was truly entertaining and helpful in his interviews, Cinna felt like he could be your best friend, and Rue was tiny and clever. I was really happy that although the book is all Katniss's perspective, in the film we were able to see Haymitch working behind the scenes and the way the gamemakers worked. I liked that the lovey-dovey moments weren't too cheesy or over-played. And I totally agree that I'm glad it was sufficiently violent to fit the plot, but not overly so.

    I think I read Gale as a little more stoic and anti-establishment in the book... but I guess we'll see more of that in the future! I totally wish there had been more time to delve into the complexities of the relationships with Gale, Haymitch, Rue... and even more with Peeta in the arena. And the shaky camera made me a little nauseous by the end. But those are small complaints when I think of the book that this film had to attempt to portay!

  28. i'm going to see it tonight and i'm SO excited! i reread the book last just because i couldn't handle not remembering exactly how everything happened (read them two years ago)!

  29. i'm going to see it tonight and i'm SO excited! i reread the book last just because i couldn't handle not remembering exactly how everything happened (read them two years ago)!

  30. I liked it too; movies never meet my expectations after I have read the book, but I think they really did do a good job. The one thing ( ok actually two things) that stuck out for me was the cave scene. Sure I am up for making out, but I think that it really lacked the bonding that the two of them did there. The quick" I heard you sing in school then I followed you home every day thing" wasn't enough for me. If you haven't read the books, I think the connection that the two of them form kinda gets lost right there.

    oh, and the other thing is Peeta's leg.

  31. i agree a million times over. i've never seen a movie about a book that got it so good. can't wait to see it again - and again...

  32. I love love loved this!! I snorted out loud when I read the Cato and Glimmer letter. Hahaha!

    I wrote my own little Hunger Games post. I absolutely loved the movie and I wish we could discuss this in person :)

  33. i love this post! definitely agree with everything! i actually didnt get into it until maybe chapter 5. I loved the movie!

  34. I totally enjoyed the movie, and I think most of your comments were spot on. Haymitch was.... not disappointing, but I don't think he's settle into his role just yet. Especially not regarding the relationship he develops with Katniss, but I think they've set up for that to happen in the next movie. Which makes a bit more sense, movie-wise.

    Cinna was a great cast, and I wish they had given Rue more camera time (so. friggin. cute.). Have you heard about the racist backlash from "fans" (they're not real fans. they just thought they were for a brief period of time). It's kind of gross and depressing.

    I think my favorite, favorite favorite part about the whole movie was that you could tell that the producer and writers had clearly read the whole series, and were building the movie to encompass the whole story's concept--not just the things covered in book one. Which is reassuring.

    Oh and the part where Katniss volunteers? Chills. Chills down my spine.

    <3 Sequins


    I liked but didn't love the movie. It was fun, but the book was so infinitely better...

  36. so i saw the movie this week-- never read the books. (i know. it is a sin, but i'm not much of a reader.)

    anyways, i wanted to come back and re-read your post, cuz now it all makes sense:). not a big peeta fan, though; he is like the hunger games version of Jacob to me (not big on those pining, mushy guys:).

    but anyways, Gale. yum.:)

    loved this post even more, post movie. always fun to pop in here!!:):) always make me smile.

    love ya!

  37. I've seen the movie twice already and I have to say...I agree with most of your thoughts. I would have enjoyed to see a lot more kisses exchanged between Peeta and Katniss, and I think the time in the arena seemed so short compared to the book...but it really was an amazing movie. November 2013 really can't get here fast enough for sure... xoxo


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