Wednesday, February 1, 2012

teeny-tiny hearts and such.

the other day, i had all this extra red felt leftover - too small for my shop poppies - but perfect to cut out teeny-tiny red hearts. 
call me cheesy. call me a romantic - but i am super excited about this month! 

- seeing the color red and hearts everywhere
- one month closer to The Hunger Games movie release and Creative Estates Retreat
- warmer weather (here in the south, at least) so that i can wear my Timos from Blowfish Shoes' new spring line
- release of Pandemonium sequel to one of my all-time fave books, Delirium 
- if you are a Team Edward or Team Jacob fan, you know that February 11th is a big deal
- amazing line-up of new February sponsors (see left hand side of screen - aren't they beeee-aautiful?!)
- all the Valentine's Day candies out for grab (Lifesavers Gummies in berry flavor with little message hearts are currently my fave!)

and last but not least...
- spending Valentine's Day with my fiance 
(biggest highlight of the month since for those new friends here, we are long distance - so we get excited even running errands together. being together is sort of a HUGE deal! anyone else relate?!)

what are you looking forward to the most this month, friend?

much love.
{happy february, friend.}


  1. You're going to see your man! That makes me so excited! haha- which sounds weird that I'm waaaaay excited because he has no clue who I am.

  2. I love hearts. Yours are precious.

  3. WOOHOO Creative Estates! It's gonna be AWESOME!!

  4. I am SO ready for hunger games, you just don't even know! I'm loving all the red and pink as well, they're some of my favorite colors (along with Blue).

  5. YAY for Creative Estates! WOOT! Also The Timos are adorable!!!

  6. Hunger Games cannot come out yet because I haven't read the books yet! Also, I did the long distance thing with my man for almost 2 years and I know how excited you must be!!

  7. I'm mostly just working (which is actually fun too) but I'm looking forward to go horseback riding :)

  8. those are really cute I would love to stitch a bunch of them to a cushion xo

  9. Peeetaaa. I've made it this far in waiting...hoping I can last another month!

  10. I got my Vday, Anniv and Bday present already....

    Hubby was home for 2 weeks after being in Afghanistan for 9 months.

    He will miss VDay, our 9 year anniversary and my 31st Bda as he leaves tonight.

    Enjoy your time together!!!!!


  11. I know how you feel about the long distance thing, Iz is 5 hours away so any time spent together is special! I can't wait for him to move closer!

  12. awww so happy you can spend vday with ryan!! what are you planning on doing??

  13. These are so cute & sweet!!! Love them!! :) You should think up some cute new item you can add to your shop with these! I'm sure you can think of something awesome!

    & wooohooooooooooo to you & Ryan spending Valentine's day together! That's awesome!!

  14. Agh! I've been wanting to read Delirium! I teach high school English, so I am always look for the best new YA fiction! I walk through Barnes and Noble and take pictures of books I want to buy and read! Nerd Alert!

    Katie- Hems For Her

  15. so glad you get to spend V-day with ryan!! i think you should stuff all those hearts in a card so they'll explode when he opens it - but only if you cover then in glitter first!

  16. aw, I love the little felt hearts.

  17. i just bragged about knowing you...hope that makes you feel good.

  18. Yay for pretty little hearts & the month of love! ;)

  19. I hear you on the long distance front!! I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day with the fiance! This year just didn't work out for our schedules, but maybe next year the bf and I will be together. :)


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