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cardi, asymmetrical skirt, belt : forever 21 / floral top: urban outfitters / tights: tjmaxx / hanakai wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes / earrings: c/o Le Mode Accessories /lipstick (reef): c/o Radiant Cosmetics 

so last week while ryan and i were together, we had an argument. 
okay, not really. it was more of a discussion over when was our actual first date. 

- Ryan's point of view: first date is the first time you ever take a girl out - even if it's on a whim.
- my point of view: first date is when you ask the girl out, set a date, and take her out.

here's the story (i'll share the longer version one day. promise): Ryan and I met at a college in Chicago - he was a graduate student, I was an employee. So we randomly ran into each other but we never really crossed paths. There were a couple of occasions where he had to stop by my office to ask campus-related questions (every time he did, I always got so giddy - but with my job, I knew how to hide my emotions and be professional) or I would run into him in the Commons area where students and employees ate. 

One Saturday afternoon, I was taking a walk around downtown Chicago (something I miss about the city) and ran into him at a Starbucks where he was studying. We chatted for a couple of minutes and then he asked if I had already grabbed lunch. I had not (and I'm sure even if I had, I would have said no so that this hot graduate student could ask me out). He gathered his books and asked me where I'd like to go for lunch. Of course, this whole time I was just trying to act cool but inside my heart was racing a million miles an hour. And for those of you that know me will not be surprised when I suggested Chipotle (hehe - snort). We made it to Chipotle and of course, he bought me lunch (I remember not feeling hungry at all -as much as I'm obsessed with those beautiful, chunky burrito bowls). About a half hour later, my phone starts ringing. I pick it up and notice that I've missed several phone calls from my roommate. Oh, crap. I was supposed to meet her and another friend for a Target run um, a half hour ago. In my excitement and fluster, I totally forgot and excused myself from my lunch date. I felt really bad (and I still feel bad to this day) how I had to apologize and leave Ryan hanging at Chipotle alone. I remember running back to my apartment, slapping myself on my forehead. Stupid. Stupid. This guy will never ask me out ever again.

so you can see why I do not want to remember this as date #1.
my brain refuses to allow it 'cause i always think of this situation as date #1.

A few days later, back on campus in my office, Ryan stops by the office to "say hi." Once again, my little heart stops beating and offer him a seat. We chat for a bit (my boss was super cool and let me have friends drop by - and it was late afternoon, so most of the busyness had cooled down). I do remember how good he looked that day. He wore a suit because he had just finished a presentation in class. I also remember how crappy I looked and felt. It was a bad allergy day and all I could think about with him sitting in front of me is how red my nose must have looked. (Later on, I asked him about my nose and laughed, saying how he doesn't even remember me looking like that. Trust me. I did.) 

He then asked me what I was doing that weekend and asked if he could me out to dinner. Inside I was thinking heck, yes!, my inner self screaming and jumping for joy - but I ended up saying (fighting to be cool), "Um, I might be babysitting so I might need to have to get back to you about dinner?" (Babysitting?! Yes, I did have a babysitting job on the side - but why did I say that of all things?! Oh, yes because this girl gets really uncool when hot guys ask her out.) 

Long story short, I give him my number, he calls me up and we go out that Friday night. I was a nervous wreck (called my bff and said what the heck is wrong with me? i've gone out on dates before. I think I already knew deep down there was something different about this guy - a good different.)  We end up having the best first date ever. He took me to The Melting Pot where we ate and talked from 6pm to 1am. We really didn't even realize the time go by so quickly! He actually was about to take me out to a nearby Starbucks but when we stood up the waiters started clapping their hands and applauded us for having the longest date ever. We were shocked when we looked at our watches! He ended up not going to Starbucks because they were already closed - but he did ask me out to date #2. 

so yes, that in my opinion was date #1.

so for those that made it to the end of the novel of a post (i applaud you!) what do YOU think should be considered date #1?
either way, we laugh over both dates because they both bring back funny and good memories.
and we ended up together at the end of the story and that's all that really matters.

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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  1. This is precious. I love it! And I would consider the Melting Pot the first date too. ;]

    Cutie pie.

  2. my husband and i have the same discussion... but i'm with you girl. first date was melting pot. :)

  3. soooooooooo cute!! loved reading this story girl!! i can't wait to meet ryan one day!!!! :D and i side with you on the date question! ;)

  4. cute. gonna have to side with ryan on this one, though. even if embarrassing and unflattering, those are the funnest memories for my husband and i to look back on...and they make the best stories when people ask for how you met. real life is often embarrassing and full of emotion--that's what makes it special.


  5. Hahahaha this is so cute! Plus, your outfit is adorable! I'm pretty sure my boyfriend and I's first date was to see Toy Story 3, although he may disagree with that.

  6. Hahahaha this is so cute! Plus, your outfit is adorable! I'm pretty sure my boyfriend and I's first date was to see Toy Story 3, although he may disagree with that.

  7. That's so cute! I love it! I also consider the first date to be the one that was planned.

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  8. Oh, the Melting Pot, for sure. But, this is an awesome story for grandkids someday. ;)

  9. The Melting Pot was absolutely your first official date. The other was more of a pre-date. :)

  10. aww i love this! i absolutely love stories like this. and i'm kinda thinking the chipotle date was #1.. but if i was you, i would totally tell myself that #2 was the legit #1. and i love the baby pink cardi with the cranberry skirt - love those colors together!

  11. you guys are just tooooo dang cute! i love reading about your stories. i am siding with you on this one. the chipotle lunch was definitely not counted as a date. it was spur of the moment and you guys have barely met each other. now, the melting pot, that's a perfect 1st date. :D


  12. Tell Ryan sorry but I agree with you!

    Boyfriend and I argue a little over when our actual anniversary is. We've been friends for a long time and he thinks that we started seeing each other after our first kiss. However, because of my situation with my ex, I claim that it's really when we decided we were exclusively an item.

    I'm big on actually saying "Oh hey, this is our first date" or "Oh hey, this is us being boyfriend and girlfriend." If you didn't say it then it didn't happen! So there!

  13. Your so pretty and I love your blog girly :)


  14. okay, I have to say I take your side ;) My boyfriend and I kind of have a similar situation going on, actually haha.

    and that skirt...LOVE LOVE.

  15. Yep, Melting Pot was the first date. :). You look adorable.


  16. i just discovered blowfish and i have fallen in love! as always, you look great!

  17. Melting Pot for sure! :) That place is one of my all time faves!!! You're beautiful in these pictures (and always) girl!

  18. I adore this story! I think of it as: you guys have so much love between the two of you that you needed two first dates whereas everyone else needs only one.

  19. well, considering the outcome I am in favor of scenario 1 being the first date. And even if you hadn't ended up together date #1 would have been an "unofficial" date but a date nonetheless :).

    A man asking you to go eat that you are attracted to and don't know all that well will always be a date in my world.

    with that being said I've only ever been on dates with ONE guy -_-... And I'm how old? haha


  20. I think both could count and probably would as the stories are so cute and sweet.

    And I remember those butterflies so well and the did he mean to touch my hand or not--happy days!

    Love the skirt btw--I really want one!

  21. Cute cute story! I would go with date #2 also. I think you're right! :)

  22. awwww!! You two are so cute!!! That is the pre-date to your first date!! It counts, but not as much as the first official date!! ;)

  23. Well.....I definitely agree with you on the 2nd one being the first "date" date (you know what I mean!).....but the whole story's pretty cute! God bless you both.....& may you have lots more such anecdotes to share in the years to come! :)

  24. I don't know what I love more the fact that you can pull this outfit off or the outfit itself. Their are fabulous people like you who live outside the box and inspire blogger like me.


    Come by today and see what you think of "what I wore" Sailor Blue.

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  25. This is so great! Funny how we remember things differently than they do ;) xoxo! eliza

  26. hehe in Ryan's defense you did refer to the Chipotle lunch as a LUNCH DATE, hahaha! ;) Both are super cute stories!!

  27. Honestly...I gotta go with the Chipotle date. I think that spur of the moment, catch you by surprise, drop everything you were doing type of dates are so fantastic! But the melting pot date is also very memorable too. You both win :)

  28. Diggin' the high/low skirt! Hmmmmmmm...I think Chipotle counts...Although, he took me out for lunch before we went on our first at night date and I don't count that. Ha!

  29. Cute. So so so so cute. Cute cute cute cute. So Cute!

  30. i am swooning over ya'll first date(s)...and it takes a lot to get me all romantical.
    loving the skirt...you rock it!

  31. i'm not gonna lie...when i saw this post title, i really hoped that someone said something about your ridiculous cool asymmetrical skirt and you told them a new one. haha i'm so mean!

    but seriously - even your "arguments" are cute!! ;)

  32. This was too cute.

    Honestly I'm really trying to think of what I consider our first date to be now.

    My honey and I were friends in college (really close ones in fact) for about 4 years before we ever dated. So.... first date?

    Now I'm intrigued. I'll have to ask him as well. ;) Thanks friend!

  33. you are right and he is wrong ;p
    haha i totally would consider #2 date #1 too.
    p.s. can i hire you to come dress me every morning? k thanks.
    xo dana

  34. cute story of how you guys met! :)

  35. Ah, that is soooo sweeeet! You both are correct....in your own eyes. I can really see it either way.

  36. Adorable. I say the Melting Pot for sure! :)

  37. Love this story and love this blog!
    Can you help me and my friend get started on our own blog??


  38. I would say Chipotle where you had to rush back to your roommate

  39. I LOVE this post! Such a sweet story. I love how your (first) date was so long that the staff started applauding when you left, haha! You two are such a cute couple :)


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