Monday, January 16, 2012

you can't overdose on vacation.

 lace in teal dress: c/o Stitched + Adorned / cardi: f21 / ivory tights: c/o We Love Colors / shoes: TJMaxx 
scarf: H+M / custom made sunglasses: c/o 39dollarsglasses

this weekend was just what i needed.
a vacation from the vacation.
slept in all possible mornings.
caught up with a girlfriend over at my fave mexican restaurant (ate my weight in salsa and chips).
spent too much time on pinterest.
went on a 20-mile bike ride with daddy (oh, the legs are burning now). 
finalized my list of 2012 goals (will share soon!).
obnoxiously tweeted and watched the Golden Globes red carpet with my mom.
smashbooked holiday instax pics.
doodled with my new sharpie markers.
oh, and remembered that i owe you people a couple hair tutorials and a book reading list (it's a new year, so anything is possible).

and speaking of books, add Cinder and Clockwork Prince (read Clockwork Angel first) to whatever reading list you have. pin it. good read it. download it on yo kindle, peeps 'cause i read those back to back over break and...oh, my goodness, talk about dying over books. (to be honest, i'm just trying to find a distraction until March 23rd. i'm sure i'll be dying over that movie, but that's a whole other story.)

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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  1. looking gorgeous! love the white tights... don't think i could do it. but they look ahhhhmazing on you woman!

  2. absolutely love the title of this post ;)

  3. TWENTY MILES!!! That is insane, woman!(but highly, highly impressive too)


  4. Sooooooo true about the title!!! Loooving that dress! It sounds like you had a lovely & WELL DESERVED week! :) Yuuuuuuuuum salsa & chips. You can't get enough of that.

    & WHOA. 20 mile bike ride? GO YOU! That's awesome!

    I'm actually working on a little Smashbook blog post right now! & there will be a lil' shout out to this here blog! ;) hehe.

  5. I love active weekends! That lace dress is perfect I could see it worn in many different ways.


  6. I have been dying for a circle scarf like yours. Super cute! :)

  7. You look lovely!!!

  8. I LOOVE this outfit, the blue is so striking! Sounds like a great weekend too :)
    Stop by and enter my giveaway and win some amazing design software!

  9. love the white tights with your dress! you look so fresh and pretty. perfect for winter...but kinda look in the mood for spring, too:).

    love it! xx

  10. So... don't get mad but I might steal your scarf. If it suddenly goes missing you know who has it ;-)

  11. you look sooo rad with your sunglasses girl! gorgeous!

  12. Soo lovely!

    Care to exchange banners?

  13. You look lovely as usual and btw I love smashbooks as well! They rock!


  14. i *love* that dress so much. beautiful colors. :))
    -jocee <3

  15. I love that dress + your shoes!!!!
    It sounds like you have had a wonderful vacation friend!!!

  16. oh pintrest. i just joined and fully anticipate that whole days are gonna be lost now.

    dang it.

  17. Best weekend ever. I did at seriouse workout today, so my abs are burning lol Your family sounds great!


  18. 20 mile bike ride? You go girl! That's so awesome!

  19. Woot! Excited to add these books to my "must-read' list of 2012. I'm determined to read a book a month, at least!

    ❤ Katherine

  20. Sleeping in sounds glorious! Love the dress!

  21. ah yes, March 23rd. The date that can not come soon enough! I'll have to check out these book suggestions. Also, 20 miles?! I'm super impressed :)

  22. I heart everything about this post. The dress, sunglasses, new book suggestions (I need a job to keep up with my book habit), the HG fangirling...everything. We are so alike, hehehe.

  23. I just found your blog and love it! That outfit is amazing and love the white tights. So different!



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