Tuesday, January 31, 2012

living in yellow is the new Oprah.

oh, man. oh, man. oh, man.
i say this out of excitement. you know the kind where you jump up and down over and over again? 
yeah, that's me - right now. 'cause i'm excited. 
call of you are in for a treat today?!
and whether or not you are a fan of Oprah - who isn't a fan of all things adorable, lovely, and...freebies - you will love this post! erin of Living in Yellow is absolutely adorable and lovely and wants to give all of you amazing people a chance at some freebies. see? what did i tell ya?
just like Oprah. maybe better.

Hello there lovelies!
I’ve come to a conclusion.
Guest posts are kinda like blind dates.
You have no idea who is waiting for you on the other end,
what they will think of you, if you said everything correctly, blah blah blah.
First, you start out with all the basics: Name is Erin.
Height is 5’4, weight is none of your business ;).
  Write a blog called Living In Yellow.
I’m a wife to one. A handsome one at that.

Mother of a cute little black 5 pound ball of fur

Oh, and I consume entirely way too much macaroni and cheese.

Second, you have to create some mystery.
Give away a little bit of information, but make him want to investigate further.
Like so: -I swear by this little diet trick to stay “cleaned out” at all times.
-Yes, I write about gettin' dirty with my husband.
-I have a secret love affair. Except now it’s not a secret.
And last, if all else fails..you have to reel him in with the goods
It’s a first date ladies, a kiss is the furthest I’m talkin.
Keep it classy.
In blogging terms, “the goods” is a giveaway.

And today, I have just that.

You see, that blog I mentioned earlier—is celebrating it’s one year anniversary today.
And to celebrate that tremendous feat of me sticking with something for more than three weeks,
I’m giving away some {okay like 12} of my favorite things.
Think Oprah or Ellens giveaways.
Only bigger and better of course.

Told you.
So get your booties over to Living In Yellow asap and get yourselves entered.
Oh and hey, stick around for awhile over there would ya?
 I would love to continue this date and get to know YOU a little better ;)

See ya on the other side homies.

isn't Erin the cutest thing...ever?! 
love her style, as well as her hilarious and adorable personality!
soooo...be sure to check out her blog today, show her some loving, and enter the waaaay awesome GIVEAWAY happening over there. this girl is the NEW and improved oprah, i tell ya.

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

p.s. are you Leigh-Ellen (#29) 'cause you just won the rockin' Honey Pot Pet Studio giveaway! claim your prize by shooting me an email at muchloveilly at gmail dot com! congrats to Leigh-Ellen and thank you, amazing ladies of Honey Pot!