Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jane By Design: Style Challenge #7

well, folks, we are just a few yards away from the finish line. i can hear the crowds cheering. the pom-poms are more than visible. i can pretty much taste the cool, refreshing Gatorade kissing my lips and going down my throat. but...

it's not quite over yet.
we are almost there.

so what do we need to do to finally cross that blissful finish line...? the last and final challenge, of course - Style Challenge #7! in this challenge, all participants were asked to watch the ABC Family's Jane By Design and take observant notes of every single outfit that the characters rocked out in the premier episode! so like any fashion assistant, one must exercise her keen powers of observation, noting every detail. and that's what i did  - check out the chicken scratch below.

the second part of the challenge, we were then asked to select one character that we had observed and write up a post of how to get that character's look. i chose the main character, Jane. though this choice might seem pretty obvious, i couldn't get past her incredible choices in color and skirts. you couldn't not be observant with her outfits as they were all eye-catching and totally up my alley. 

what i noticed about Jane is her selection of pops of color in every outfit. whether she is rocking out a sleek, black dress, a Michael Jackson-esque military jacket or a plain collared tee, Jane always selected a colorful bottom or a chunky, statement necklace to add some pop and pizzaz. i also noticed her love for fluffy, poofy skirts - lots of tulle and ruffles - paired with black tights or leggings. Jane also had the best taste in shoes - plus that girl has talent when it comes to running from place to place in the chunkiest of heels! 

i recreated my own Jane look with a black cardi (Belk), a neon-striped skirt (H+M), ivory lace tank (gift from mom), neon pink skinny belt (F21), black leggings (F21), and black pumps (Nine West)

for those of you that watched the Jane By Design premiere last night, was there a character's wardrobe that caught your eye? if so, do you have any "get the look" tips for that specific outfit? share them over HERE and let them know that Much Love, illy sent you! need some additional inspiration for this? check this video out for a bit of it!


i don't think i can say enough thank you for the support you all have provided for me via comments, text messages, Facebook and tweets! you guys seriously are the best readers and friends in the world. this has been quite the challenge but it's been a fun experience! thanks to ABC Family and Jane By Design for the opportunity!

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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  1. I love the look you created! It's very Jane indeed. Only you could pull off that hat so well. I wish I had a big jug of gatorade to pour over your head. Well done!

  2. My heart is going pitter patter over you neon striped skirt!!! I just heard of this show yesterday- I will have to catch it next time it's on! This is such a great idea for a challenge! Great outfit you put together! xoxo

  3. Very cute! If you don't get the Gatorade at the finish line, nobody should. ;)

  4. I watched last night, I had to after all these challenges!

  5. omg! this fit is adorable.
    think you made jane proud :)
    love everything about it!

  6. you are just so so cute xoxo happy wednesday to you too!

    C |

  7. i LOVE your skirt girl!! and look at you knocking out all these challenges!!

  8. Eeeeee! LOVE that skirt! <3

    And I'm sure you're gonna ace this challenge too!!! :)

  9. Cute outfit! :) LOVE it!



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