Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jane By Design: Style Challenge #6

there is something about the challenge of taking something out of the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. i have witnessed this miracle in the world of handmade business, blogging, and in fashion! and with Style Challenge #6 of the ABC Family's Jane By Design Style Challenge, we are challenged with that very thing - and when we're talking ordinary, we are talking mega ordinary.

we're talking pretzels.
how much more ordinary can you get?
(unless you go with the salted or butter flavors.)

with this challenge, we were asked to take a bag of pretzel and turn it into something fresh, inspiring, and creative for the fashion world in the brand new year. did you know that in the past year, one of the top designer bags was inspired with merely a roll of tape? mesmerizing! so folks, here's what i did with my "roll of tape."

i wanted to work with a contrast-look, taking two things that wouldn't normally go together yet with a little magic and imagination (and courage!), they can! emptying a bag of stick pretzels into a plastic bag, i crushed them so that they broke up into smaller, uneven pieces. i then sewed together two pieces of gold silk to create a wrap bracelet - about 2 feet long. lastly, i laid the bracelet flat on the table and lathered it in fabric glue (E6000 glue to be exact) and then sprinkled the broken pieces of pretzels all over it. after letting it completely dry overnight, i took the bracelet and shook it over the kitchen sink to make sure all the loose pieces fell off. if you plan to wear it more than once, be sure to spray with adhesive or some sort of glaze to keep the pretzels from staling and loosening. 

so once you've secured it around your wrist (you can attach a clasp or tie a knot and hide the knot underneath the layers), you can rock out in rockstar/rustic fashion! the gold gives off the glimmer and spunk you need for the new year, while the pretzel gives it a rustic look! 

what about you? what everyday items have inspired your wardrobe? be sure to share them over here at the Jane By Design Facebook page - and of course, let them know Much Love, illy sent ya! and you might need the extra dose of inspiration with this challenge (it was a tough one!), so here's a video to help you out!

and one more thing...
thank you, thank YOU for helping me make it this far! i seriously wouldn't have been able to make it through these challenges without your sweet tweets, comments, and wall posts to keep me going. so keep those pom-poms going just a little bit longer - here's to hoping we make it to Style Challenge #3!

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

p.s. and don't forget! Jane By Design premiers TONIGHT on ABC Family on 9/8c!


  1. These challenges are crazy and you always do them so well. I think this one is awesome!

  2. This is so cool! How fun of you to do these challenges.

  3. That's pretty freaking awesome!

  4. What a strange challenge, but what an AWESOME idea!!! Loving it! You're so creative!

  5. hahahah what a strange challenge, but u pulled it off awesomely! yummy! ;)

  6. Great, Ilene. You are so creative.

  7. pretzels?! what?! this is insane haha. looking at your lovely wrap bracelet i would have never guessed that it was made of crums!
    xox dana

  8. ONLY you could make pretzels look like a fashion statement! i'm so impressed. :)

  9. haha, not sure how i feel about the bracelet (though i am impressed!) however love the stripes on stripes... great fashion idea!

  10. love the sweater over the stripes... totally two things i wouldn't have thought to put together, but they look great!


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