Saturday, January 14, 2012

in one of my moods.

 tan sweater: f21 / green sweater: H+M / pants: TJMaxx / ring: charming charlie's / hanakai wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes

sometimes you just need a vacay - and i needed one at the end of last year. i felt a little burnt out, so tired and was grateful to have the chance to get away to Atlanta last week. i spent a couple of suh-weet days with Ryan and got to have the best sushi date with one of my girlfriends - and my family and i as always had a blast being together! 

and now that i've had my recharge, i'm super excited about this new year! i feel ambitious and inspired. i feel hopeful and grateful. it's almost a Titanic moment - where i could stand at the tip of a ship and spread my wings out. 
probably the cheesiest line i've ever written, but i'm not even joking. 

this is a bit delayed, but i'm gonna do it anyways! raising my bottle of glacier freeze Gatorade (got yours, Steph?!), here's to one heck of an awesome brand new year!

much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]

p.s.  suh-weet giveaways galore! here and there! 


  1. Im glad you had a great trip and i Can't wait to see all the fab. Posts this this year.

  2. glad you had such a great time in ATL!! love the colors to your outfit girl!!

  3. Glad you had a great trip! Love the outfit! The colors are all so pretty!

    xx Laura

  4. I soooo want to go back to Atlanta! They have one of the best sushi restaurants I've ever been to!

  5. just promise that if you end up on any floating doors, that you'll take turns with ryan in the frigid waters. that way you'll BOTH survive the year (that darn winslet, killing of our dicaprio!)

    to 2012!

  6. Ahh I love the colors of this! So bright and fun :) You look so happy too! That's definitely always a good thing haha
    I love the sweater especially <3

  7. i wanted to to know that i posted a pic of my little girl in your headband. you should check it out... she's rockin' it! i wear it all the time!!! love it!

  8. I'm glad that you feel refreshed and ready for the year. I'm waiting for my week off with my hubby and I'm sure I will feel the same :)

  9. Ate ilene!!!!yiieee, happy to hear that you had a supah suh-weet days with Kuya ryan.
    I'm also supah excited with titanic moment, yay! can't wait.
    and lastly, i supah lovelove those color combinations.

    mwah :D

  10. you look super cute! i really like your top. :D


  11. LOVE the blue skinnies! They're so cute! Glad you had a nice trip in ATL, girlie!

  12. that sweater is amazing, and i really like your color combination!

  13. Loving the colors you've put together! And like the new header too!! :)

    Hope you have a rocking year ahead!

  14. hahaha sounds awesome girl! right there with you :) have a great year and enjoy the every day blessings

    from sam*
    over at :

  15. New header is awesome. :) And yeah I feel the same way about the new year - it's like a crisp, fresh start.

    who knew that new year would bring out your cheesy side? :D


  16. first of all you are a doll.

    second i love having dreams for the future.

    this is gonna be an awesome year.


  17. Loving the heavy bangs! They look so great on you! :)

    Something 2 Write About

  18. LOVE sushi dates with you! and i loved that sweater - so awesome. and those cobalt jeans are beyond fabulous as is your new header! love the mix up of need to come back to Atlanta sooooon!

  19. loving those pants girl! you rock that outfit!

  20. you are so amazing! i love your sweet photos! glad you were able to get a recharge before the new year. here we go! xoxo!! thought i was already following you, but i am officially now! :) xoxo!

  21. you are so amazing! i love your sweet photos! glad you were able to get a recharge before the new year. here we go! xoxo!! thought i was already following you, but i am officially now! :) xoxo!

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  23. this year is def going to be awesome!
    hope you find everything youre looking for this year :)
    and those pants = love!

  24. Loving that shrug...only you & your beautiful self could pull of those colors!


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