Wednesday, January 18, 2012

expressing LOVE old school style + 7 pretty things on Sunday.

valentine cards c/o Julie Ann Art

one of my goals for 2012 is this: take time to write down more handwritten notes. i really believe there is something ultra special about handwritten notes. pen and hand touch the paper (i think this means so much with long distance). handwritten words are prettier. i think i've kicked off this new year right by writing thank you notes to some very thoughtful friends - and now i'm looking forward to sending some sweet love notes to more of those special people! the V-day ones over at Julie Ann Art are my fave! i bought some Christmas cards from her last year and they do not disappoint! 

and here is another favorite way i love to express my snail mail to someone! many of you know danni of oh hello, friend and her creative book of notes that she features every now and then on her inspiring blog. the ones she writes to her husband, nick, are some of my fave - and inspired me to create my own for Ryan a couple of years ago. i'm thinking another one might be in the works for him super soon (ssssshhhh!).

i think i've always been a fan of cool handwriting. i'm going to have to blame the Babysitter's Club for that. i found this via pinterest and have been forever fantasizing over the pretty lettering on these envelopes! i'm not gonna lie and say that i haven't been doodling these letters in sharpies or calligraphy pens the past couple days. i don't lie, so i won't. uh-mazing, don't you think?!

and by the way, folks...

Speaking of all things pretty (bah-rum-cha!), join the bloggers of Gussy Sews, Matchstick Molly, Much Love, Illy + The Letter 4 on Sunday the 22nd for a "7 pretty things on Sunday" linky party. All you need to do is link your "7 pretty things" blog post {click here to see past posts} come Sunday to one of our blogs {listed above} and it'll automatically link to the other 3 blogs. So easy and so much fun! 

Oh that's a great question! It's just a fun way to share inspirational finds with your blog community. And it's easy: pick seven things that inspire you and include photos of them in your link-up post via blog post ~ be sure to include a photo of each that you took yourself or found online with proper credit, of course

We love to be inspired and hope to see you Sunday! xoxo


much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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  1. i absolutely love her cards! they are so cute!

    love, rach.

  2. I love the idea of the book of notes.. so sweet! I'm going to have to give this a try myself :)


  3. Such a neat link up with two of my favorite blogging ladies!

  4. ooh snail mail is the best!! It absolutely makes my day to get a card or package in the mail! ... even if it's something that I ordered hehe, but an unexpected note is always the best! I love it! and I will def be linking up on Sunday! yayy!

  5. ricky ricardo: "lucy! you got some 'splainin' to do!"

    lucy ricardo: "ever since we said 'i do', there is so much that we dont!"

    lovin' the pretty things, reminding me of some pretty awesome tv shows...will see all ya'll on sunday.

  6. the cards are super cute! i hope i have time to prepare a post for the linkup~!

  7. I so wish I could write all nice in calligraphy! And kudos to you for sending snail mail!!! :-)

  8. Such a cute blog hop! I love your 7 things- as always you are incredibly thoughtful in every way.

  9. yay for handwritten notes :) i love sending and getting them! that's a great goal for 2012. and i needed the reminder to send more :)
    and i'm excited for the blog hop!

  10. Oh my goodness! Babysitters club is part of why I love cool handwriting too!! I feel very validated right now.

    Beautiful cards. The whale one reminds me of a line from my husband and I's favourite books- Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I think I need to get it for him.

  11. They are precious...
    I really want to get some fun stationary or cards from Etsy to help me write more too!

  12. i agree, a handwritten note showing up in the mailbox is so much more special than an email or text could ever be! sometimes i get inthese postcard kicks where i send them to all my friends, but most of the time (like now) i'll go months and months without sending anything. i need to be better!

  13. i have two of those cards too ;) 1 is not the poop would....shoulda gone for it... hahah

  14. I love those valentines!!! How sweet!!
    I can not believe that is already almost Valentines day!!!
    Ps I love the blog hops that you create!! This one looks extra fun and I can not wait for Sunday!!
    HAve a lovely day friend!!

  15. Ooohh...I love all of it!! Pretty paper things makes me smile. Thanks for sharing!!

  16. aw! those cards are SUPER cute!!!
    checking them out now.
    love it

  17. The cards are soo cute!

  18. Ooh, I'm going to try to remember to link up!

  19. There is just something so special about getting a handwritten note, card or letter in the mail! I want to write at least 100 letters a year, so you can bet that you will be finding one or two in your mailbox over the year! :) hehe. I'm just bad at it right now, so far I have written ZERO letters this year. AH. Maybe this weekend I will write a few... :)

  20. Also, another thing on my list of things I want to do (hahaha that's a mouthful.) is learn calligraphy!

    & you have SUCH pretty handwriting, Ilene! I always notice that when I get something from you in the mail! :) So pretty.

  21. I didnt make it a 'resolution' or anything, but one of my latest things has been letter writing, and adding in sketches and fun/funky/beautiful handwriting, etc.

    I like getting additional inspiration :)

  22. These are all such great finds/links!! I love the first two cards, soooo cute! Can't wait to join in Sunday!! Fun fun!!


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