Tuesday, January 31, 2012

living in yellow is the new Oprah.

oh, man. oh, man. oh, man.
i say this out of excitement. you know the kind where you jump up and down over and over again? 
yeah, that's me - right now. 'cause i'm excited. 
call of you are in for a treat today?!
and whether or not you are a fan of Oprah - who isn't a fan of all things adorable, lovely, and...freebies - you will love this post! erin of Living in Yellow is absolutely adorable and lovely and wants to give all of you amazing people a chance at some freebies. see? what did i tell ya?
just like Oprah. maybe better.

Hello there lovelies!
I’ve come to a conclusion.
Guest posts are kinda like blind dates.
You have no idea who is waiting for you on the other end,
what they will think of you, if you said everything correctly, blah blah blah.
First, you start out with all the basics: Name is Erin.
Height is 5’4, weight is none of your business ;).
  Write a blog called Living In Yellow.
I’m a wife to one. A handsome one at that.

Mother of a cute little black 5 pound ball of fur

Oh, and I consume entirely way too much macaroni and cheese.

Second, you have to create some mystery.
Give away a little bit of information, but make him want to investigate further.
Like so: -I swear by this little diet trick to stay “cleaned out” at all times.
-Yes, I write about gettin' dirty with my husband.
-I have a secret love affair. Except now it’s not a secret.
And last, if all else fails..you have to reel him in with the goods
It’s a first date ladies, a kiss is the furthest I’m talkin.
Keep it classy.
In blogging terms, “the goods” is a giveaway.

And today, I have just that.

You see, that blog I mentioned earlier—is celebrating it’s one year anniversary today.
And to celebrate that tremendous feat of me sticking with something for more than three weeks,
I’m giving away some {okay like 12} of my favorite things.
Think Oprah or Ellens giveaways.
Only bigger and better of course.

Told you.
So get your booties over to Living In Yellow asap and get yourselves entered.
Oh and hey, stick around for awhile over there would ya?
 I would love to continue this date and get to know YOU a little better ;)

See ya on the other side homies.

isn't Erin the cutest thing...ever?! 
love her style, as well as her hilarious and adorable personality!
soooo...be sure to check out her blog today, show her some loving, and enter the waaaay awesome GIVEAWAY happening over there. this girl is the NEW and improved oprah, i tell ya.

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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Monday, January 30, 2012


 chunky cream sweater: JCPenney / dress: gift from friend, reverie market / rubine tights: c/o We Love Colors / rings: f21, charming charlie's / bracelet: c/o Poshlocket / valora boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes

like the geometric pattern of my dress, this post will have several different angles. angle 01: currently obsessed with dresses turned into skirt (do you remember this dress from my birfday last year?) angle 02: my sister has totally been into 80's movies as of late, so with Ryan's recommendation, we watched Teen Wolf (the Michael J. Fox version) over the weekend. and oh my goodness, it was sooooo...80's and the good kind of stupid movie where you laugh until your stomach hurts. if you've seen it, the line "never say...die" has been making my sister and i crack up all weekend. angle 03: cozy, over-sized sweaters are my fave. i can't get enough of them.  i could live in them all the time. angle 04: excuse my almost non-existent lips in this post. i used a very neutral lip gloss - which i think looks better in real life than in these photos. the end.

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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i spy something delightful.

remember my giddy post a little while back? well, the year kicked off with some good news and i couldn't wait to announce all of them to you (all in good time, all in good time) - and one of those very things was announced over HERE last Friday! (pssst! do you spy me up there in the upper left corner?! yeaaah, the one in the red tights. of course.)

a couple of weeks ago, i was invited to join in the fun over The Delightful Dozen, a fantastic group of 12 bloggers from all of the U.S.! *squeal* every member gets the chance to contribute to DD blog and swap clothes just like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (except not just pants - all sorts of clothes to share and remix!). i'm especially loving the community within the group and its readers - there is so much variety in personality and styles!

and also thanks so much for the suh-weet congratulatory tweets, facebook messages and comments over the weekend! your support and shared excitement with me means so much. you guys rock!

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

explosive january group GIVEAWAY.

inspiration to the max.

these are words to describe this uh-mazing line-up of sponsors.
i am beyond grateful for their support and friendship to me and even more so, the inspiration that they offer to the world with their creations and words.

and because they're so awesome and they think that you're so awesome, check to see what awesome swag they are offering a very lucky Much Love, illy reader!

meet holly of Shop Holly Dolly 
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meet erika of Rouge and Whimsy
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meet carina of a punk, a pumpkin, and a peanut + Lovely Little Whimsy
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meet kayla of Love Sparkle Pretty
and find her via blog / shop
giving away this darling Love Sparkle Pretty scarf and brooch

seriously awesome, right?!
and this week one very lucky Much Love, illy reader gets a chance to win all of IT!
did i really just say all of it? YES, all of it!
so get those little fingers typing away STAT.  

{how to enter:}

be a GFC blog follower of this blog!
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feel free to copy/paste the following tweet:
i LOVE handmade swag + blogging so i entered the explosive GROUP GIVEAWAY happening over at @muchloveilly's blog! http://tinyurl.com/7ay7ml8

Giveaway is open to ALL Much Love, illy readers thru Monday, February 6th.
Winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 7th.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

Saturday, January 28, 2012

foxy lady.

 cardi: belk / boyfriend jeans: GAP / tee: c/o dressing on the side / jessica simpson leopard flats: belk
fox brooch pin: c/o wonderforest / bracelets: c/o IHOD / watch: fossil

a few weekend favorites:
- Revlon's colorburst candy apple lipstick
- my very foxy brooch from my friend, dana
- Glee's proposal episode a couple weeks ago
- laughing at stupid things at 1am in the morning with my little sister
- gray + glitter nailpolish combo
- Gavin Degraw's Not Over You
- playing Temple Run on my itouch
- the trailer for The Vow

what things are topping your list of weekend favorites?

much love.
{happy weekend, friend.}

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Friday, January 27, 2012

messy bun buffet.

so i've received a ton of requests last year and even this year to do a messy bun tutorial on this here blog - and i'm more than willing to, but every time i've sat down to try to do it, i don't find that my bun tutorial as very original at all. i feel like my bun technique is a conglomeration of some messy bun tutorial favorites of mine. 

so this weekend if you got the extra time to play with your hair, grab a couple rubber bands (the kinds that don't pop easily - especially if you have thick hair like me), a cheap comb, dry shampoo or hairspray and you should be all set! 

{keiko lynn.}

one of the easiest looks to master! i've never tried it with the volume powder like Keiko used, but it still worked when i used lots of hairspray.

click HERE for Keiko's video.

{sydney of The Daybook.}

found this tutorial super easy and rocked it out a lot last year for those of you that have hung out around here for awhile. i used this video in this look and a lot of my summer hairstyles last year.

click HERE for Sydney's video.

{promise tangeman.}

this last one is my most recent discovery of messy buns (along with my recent discovery of dry shampoo - oh my goodness, why have i waited this long?!). i used this tutorial for yesterday's look HERE.

so there you have it - a buffet of messy bun tutorials.
and like i said, one day i'll sit down and doing my own vlog if you really wanna hear my voice.
maybe it'll be an excuse to use my British accent. 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

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your little guy will love you even more for it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


cargo jacket, jeans, chambray button-up: belk / beams boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes
 earrings: Francesca's Collection / traveling bag: Le Mode Accessories

it's been a long week.
so messy buns have been my life saver.
also, not gonna lie, a random Walgreen's run to stock up on sweet-tarts (the mini chewy ones are a new obsession!) and explore the world of dry shampoo + red lipstick kinda made my day. 

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sponsor love + giveaway with Honey Pot Pet Studios.

meet the ladies of Honey Pot {Pet Studios}.

Hello! First things first - Honey Pot {Pet Studios} is operated by pet lovers like you. We design and distribute a wide range of pet products nationwide. Our products are uniquely designed, hand selected, tested and catered to you with materials or the highest quality standards. Our products are eco-friendly, handmade, made in the U.S.A. and Canada. You will find new, playful and bright products on this only shop weekly. Our pricing is also intended to keep you coming back for more. Don't forget that many of our products include free shipping! Sign up for our free newsletter to receive coupons, promo codes, specials, and website updates!
XOXO - Honey Pot Team
Thank you for visiting - we're so glad you're here!

aren't these ladies the best?! no wonder their shop is adorable! and the shop has gotten me and my dog, Pey-pey super giddy - and once you browse this adorable shop, you will see why! the variety will amaze you - from treats, cozy beds, grooming supplies, party supplies (say whaaaat?!) for your cat and/or dog! oh, the apparel so stylish - Pey and i are in awe! 


and today one you suh-weet, pet loving readers get's the chance to win a $40 E-gift card! SCORE! you win this giveaway and you can add some swag to your kitty cat or your puppy dog's prance! maybe add some extra treats to their bowl. if it were me, i'd totally put it towards this adorable bow tie for Pey!

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visit Honey Pot Pet Studio and comment on what you would spend the shop credit on if you win! 

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use coupon code MUCHLOVE25 for FREE SHIPPING on all orders $25 and more!

Giveaway is open to US and Canadian Much Love, illy readers thru Tuesday, January 31st.
Winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 1st.

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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Monday, January 23, 2012

what i didn't know about faux fur vests.

 dress/skirt: base exchange / sweater: f21 / faux vest: belk / black tights: c/o We Love Colors / hanakai wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes / green hobo bag: Le Mode Accessories / bracelet: c/o PoshLocket

1. it sheds more than my dog. probably didn't help that i wore a black dress and tights. my mom, my sister, and i constantly picked at my outfit through the entire church service. 

2. people constantly coming up to you to feel your furriness. even our waiter who rubbed my shoulder and said, it's real, isn't it? 

3.  being automatically nicknamed "Miss Fuzzy."

4. people continually asking, so...uh, how many animals did you kill?

5. the assumption people have the automatic permission to feel you. there is a difference with this and the actual action of feeling, for clarification. i feel that this is more awkward.

6. the glazed, sympathetic look that people give me pretty much saying, ooooh, yeah. you're not from around these parts.

7. how ridiculously warm it is. i could probably wear this baby over a swim suit and still sweat stay warm! pure perfection for chilly, winter days. 

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

sponsor love with Aleksandra of Little Daily Miracles.

meet aleksandra of Little Daily Miracles.

Hey there! My name is Aleksandra, and I recently started my blog, "Little Daily Miracles". I'm a 20-years old girl living in the historical city Vienna, where I study architecture and design. Feel free to visit my blog and follow me on my way through art, music and traveling! From me to you, A.

um, so first off, who can raise their hand with me and say, i want Aleksandra's life?! i'll be the first to raise my hands - both of them if necessary. this girl lives in Vienna (swoon!) and studying architecture and design. and i have always been an admirer of artistic work and these images (plus the ones over at her deviantart site) make my heart go pitter-patter. i would kill to have this talent! (my doodling does not count.)

follow her life of traveling, architectural studies, and breath-taking drawings via...

and i've closed comments for this post, so you can stop by and visit her and leave her some lovin', friends! 
leave her lots and lots of it!

much love.
[happy monday, friend.]

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7 pretty things on Sunday Link-Up partaaaaay!!

{7 pretty things on Sunday}
linky party!!!!

photo sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

who doesn't love pretty things? and i love that you can find pretty things everywhere. 
the collage above makes this point very true, don't you think?!

photo #7 is my contribution to the bunch because currently i have been on an absolute mad creative mode. my brightly-colored sharpies, my journal (with its own collage - a red velvet sticker, red hearts, and turquoise duck tape!) plus a brand new binder have constantly been by my side, as i have been scribbling, doodling and organizing like crazy to come up with more pretty things whether it's for my blog, shop, wedding, or just ways to make life more creative. 

what are 7 pretty things are making life lovelier for you?! 

Create your collage of your own pictures or pictures you find online (please give proper credit!) - then do share and join our partaaaaaySimply add your blog below by linking to your post's permalink. Your link will be automatically added to the other 3 blogs {hooray!}. Then, be sure to check out all the other suh-weet linkers to find even more inspiration! 

Happy Sunday, xoxo