Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jane By Design: Style Challenge #5

guess what?! someone totally creamed ABC's Jane By Design Style Challenge #4 and is now here ready to head-on Style Challenge #5. say whaaaat?! you heard it - and seriously, couldn't have done it without YOU awesome people. we are just about to round the bend and i can sense the finish line is super close so thank you, thank you, dear friends! keep those pom-poms going and those voices cheering. i totally hear ya!

so here we are with challenge #5, where we are going to lend a hand to Jane, Gray's fabulous assistant. as she has informed me (and as The Devil Wears Prada has educated me), those that are employed by the fashion world live a very busy, jam-packed life. they go from meetings to social events to dinner dates back to back to back. 

and those events do not call for throwing off the office attire and throwing on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. more like, how creative can you get from office wear to evening wear...? 

today's challenge calls out that very question with this plain white collared shirt. i especially loved this challenge since i saw the shirt similar to that of a canvas. how do i take something plain and white and turn it into something into a work of art, a masterpiece? "how did you ever do it, ilene?" you ask? my advice is this: the key to it is LAYERING.

{day/office attire.} 

using the white shirt like a base, i layered a print cropped top and a copper-toned blazer over the it. the waist-high skirt creates structure to the looser top - and a chunky, colorful necklace gives contrast and an extra punch of color. both the blazer and the black-rimmed glasses keeps things professional. shoes would stay classy, a pair of black platforms.

{night/cocktail party attire.}

the true statement piece to this outfit is that sequined black tank layered over the white tee. a fitted black blazer keeps things structured, while a hot pink mini silk skirt keeps things flirty and ready for a good time. by popping up the collar of the white tee and the blazer, you are saying it's time to let loose and have a real good time (in the words of Pitbull and Dr. Pepper).

so there you go! with a little bit of layering and pops of color, you have your ultimate day to night look for your own white t-shirt!

do you have any advice to offer Jane? she's gonna need all the help she can get as fashion season gets busy again with the brand new year! leave your day to night fashion styling tips HERE and let them know that Much Love, illy sent you! need some inspiration? Jane sent us this video for an extra ounce of help! 

like i said, we are nearing the finish line - which also means, we are super close to the premiere of ABC Family's Jane by Design! and in the midst of all the crazy style challenges and holiday happenings, did i ever mention that the winner of these challenges receives a blog mention in the premiere episode?! holla! how exciting would that be?! 

thanks for hanging in here with me, friends! 
(we will be back to the regularly scheduled program in the new year...)
you guys rock my face off each and every day - so i can't say it enough, thank YOU!

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

p.s. don't forget the smashing giveaway happening HERE!


  1. looks amazing! I know your going to win!

  2. Love the first look! I just browsed some of the other bloggers' looks & while this may be mean, I think some of them are awful. You're rockin' this! You may have some fierce competition in The Versastyle, but your styles are so different that it will probably just be a matter of judges' taste. Your looks have been amazing so far! You've always got my vote.

  3. Gave ya some love Ilene! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Love both looks! You've got an eye for creative syle! :)

  5. Umm so I'm gonna need you to over night me that sweet little get up for new years eve. Mkay?

  6. Oh my gosh what an awesome challenge!!
    You are totally rocking it my friend!! LOVE both of these looks!! Rooting for you!!

  7. Wow! Loved all the looks. You rock it girl!

  8. You are rocking this girl! I need/want that night outfit!!

  9. You are rocking this girl! I need/want that night outfit!!

  10. Such a cute idea. I love the outfit. xo, rv

  11. Love how you've transformed the white shirt for the evening look - chic! :)

  12. You got my vote miss!! JUST found your facebook page too, yay! YOU are my blogger inspiration, everything you do is amazing. Wishing you a verry happy and successful new year! Love you!

  13. This is soooo exciting!!! Hoping you win!

  14. I love these looks! Wow- the jacket really does add a nice touch!

  15. I love it with the sparkly top and pink skirt!


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