Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jane By Design: Style Challenge #4

 granny sweater: ABC family / striped sweater: TJMaxx / jeans: Belk / Farron boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes 

grandma got hit by a reindeer - and look! i got stuck with her ugly christmas sweater! 
okay, not really (i actually think that song is mega tragic -  i do not wish that tragedy upon any grandmother!), but Gray Chandler decided that this ugly Christmas sweater would be super fitting for ABC Family's Jane By Design Style Challenge #4, so we're gonna dive in  full force with mega packed DIY post.

Challenge #4 called for us to use every single bit of creative juice in my brain, heart, and blood  and come up with 2012's most fashionable trend! what did i envision as next year's biggest trend? giant sweater bow corsages!

step 1: pick out an ugly christmas sweater like so - and pick out thread and your favorite vintage buttons.

step 2: lay the sweater our flat on the floor and cut the back into long strips. 

 step #4: take one strip and fold in half. fold a second time so that the bottoms criss-cross. sew a small knot at it's base to keep from unfolding. make 4 of these.

step #4: lay 4 finished strips on top of each other. align them in the shape of a flower or a gift bow. sew at center.

step #5: take 2 more strips and do the same as step #4, but make the folds smaller to allow 3 folds instead of the original 2. do this twice with 2 strips.

step #6: sew second sets of finished stripes together and then sew on top of sweater flower. cut out a circle from sweater and sew on top of the center to give it a more completed look.

step #7: sew vintage button of choice over the center of the flower (on top of the previously sewn circle). cutting the beads off of the ugly Christmas sweater, i sewed them around the vintage bead to create a pearl border. 

step #8: turn the sweater flower over. cut out a felt circle to cover the stitches. last but not least, glue a pin. you can cover this pin with more of the sweater material to give it a more finished, clean look.

and wah-la! 

it's your very own giant sweater flower bow corsage, 
which as i predict will be all the rage come year 2012!

 so be sure to be on the lookout for them in your next issue of Instyle or on the red carpet 'cause i assure you, it's gonna be there! *wink*

what about you, friend?! do you have any fun, stylish DIY's to share? i'd love to see and so would the awesome folks over at ABC Family's Jane By Design! be sure to post them over HERE (JBD Facebook page) and let them know i sent ya! and if you are need for some more inspiration, be sure to check out this sweet video they sent for us!

and again, you guys seriously ROCK my face off - thank YOU for your support as i've pressed on in these crazy, fun challenges. keep those pom-poms close by and cheerleader skirts on 'cause i'm hoping to make it through a few more of these Style Challenges!

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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  1. so creative! LOVE what you did with the vest.
    -jocee <3

  2. Ooooh I love the idea of a gorgeous big corsage! Your red one is beautiful. Great work!

  3. Shut. The. Front. Door. ILENE! I freaking love it! You better be adding that stuff to your store so I can BUY ONE!

  4. That is pretty darn cute my dear!!!

  5. Looks purrrrty. I was looking at the sweater going, maybe it can be cut down and sexyfied somehow ... ? but what you did looks better :D

  6. that is honestly so cute! very creative. i don't think i would've thought of that.


  7. Seriously creative! I am in total awe. I would definitely wear that corsage!!


  8. wow that is quite some transformation! So pretty.

  9. Not gonna lie, I was skeptical. But I actually like the sweater bow! So creative and fun!

  10. i LOOOVE this girl!! you did SUCH a great job with this DIY!! you are super creative!!!!!!!

  11. love what you did with this, soooo creative! you are super cute too :) btw!

  12. You are so flippin creative! How fun and wonderful!

  13. Love that bow corsage. You are so creative!


  14. So there is hope for ugly sweaters.

  15. Well done, & I love it with this simple striped shirt. I wonder what other contestants have done? I'd love to see theirs - but will still, of course, be voting for yours. ;)

  16. Absolutely love it! :)
    I think it'll be a hit.

    Just because you blogged about it! haha

  17. OOOOOH! Totalllly

  18. a)i am SO mad i forgot to ask you about this jane thing

    b)your creativity amazes me....i think i'm seeing a new item in your store!

    c) LOVE the corsage....i totally think that would be an amazing 2012 trend!

    XO, A

  19. you gals are AMAZING me with your creativity. my goodness, they picked the perfect girls to complete this. this is SO great! can't wait to see what else you come up with :)

  20. Wow, SO creative!! Those are totally going to be the 2012 rage!

  21. cuteness!! you are so gorgeous, my friend!


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