Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jane By Design: Style Challenge #3

when i get excited about anything i like to celebrate it.
so join me as i happy dance for a second here as well as celebrate with some hot chocolate with extra whip cream and red/green sprinkles (i'll try not to spill the hot chocolate on the carpet - whoops!). why am i happy dancing? because YOU awesome people rock! why? for two awesome reasons: 1) i passed the Jane By Design Style Challenge #2 and am charging forward to Style Challenge #3! and 2) you guys rock with your continued support through this - thank you, thank you, and thank YOU

so with Style Challenge #3 we were asked to pull out the floral paper bag (in photo above) from the trunk, representing the challenge. we were then told to go to our closets and pick out a purse that beset described our personality. okay, i love bags - almost as much as i love shoes - so it was honestly a little bit tricky but i loved the challenge! 

dress: base exchange / jeans: Belk / hat, ring: f21 / Beams: c/o Blowfish Shoes / Rosette bag: c/o Jototes / watch: Fossil

so after much deliberation (said with *dramatic emphasis* - hehe - not really) i decided that my Jototes teal rosette bag best describes me. first off, everyone who knows what a JoTotes bag knows that it's best feature is what i love the most about it  - that it's part purse and part camera bag! i can walk around with my DSLR camera and lens and instax mini and rock out in style, as well as have all my every day essentials that any girl would have in her purse. 

anyone who knows me that i have an eager thirst for living life to the fullest. i want to experience all of it and i want to capture all of it...for me to savor and to look back on - and how i capture and express life best is through photography and writing. i have thousands of scarp-booked pages, journal entries, blog posts, photo albums, letters, etc.  where i have done the best way that i could to capture life. my camera (and notebooks!) has always been a part of me - and this bag allows me to do that.

i also am obsessed with color. i love a pop of color in any outfit or in any setting - and this bag does that very thing. this bag adds a punch of color to an outfit, just as i love keeping life colorful and full of variety. 

like my Jototes teal rosette bag, i want to soak up and capture every minute of life while living it out in color and variety, experiencing everything and anything! 

and i would love the chance to make it to Style Challenge #4, so i'd love if you can help cheer me on by visiting the Jane By Design Facebook page and leave a comment with which bag in your closet expresses YOU best - and be sure to let them know that Much Love, illy sent you! (need some inspiration? here's a clip to help you out!) 

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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  1. Ah! I LOVE your bag!! :) I have the SAME one in black!!
    Good luck in Round #4 (because we all KNOW you're going to make it!! :D)


  2. i loooooove your bag girl!! the color is sooo you! congrats on making it to the next round!!

  3. I love this choice! I just bought the same bag for christmas... my hubby told me to pick out what I wanted, but im not alloud to open the box it came in yet! I love seeing it in your post so I had to have one. Not to mention that I dont have anything to carry my huge camera in!

  4. I wouldn't mind carrying that bag, either! Love the color and the detail. I havent read your blog long but it does seem exactly like you :)

  5. Eeeeeeeee, turquoise and mustard! LOVE LOVE LOVE. One of my most favorite color combos. :)

  6. That bag is so you! Full of color, life, and structure. Love!

  7. Love how you've rocked that teal & mustard with the definitely deserve to go on to the Challenge #4! :)

  8. go go go go. :)

    left some much love, illy support on the jane by design fb page. :)

  9. wooooooo! Go you!! :) Cuuuuuute outfit, haha you are adorable!!! Loving the colour of that bag too, it's perfect for ya!

  10. Rooting for you girl!!

    don't forget to check out my giveaway

  11. That purse is SO you girl! :D

    LOve your whole outfit today! adorb!

  12. Girl! I am getting that bag.
    I'm hoping to get a DSLR this Christmas- and if I do- I am getting this. For real.
    So cute.
    I love it...

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