Thursday, December 8, 2011

furry hat head.

life has been biiiissss-zzeeeee with work and the holiday season overall.
but not too busy for this moment.
i had a few minutes to kill before running out the door to meet up with a friend.
isn't this furry hat so ridiculously awesome?! 
(it's my little sister's. she has the best collection in awesome hats!)
too bad it was 70 degrees out or else it would have totally joined me on my lunch date.

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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  1. you and your furry hate are TOO cute my friend!! xo

  2. ha! somehow I could just tell that was your sis'. too cute. yay for crazy busy holiday seasons. Let's just hope we survive. ;)

  3. love it haha! I am all about big ridiculous furry hats. you should see my winter collection LOL
    xox dana

  4. SOOO AWESOME! I love it!!! You can most definitely pull it off...I am not sure I can do it...probably b/c I live where its 75 degrees haha


  5. Love that camera strap my dear, and yes the hat is adorable:-)

    Hope you had a fun lunch date!!!

  6. I have the same hat, or one that's really darn close, from the GAP. I can't bring myself to wear it in public, but I sort of LOVE it.

  7. that is the cutest hat I've ever seen.

  8. That's sooo cute!! The white looks super cute on you. d^_^b

  9. hehe super cute! I love hats, i am also collecting them for our baby too hehe

  10. hahahaha I can so see you jumping around with that, so cute!!

  11. It was 80's in FL yesterday.. now its 65... crazy southern weather ;D Cute hat thought BTW.. My sis and I each have on of Wattlebirds amazing character hats that we wear when its cold :)

  12. haha! Awesome hat girl!! Your little sis has excellent taste!!

  13. This hat is sooooo cute!
    Tried one on similar to it at Disneyland, but it was Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

  14. hahah totally awesome happy. happy friday!


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