Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a christmas party is not a christmas party without...

....a crazy round of white elephant and some "mean" people "stealing" from each other. you can bet the Starbucks gift cards were frozen immediately (i was too late to steal one!). there were some hilarious gifts like gift cards to the local candy shop (brought in by a dentist!), toy story dishes (i honestly kind wanted that one for my cereal fixes), and a box full of MRE (military meals ready to eat - ick!). can you guess which one i came home with?! the candy shop gift cards - duh! you can't have enough sweets this time of year (and like i said, i couldn't get my hands on that starbucks gift card).

you also need a TON of desserts and hot chocolate! (oh and psst! i brought those red velvet cupcakes - and the adorable paper lining, trees and reindeer actually came from my Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap package from Sandy!)

goofy face pictures(i was taking the photo so i wasn't in this shot - boo.)!

and of course, one of my faves - mirror pictures - especially if they are with one of your awesome girlfriends (love this girl, jamie)!

and this is just the start to Christmas parties this month. next weekend, i'm hosting one with my little sister for her friends, so we are looking forward to some major girly time and holiday celebration! and yes, you bet it's another excuse to blast that Christmas music, host another glove swap and watch Elf. 

then again, my sister and i would probably do all of that on any day, party or not - hehe.
turn up Justin Bieber's version Drummer Boy just a little bit louder, please.

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

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  1. that shot of the hot chocolate with marshmallows has seriously got me craving some good hot cocoa...jealous.

  2. Yummy hot chocolate!!
    Looks like you had tons of fun, this makes me want to go to a christmas party like now! lol

    In our sea of love

  3. Fun pictures!! Your hot chocolate shot makes me really want hot chocolate with marshmallows. So tasty.

  4. So precious! Gotta love it! I think the last time I did White Elephant I was in high school and I came home with some awesome vintage candle stick holders!

    Can't wait to get away from the hustle of college life and go home to have real christmas parties!

  5. Ooooh, it looks like you guys had a lovely time! Who doesn't love them some Starbucks gift cards, seriously?! And LOL at the dentist and his candy shop gift card ... how silly. MRE's - ick is right, lol. Though I'm always highly fascinated by how they heat up, LOL.


  6. i love your idea for a little sisters party.

    i may have to do that myself! :)


  7. Ha ha I love that the dentist brought that! :) Sounds like it was a super fun party!

  8. Great photographs. I love Christmas parties. xo, rv


  9. Looks like everyone had a blast! And your mirror pic is so cute!

  10. So fun! Love love love the photos. What a perfect holiday party!

  11. hahaha! This looks like it was a blast!!! enjoy your sweets, sweet!! xoxo

  12. How fun! I love those little cupcakes - too cute. :)


  13. Too fun! those are super cute cupcake adornment!

  14. You are an amazing photographer!
    These are really memorable and happy moments.
    Put me in the Christmas spirit :)

  15. hahah looks like it was such a fun time! i'll be going to a white elephant exchange later this month (as long as baby doesn't come yet)!

  16. awwwwwe such a nice pictures, i sense the family spirit!! <3


  17. Lucky lady! One year I walked away with about seven pounds of hideous stationery.

  18. Love that some one brought MREs! The first Christmas year my hubby gave all his friends MREs as gift! Lol it was a riot!

    Gla you had a good time at your party!

  19. white elephant gift exchanges are the bomb! it looks like y'all had a lot of fun and thanks for reminding me about beebs christmas cd. i've been meaning to pick one up for the girls!

  20. This looks like so much fun - what a great group!

  21. hehe looks like you guys had such a fun time!! :)


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