Saturday, November 12, 2011

parades, real candy, + a grateful heart.

 like i mentioned yesterday, the family and i got up first thing in the morning to kick off Veteran's Day with a bang. daddy marched in the downtown Veteran's Day parade, so of course, we were there to holler and support. like most parades, it always take a little bit of time before the floats you want to see actually make it to where you're at. so ashley and i did what the cool people do - make goofy faces while the other bystanders looked at us like we were nuts, which we kinda are. we also got some hot chocolate and mochas to keep up warm as the day proved to be a chillier one that most mornings around here. 

 and then daddy and the US Navy sailors made their spectacular appearance. i always feel so proud when i see them in their dress blues - they look so sharp, do they not? especially our daddy, right? we think that he looked gooood.

 some of the other floats and groups passed out candy. i got pretty giddy when i got some "good" candy like skittles. yeaaaah, baby.

 we followed dad and his group march around for a bit, then ended up finding a spot to sit and watch the rest of the parade. i took tons of pictures but aside from the military men, i love the Veterans and their motorcycles. i tried to dare ashley to jump onto one of them passing by, but she didn't. maybe next year.

and last by not least, i love this picture of ashley and daddy.
we are just crazy and weird like that.

the rest of the day involved dad making his pit stops around town with all the restraunts giving away free food to Veterans. ashley kept insisting to go with him and her military ID, saying she would convince the waitress that she was a Veteran. i probably would go too with all the awesome free food they get. i was just happy that dad brought us back a blooming onion from Outback. score.

on a more serious note, like i said yesterday, i am super grateful to all the US Veterans. their service does not go unnoticed - and i am so proud to be a daughter of one. thank you, Daddy, and to all the other men and women who have served and are serving our country.

much love.
[happy Veteran's Day and weekend, friend.]

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  1. Your dad is such a cutie, he looks like he'd be fun to hang out with.

    Yay for all our awesome veterans!

  2. first off, I LOVE parades, and we don't ever have one in my town.

    Second, you have the absolute cutest family ever!

    xoxo, ashley

  3. what a lovely post...your family is so special...seems like you get along with your sisters just like i do with mine. goofiness is encouraged:)...


  4. He looks great in his uniform! You guys are super cute family. Tell your Dad hi and thank you for me.

    My dad has done 3 tours overseas (2 in Vietnam and 1 in Iraq right after 9/11) so Veteran's Day has been something that is special to our family. He was in the National Guard Special Forces. He's such a star. I'm totally a Daddy's Girl- all the way, hehe! *^^*

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    P.S. Aaron checked out your site the other day and said it's the best looking site I follow. "Very professional and great" is what he said exactly. Him and I have the exact same feelings on your site. :D

  5. Aaww you'll look like you had loads of fun!!! :)

    And you are so cute! :P

  6. Happy Veteran's Day !:)


  7. what a sweet post with a ton of great pics!! i totally want to meet you family one day!!

  8. That was so awesome!! Looked like you guys had great fun! Thank your dad for me. A big thanks to you too for your support of your dad and vets everywhere! You rock.

  9. Aw your family looks like so much fun! How adorable is your little sis! :) Skittles are my favorite candy.

  10. I simply adore your family! You are all so close knit and it reminds me of my family. Your dad looks very dapper in his uniform :)

    I love the crazy picture shots. They are awesome.

    P.S. You probably already know this but The Hunger Games trailer will be shown with Breaking Dawn!!

  11. Lovely photo's! Your family is adorable! I love skittles! They are my favorite candy ♥

  12. great post, ı love the photo of your sister (?) and your dad. ^^
    Also, I added your button to my page cos i prefer them to readers lists (they look prettier) I hope you had a good Veteran's day.

  13. Your family is so funny and cute.

  14. wow! what fun and an awesome parade!
    your dad looks and sounds really adorable,

    thanks so much for sharing your photos.

    have a great day!

  15. I love the pictures! You must be so proud of your dad...

  16. aw, these pics are fun, happy vets day to your dad :)

  17. Wow....all this must have been so exciting!!! :)

  18. That's some great family time, too!

  19. I just discovered your blog and I am a little in love with it. I am so thankful to the brave men and women out there who serve this country. You must be so proud of your dad.

  20. You're so cute! Looks like you had a great time!

  21. What a great Veterans day! Thank you to your dad for his service and thank you to your family for the sacrifices you've made by supporting him! I'm glad he was honored on this special day!! :)

  22. What a great sounding weekend! Love your hat!

  23. this post makes me miss beaufort!!! your dad looks so handsome in his dress blues!

  24. awwwww....thank you to your dad for serving our blessed country! i'm sure you are proud and i just love seeing your parents/family....beautiful!

  25. so thankful for all our servicemen and women.... and your DAD! That is awesome.

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