Tuesday, November 29, 2011

about being mind-blown and living under rocks.

do you have a minute?
can you take a sit with me as i tell you something that's been on my mind?
yeah, grab some hot chocolate (extra whip cream please) while you're at it. 

so, i was thinking...i am continually blown away by the creativity out there! do you know what i mean? i've been blogging for nearly 2 years, and i am always shocked with new blogs or shops and think, have i been living under a rock? where have i been and never have noticed these suh-weet spaces in the cyber world? well some of those exact mind-blowing shops, i've had the privilege of working with this month!

so let your mind be blown away too as you visit (ahem, shop) these sweet places for you and for those Christmas stockings waiting to be filled (and psst! some of them are even offering exclusive discounts for you, lovely people!)

use coupon code ILLYLOVE for 20% off of your entire order for the rest of the Christmas season!

use coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for 20% off your entire order through the month of December!

throughout the month of December, Jac and Elsie are offering FREE SHIPPING (no coupon code necessary).

from December 1st through December 9th take 15% off of your order with coupon code MERRY!

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use coupon code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off from now through Christmas!

a shop filled with the most darling infinity scarves, colorful poppy headbands, and charm necklaces - the perfect stocking stuffers!

this whimsical space is filled with the most magical of fairies, gypsies, princesses and more in digi stamp form - all from the incredible imagination and talent of Krista! 

if you are a lover of colors galore, you will love this sweet shop filled with the sweetest prints and boldest of colors on everything imaginable - tote bags, ruffled headbands, diaper bags, stocks and oh, so much more! 

soooo...see what i mean? is your brain all in one piece? mind-blowing, i tell ya.
so have fun shopping your little hearts out and following all their lovely blogs!
your husband told me you should (about the shopping part), so go for it, my pretties!

much love.
[happy shopping, friend!]