Wednesday, October 26, 2011

this post comes with a warning.

so are you strapped to your seat?
'cause these peeps are about to bloooow you away.
you might or might not be familiar with this batch of sponsors, but either way, they are some of my favorite people in the world, so i'm pretty giddy to show them off to you.
and while you are at it, get your mouse and wallet ready.
you're gonna want to start following these blogs and shopping from their shops.

don't say i didn't warn ya.

Ashley of Run with Me. 

looking for some humor to go with your morning coffee, exercise motivation, style inspiration, and entertainment news updates?! then Ashley of Run with Me is your girl! she reminds me a lot of The Possesionista (and that ain't no bad thing!), oh and if you love Pan Am, she's plans to head up a runaway crew - i already signed up (hehe). but seriously, add this girl to your blog roll. you won't be disappointed.

Jihee of  The Soaktree.

autumn is that top of year that i'm scouring the shelves of handmade goddesses' shops for anything knitwear - and this is one of my top places to scour. jihee, the woman behind the knitwear goodness, is nothing short from talented and offers a variety of quality designs and colors. 

Chelsea of Tea Talk.

i had the privilege of meeting chelsea back in April when i was attending a conference in AZ, and i wished we had more time to talk than the hour or so that we had. she is as sweet and as fashionable in real life as she is on her blog. i also am continually in awe of the beautiful friendship and relationship that she and her boyfriend, Scott, share. be sure to follow her blog to read up on their super fun adventures! 

Krista of Saturated Canary.

i love the idea behind krista's blog. when you first open up the page, you see just below the banner: writing to taste life twice. i cannot tell you how much i love that line - and how much i feel that when i read krista's inspiring blog! whether it's reading up on a DIY tutorial or looking through the fun she shared with her family earlier that day, i sense krista's amazing love for life, her family, and for God. (and people, you already know how much a fan i am of her work? remember HERE.)

Ashley of After Nine to Five.

now this woman is caaaa-razy! crazy awesome, that is! she has a blog exploding blog world with her shop talent - and we're talking about a woman who excels in her jack-of-all-trades. After Nine to Five offers a fun collection of jewelry, hair accessories, graphic design, and even some new holiday prints! everything about this woman exudes energy and fun, so be sure to check out all of this awesomeness. 

Paige of Pink Lemonade.

now when i was 15 years old, i was busy with a lot of things in my life - and running my own handmade business was not one of them. paige continually blows me away with her rosette creations - from my all time favorite turquoise and yellow rosette statement necklace to the collection of cabochon jewelry that lines her online shop's shelves. and oh, yes did i mention that she's the 15 year old i'm talking about? yeah, just in case you missed that. incredible! 

i could not say it better than the definition displayed on the opening page of Etsify's shop: etsify (noun) - the place to find the most stylish handmade apparel and accessories and (verb) -fied, or -fying - to transform your personal style with unique handmade apparel and accessories. and how everything has been curated on this site is incredible. in a way, Kaily (the face behind the awesomeness) and her group of stylists (you'll find Much Love, illy there!) has weeded through the gigantic world of handmade and brought to you the best of the best. so they put it, Have you Etsified yourself today?

Alli of One Pearl Button.
blog / shop

i completely adore Alli's style of photography, writing, fashion, and DIY tutorials. i especially love reading her posts on her weekend adventures - makes me want to run outside and take lots of pictures all the time. a recent GIF of her jumping up and down in her new cape articulated what i was feeling about autumn. she really knows how to put the word "frolic" into a visual for you. love it!


so what did i tell ya?!

these are some incredible and inspiring (makes you wanna go do something creative, right?!) kinds of people. i've closed the comments so that you can go and show these lovelies some love. shop their shops, send them an email to encourage them, or leave them some comment love. i know they'll love you for it! 

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]