Friday, September 30, 2011

here's to being a kid for life.

 tee: f21 / shorts: GAP / flats: Jessica Simpson / necklace: c/o Le Mode Accessories 
bracelets: gift from a friend + c/o IHOD / boyfriend watch: fossil 

 it's officially my last day of my 26 years of living.
but like i was telling my mom and sister, i don't feel like i am.
more like i'm 21 years old...or maybe 16 years.
it's like i'm frozen to those ages but the numbers i write down on paper changes.

honestly, i hope that i'll always feel this way.

even when i'm older with kids running around me, worrying about bills, and the roof leaking or when life takes a whole other turn with marriage, ministry, and...just lifei obviously want to allow experiences and challenges to shape me into the woman that i'm supposed to be, but i want to always love life and not take it far too seriously. i want to run around in the rain with my husband and kids and to eat candy and popcorn at midnight. i want to laugh until my stomach hurts and tears streaming down my face. i want to build forts in the living room and eat cupcakes for breakfast. 

so here is to my upcoming birthday,
can't wait to see what you bring me, year number 27!
bring it on.

OH, one more important, mega exciting thing...
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much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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  1. girl! i'm with you! next week i'll be 27 as well. it's weird to even think the number 27 - "upper 20's" - ahh! i'm going to be a 16 ear old girl forever!!! haha (:

    happy birthday tomorrow! yay 27!

  2. Happy Almost Birthday!

    That is definitely exciting. I'm only 21, but I feel like I'm just 18... haha crazy how times are flying!

  3. you wrote, "it's officially my last day of my 26 years of living."

    I read, "it's officially my last day of living."

    I was all like, what? that can't be true. ;)

    happy birthday, Ilene!

  4. I'll be 27 in just a few months, too. :) I know what you mean!

    Happy 27!

  5. Hey it gets better every year, trust me! I'm wayyy older and wiser (28!) lol but yes LOVE life and it truly does improve each year, hope it is like that forever!!! Lol

  6. Ahh! How crazy!!!

    I've been having the weirdest thing about during 27 this October! I'm like 27? Really, I sooo don't feel 27. Something about that number is throwing me off! If I was turning 28 I wouldn't care, which is weird right?

    And I feel younger then I really am all the time and most people don't believe me that I'm as old as I am sometimes.

    Age is just a number though!!!!!!

  7. Happy happy birthday!
    I love your smile! You look so carefree in all your pics...!
    Loved the striped tee too!

  8. I love you in stripes!
    And happy 27th birthday! So exciting to get older but still be a kid.

  9. Happy Birthday, Ilene!!! I hope you have a fabulous time tomorrow! :)


  10. Such a fun and cute outfit! Happy birthday! It is always refreshing to see the world as a kid from time to time!

  11. So so true! Get older, but don't really grow up. Hope your birthday is a great one!!

  12. I still feel like I'm in my early 20's... and I'm totally okay with that!

  13. Happy (almost) Birthday darling!!!

  14. waaa. advance happy birthday, ate ilene... stay be-You-tiful :)

    Love much,
    Lhen :)

  15. Happy early birthday! And I love love love your shirt! So cute!

  16. Happy Birthday! hope you have a wonderful one. i'm sure you will. i loveeeee that striped top. i definitely do not feel close to my age. sometimes i even forget how old i am. :)

  17. Wait. Today is my last day of being 20. Do you also have an October 1st birthday?!
    I am so with you on that wavelength of wanting to balance being an adult and being a kid (although this time in my life allows a little more of the latter).

    Happy birthday to my fellow October girl!

  18. Happy 27th beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful celebratory weekend, love your colorful necklace and bracelets. Your nail polish is so cute, I tried the ring finger a different color thing and you wear it so much better.

  19. Happy almost bday, sweetie! I'm with you..I'm staying a kid forever :) xoxo

  20. I'm with you! I will be 49 near Christmas, but I will wear 2 or 3 colors of nail polish on my toes at once; I color my hair with red/blonde foiling every 6 weeks at a salon; and, I dress similar to you. I refuse to look my age. A student told me recently that she will call me G-Maw because Grandma would be an insult. (Long story....I claim their homeroom teacher as my daughter, so they are my "grandchildren"...6th graders)

  21. Happy birthday girl! I am 25 years old, but I hope I will always feel like a kid.

  22. you look really cute! going to follow you!!

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    follow me

  23. I hope you have a great birthday!!!

  24. well, since i'm behind in my blogs, here's a happy birthday to you, my friend! you are so inspiring to me and i've loved watching your GROW in your bloggy business :)

  25. happy happy birthday! hope it's been a blast to celebrate! nothing wrong with being a kid forever!!

  26. Loving the nautical theme!xx

  27. I loveee your striped top! You are just adorable. :) x

  28. I love striped t's. the best. your necklace is very cute and looks perfect with the top.

  29. You're beautiful! I love your outfit!:D

  30. I have a good feeling you are going to be an amazing, fun, & awesome person for the rest of your life, no matter how old you are! You just have this great energy about you & I don't think it will ever go away! :) Hope you had a lovely birthday, Ilene!!


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