Tuesday, September 13, 2011

boyfriend this, boyfriend that.

 boyfriend blazer, dress, ring: f21 / watch: fossil
maroon tights: c/o We Love Colors / Vance Shoes: c/o Blowfish Shoes

boyfriend watches. boyfriend jeans. boyfriend blazers. 
love every boyfriend thing that i own, especially when you can pair them with something flirty and girly. this is my most recent favorite "boyfriend" find. love the colors, the sleeves and the fit of it. puuurfection.

told my dad about the boyfriend trend.
he showed me his watch and said it's his wife watch.
clever, isn't he? ( i love my daddy.) 

and speaking of boyfriends, i miss mine. a whole freaking lot.
yes, Ryan is my fiance but i think i'll even call him my boyfriend when he's my husband (though i cannot wait for that day when i can call him husband). why? 'cause he told me when we got engaged that he would date me for the rest of our lives

forget book boyfriends. this guy is the real deal.

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]
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  1. Cute cute! Love the boyfriend look on you. You and Ryan are too sweet.

  2. such a cute combo-- the dress and blazer:)


  3. LOOOOOOVE the colors!!! i wana blazer like that!!

  4. Sometimes I forget you're engaged. When are you & Ryan getting married?

    Love this jacket & ring, in particular! Cute.

  5. Loooove this look! All the colors are so good together and love the blazer and dress combo!


  6. Looooovvve this color combo you have goin on lady! And can I please steal your blazer!? It's the perfect color, I love it!

  7. Long distance is so tough! I imagine it's tougher on him when he checks your blog and sees all your cute outfits :D

  8. Cute outfit! And I love your dad's comment about the boyfriend trend. ;)

    Aw, Ryan is such a sweetie - I'm sure dating him for the rest of your life will be awesome!


  9. haha ur dad is funnniie :D I do love bf tshirt!

  10. you look too cute.

    also, i want to steal your shoes.

  11. I think this is one of my favorites of the outfits you've worn! Very cute!

  12. I love your beautiful outfit!!!
    I absolutely heart my boyfriend jeans!! When the weather get cooler (and stays cooler!) I hope to pull them out and wear them lots!!
    PS Your Ryan is just about the sweetest thing EVER!!!

  13. I LOVE my boyfriend jeans :) great lazy saturday/sunday pants.

    Love that BF jacket though! Super cute! I saw that kind of outfit in InStyle and I soooo wanna do it :) I gotta find myself one of those BF blazers :)

  14. adorable! I'm looking for a boy friend blazer right now that is NOT black. I would love a brown one or a Navy blue one just not black. Black is too boring...

    LOVE your jacket!!! Such a cute outfit!!!

  15. I love this outfit!! :)
    one of my favourte ones... nice colors and combination! :)

  16. Awh I love how he said he'd date you forever! So cute! And I just love this look! xoxo

  17. Such gorgeous Fall colors! I am in loooooove with that pumpkin colored blazer & those ruby red wine tights. In love! Hope you're enjoying that beautiful SC weather. I miss it so much. :)

  18. cute, cute, cute dress, and i love the big turquoise ring. oh, how i miss having a forever 21 here!

  19. BAH! So cute. And ps, I love daddys. And p.s.s. you'll looooove being married, it's the best. The end!

  20. OMG love your shoes! They're perfect for cold weather. I wish I have your style. I have zero patience on dressing up

  21. Anything boyfriend is good (as long as they're nice to you) that is! ;) Loving this look! And that BF blazer of course!

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  22. Love those shoes!!!! Way cute outfit and i really love the orange you added to the look :)

  23. whaaaat I'm obsessed with your tights!!!!! That color is GORGEOUS on you (and hopefully on me because these bad boys are officially on my wish list)

  24. Your blazer is gorgeous! It makes me wish I had one (before it gets too hot here). Looking beautiful as usual.

  25. haha, your dad is so funny! i love the bf blazer on you and it's a beautiful color!

    cute & little

  26. Loving the boyfriend blazer! It's such a lovely color! Also how much do you love those Vances!? I am so happy about mine!

  27. Loved this post friend! And looove those fall colors!

  28. SUCH a cute autumn look! I just got those shoes too and can't wait to style them up! xo

  29. Love love loving the blazer and the booties! xx

  30. Love this combo. You look so classy and chic!
    I hope you get to see your fiance very soon! I remember how hard that was!

  31. Oh muh werd! Love love love your little outfit! And those shoes are so stinkin' cute! Agh... fall... tweed!!! So excited!

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  33. love the outfit! i especially love the attitude that went with it!


  34. swooning over your boyfriends quote at the end. Glad your blessed with the real deal. You deserve to have a man that is amazing to the point that it shocks ya ;).

    The outfit your wearing btw... Totally something i would wear... Colors and everything.

    Therefore, I am very, very satisfied with it. lol



  35. Thank you! I need some inspiration for how to wear a similar dress and now I have it:) Terrific Fall outfit!



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