Thursday, September 22, 2011

blowing out 27 candles (too) soon enough.

someone's birthday is around the corner, so she is keeping tabs on a few of  her favorite things. 
here are just a few of them for those of you who are on a need-to-know-basis. 
(you know who you are. snicker, snicker.)

urbanears headphones in light green (not the one in picture), urban outfitters / scarf , le mode accessories

the geometry class dress, red velvet / black lace top, reverie market 

architectural diffusion bracelet, le mode accessories / braided bracelet, reverie 

hunter boots in hunter green, nordstrom or zappos / fox head ring, sea of bees

sigh, this is one thing on my wishlist that i'm not sure if i want it or not.
call me a grandma or an old lady, but i do love the feel of the books.
the phrase curling up with a book is stuck on me, not so much curling up with my kindle.
see, i'm such an old lady? i can already here my future grandchildren making fun of me.

what's on your wish list, friend?

you might help me add a few more things to this list.
oh, plus cash and food are eagerly accepted. hehe.

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

p.s. Lily White has one sweet giveaway going on right now, peeps!


  1. looove your birthday list!! can't wait for us to be the same age for 1 month!! ;)

  2. Hunter booooooooooooooooooots!!!! La-la-love!

  3. Oh my goodness! When is your birthday? That's so exciting. For some reason I've always looked forward to turning 27 (don't ask why) I've got about 6 years to go... haha

    I love love your birthday list!

    On my wish list would be a fish eye lens for my camera, maybe a new 50mm lens and definitely anything from etsy! (ahem, like something from your shop!)

    Take care.

  4. I love that architectural diffusion bracelet. It reminds me of the concert hall in Millennium Park in Chicago.

    This is my own personal soap box (I make ebooks at a publishing house), but before you get a Kindle, take a look at some of your other options, like the Barnes & Noble Nook Touch. Not only is it eink (so it's easy to read, just like the Kindle), but it's touch screen, so you don't have to use the Kindle's 80's-throwback-in-a-bad-way joystick thing to get around your book. I promise it will be cozier. :)

  5. I adore Hunter Boots! Get the Kindle. There is nothing better in the whole world than holding a book in your hands, but when you travel a lot a Kindle is just so much more convenient. And it's not backlit so your eyes don't get tired.

  6. lovely finds!!!! a little obsessed with that black lace top :)

  7. i love my NOOK!!! it is amazing. And i have access to over 2million books and have so many stored on my reader so I can download and buy books immediately (and much cheaper than buying) and when friends tell me about books I can actually get them so I remember to read them later and it looks like paper...

    and yeah.. I love it

    I thought I'd miss paper books.
    But my back doesn't and it fits in my purse :)!...

    doooo itttt...

    love the headphone!


  8. You're not an old lady...or, if you are, I am too! I just can't abandon real books for an e-reader. It's like...betraying the books. I don't know. I just know I prefer a real book! ;)

  9. love that black sweater. i have a kindle and i feel the same way you do. i've decided that i will read books on there and if i really love them then i will go and buy the book. i have a "library" in my house and i love looking at all of my books. and sometimes there are typos and mistakes on the kindle books. something about putting them in digital format, i guess.

  10. So here's a question: I've been thinking of adding a Kindle to my Christmas list. BUT if you got one, would you still want books? I love books and I don't want to ever give up the smell and feel of an actual book. But... the Kindle is just so PRETTY and EASY!

    I hope you get everything on your wish list!

  11. hehe.
    I flipped over my calendar the other day to write something down for October and I saw your birthday and I was like Yay!!! I must send out her present sometime reallly reallllly soon!! :)
    PS I love those headphones!!!
    Super amazing!

  12. Heheh :) your not an an old lady :) Im like you.. I like the feel of books too but i'm not sold on the kindle yet ( though i think its pretty cool looking :) )

  13. What day is your birthday? Mine is the 27th :-)

    The main thing on my wishlist is that my baby will arrive before then! She's due tomorrow, but seems pretty happy in there...

    Happy early birthday!

    ♥ Bethany

  14. Love it!!!

    My birthday is coming up too!! Actually... my husband's birthday is wednesday, then 12 days later is MY birthday, then 12 days after mine is my daughter's birthday!!! It's a crazy busy time around here! :D

    I kind of already got my birthday gift too... I got this amazing new dress that I'm over the moon about :D

    Happy early birthday!!!!!

  15. Oh, I LOVE your list! My birthday is in November, so I've been making a mental list of somethings I want (which will definitely be turned into a blog convenient for my husband!).

    The Hunter boots are definitely on my list, too! Love them!

  16. omgosh what a great idea to do this! i should have done this so when hubby asked what I want for bday, i dont have to tell him! :D Hope you get what you want and happy early bday!

  17. hunter boots

    I hope this certain someone gets these beautiful hunter boots :)

    as for my list? I am currently loving the Sally Hansen nail strips in Houndstooth!

  18. Such cute things! Hunters are high on my list as well ^^ That fox ring is so adorable :) x

  19. i wish my birthday was coming up so i could have this all, too! happy soon to be birthday!

  20. A perfect birthday wishlist!

    Agree we you on the kindle, I've been eyeing it for quite some time...yet I always buy a book or two instead.


  21. Love your bday list!!! Hope you get all you're hoping for. You deserve it, right? :) xoxo

  22. Go for the Kindle! I felt the same way as you, but books are my job...I'm a librarian! I still love a crisp new book, but I travel a lot so my Kindle is a must-have!

  23. Go for the Kindle! I felt the same way as you, but books are my job...I'm a librarian! I still love a crisp new book, but I travel a lot so my Kindle is a must-have!

  24. lists are the best! i made a wishlist in pinterest for hubs for all events when gifts are in order. :)

    found your cute blog through a comment you left on the daybook!


  25. Sign me up for that scarf! New riding boots are on my wish list right now!

  26. Super cute stuff, love that ethnic print scarf perfect for fall! On my list? Iphone 5 and patent oxfords!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  27. i want those Hunter boots. casey got me hooked & now i've got an obsession, ha!

  28. oh, I love a good birthday list - and an October birthday! :)

  29. i love that black lace top. and i am like you -- i love books! i never really caught on with the kindle craze. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    $25 Apothica Gift Card Giveaway :)

  30. I would just like to point out that I didn't even think you were almost 27. When I started reading your blog I thought you were like 18/19. Then I saw you had a fiance and I thought, hmmm she must be at least 22. Keep your skin looking good! and Happy Birthday:)

  31. I'm recently 27 and I'm loving this birthday wish list! :)
    have a happy happy birthday!

  32. great birthday list. loving that gold cuff. agree re: the kindle. i love a real book!

  33. I KNOW!! I feel conflicted about the kindle too. I guess if we had one we could enjoy the best of both worlds, using it sometimes but not always... hmm. New territory. :)


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