Tuesday, September 6, 2011

after 63 hours on the road, it's been confirmed that this girl likes to dress up.

 cropped top: H+M / skirt: Target / wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes / mustard ring: Le Mode Accessories 
blue ring: F21 /green bracelet: c/o IHOD / watch: Fossil

after being on the road for a total of 63 hours, rocking it out in jeans shorts and tees, messy hair buns and makeup-less, it felt super good to get dressed up for church on Sunday. i know lots of my friends that prefer the make-up free, sweat pants kind of life (and don't get me wrong, i have days that i relish that!), but i actually love to dress up. i like the challenge of putting together different outfits and playing with make-up. you could say i'm a little girly. just a wee bit. 

and i was especially excited to wear this new cropped tee that i found at H+M while i was in Chicago. besides the fun cut of the shirt, aren't the little bows absolutely adorable?! i can already imagine so many ways to rock this top this fall!

do you like to dress up?
or could you live it up in sweats 24/7?

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go at 'em!

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]


  1. cute top!! i'm totally with you - i love to get dressed up. sweatpants can only cut for just so long, and then it's time whip out the dresses and accessories and feel fabulous :]

  2. I absolutely love the top! I'm all about dressing up. The only time I'm casual is at the beach but all other times I love to pretty up :)

  3. Oh my goodness 63 hours! Where did you go again? That cute is very adorable! Love it
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  4. I DO! Especially for church. I mean I try so hard not to wear jeans to church. I thought I was weird because most of my friends constantly r like "Im bumming it out today" When they do that like everyday.

  5. I'm SO with you on this! I'm totally the kind of a gal that needs to get dressed up. I start to feel so blah if I'm in sweats for too long. Your trip looked super fun, by the way! And I'm loving this gorgeous look, the Blowfish wedges are fantastic. xo veronika

  6. I live in dance clothes but come Sunday I am all dolled up for Church. In fact, all my dressy clothes are Church clothes. Love the pencil skirt on you!

  7. what a cute top! i am really loving cropped tops with high waists and you pulled it off like a champ. very cute :)

  8. I am definitely that girl that loves to dress up... even to the market. :)

    Btw, your bow blouse is adorable!! And so is your smile.

    xx Love & Aloha

  9. i am such an extremist. I am either super dressed up. Or dressed down to bum status. I have no median. I do, however, prefer to dress up. It is just my thing. I love putting on heels and a rockiin outfit and walking outside feeling dolled up and confident in the outfit I accomplished.

    Yeah. I take it pretty serious.




  10. I'm super casual when I'm at home. But I do like to dress up when I have the chance.
    I adore your wedges! They are so pretty. x

  11. i usually dress somewhere in the middle.. im not a fan of sweatpants outside of the bedroom but i dont wear as many dresses as i should :) xoxo jillian:: celebrate cornflake dreams' first birthday with a month of giveaways!

  12. i love to get dresses up...only if the outfit in my head looks the same in the mirror! ;)

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  14. oh I just adore your top!!! How cute!!! I live in dresses! I used to wear sweats all the time, but now I only wear them to work out in or to sleep in!

  15. oh i am BIG on dressing up... any time i step out of my house for more than a quick errand... i like to get prettified. other than that... i rock the "mom" jeans and sweaters at home. :]

  16. I've been trying to work at dressing up more. I work a job where I'm in a uniform and it makes me TIRED so usually I'm either in a uniform or sweats. Very lame.

  17. Most of the time I like to be comfy in my yoga pants, but sometimes I like to mix it up and get dressed up for my husband. It always makes him so happy when I get dressed up for him.


  18. I'm with you on loving to dress up and put on some sweet make-up. Not being able to do that easily is the major downside to roadtripping (though it is entirely awesome otherwise).
    Are you still doing the Trash This Journal project?

  19. I am just now starting to love dressing up. Before it was t-shirts and jeans/sweats all the time. Now I am starting to enjoy putting together outfits and makeup :)

  20. LOVE your shirt! I'm with you - I'd much rather dress up!

  21. ....and you failed to mention that you are one of those lucky girls that can pull off BOTH looks so effortlessly! i've seen the pics - its true! :)

  22. Love it! PS - I like that your poses are true to you and not typical of the standard fashion blogger. Yay!

  23. Love the top! Absolutely beautiful!


  24. I spend most of my days in scrubs, but I still love to dress up every chance I get. Or at least feel girly with an awesome kickbutt outfit to boot :]

    PS - I totally want to steal/borrow those wedges..even though I have non-tiny, giant-sized Asian feet :P

  25. I'm with you--I'm a dress up girl all the way! I do love my jeans, but even those I like to dress up. I LOVE that bow print top--that's something I would wear like crazy!

  26. Your hair looks AMAZING!

    Oh, and I never wear sweats! I have to get dressed every day (whether it be in jeans or a dress) in order to feel good about the day! I kind of hate being a bum in my pjs! I love to go, go, go! haha

  27. adorable outfit! I get a little grouchy if I go for too long without getting dressed up too:)


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