Friday, September 30, 2011

here's to being a kid for life.

 tee: f21 / shorts: GAP / flats: Jessica Simpson / necklace: c/o Le Mode Accessories 
bracelets: gift from a friend + c/o IHOD / boyfriend watch: fossil 

 it's officially my last day of my 26 years of living.
but like i was telling my mom and sister, i don't feel like i am.
more like i'm 21 years old...or maybe 16 years.
it's like i'm frozen to those ages but the numbers i write down on paper changes.

honestly, i hope that i'll always feel this way.

even when i'm older with kids running around me, worrying about bills, and the roof leaking or when life takes a whole other turn with marriage, ministry, and...just lifei obviously want to allow experiences and challenges to shape me into the woman that i'm supposed to be, but i want to always love life and not take it far too seriously. i want to run around in the rain with my husband and kids and to eat candy and popcorn at midnight. i want to laugh until my stomach hurts and tears streaming down my face. i want to build forts in the living room and eat cupcakes for breakfast. 

so here is to my upcoming birthday,
can't wait to see what you bring me, year number 27!
bring it on.

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much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

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boho baby bump

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i'm not trying to pull a Ronald McDonald here...

 tee: H+M / scarf: Old Navy / boyfriend jeans: GAP
tote bag: c/o Fabric and Handle / turquoise ring: f21 / natalia flats: c/o Blowfish Shoes

 ...but i love me some tomato red and mustard yellow, one of my fave color combos. i think if the red is not so cherry and the yellow, not so chirpy, i think it works. i'm loving it! oh, wait. isn't that from the mickey-dee's commercial? whoops.

either way, i'm overly obsessed with Fabric and Handle's newest tote bag. i got the Kyrie and absolutely love the shape, the leather straps, and the color (i die). seriously, so perfect for my post office runs and errands.

and these little mustache notecards from my sweet friend, Sarah of Yes, Teacher have totally been making my week. the little mustaches are too cute for words. and disregard the names on the left - kind of a little inside joke with my sister and one of her best friends (they have a thing for mustaches especially when it comes to their friends, The Gypsies from Expedition Impossible.

and as you can see, they make awesome props for mirror pictures.
so not only was i trying to pull of the ronald mcdonald, i also got some charlie chaplin in me.

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

they are the super cool kids at the lunch table...

...and i'm the shy freshmen that wants to be  just like them.
okay, maybe not the best example, but you know what i'm getting at.
they are inspiring, innovative, hilarious, creative...and just so cool!
if you don't follow their blogs or haven't visited their shops, you so need STAT.
and you'll see what i'm screamin' about. 

Anna of In Honor of Design.

Chelsea of Tea Talk.

Moorea of Moorea Seal.
blog / shop / twitter

The Soaktree.

Sandy of Sandyalamode.

 Sarah of Yes, Teacher.

Erika of Rouge and Whimsy.

Morgan of Meet Virginia Design.

Maria of Little Tree Vintage.

Lauren of Busy Bee Lauren.

E L Vintage.

Soft Slap Watches.

show these lovely, amazing people some love, will you?
leave comments, shop their store aisles, or tweet them a "hello!"
for me. please? 
*batting of eyelashes*

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

remember my name. i might end up on pumpkin pie wars or something.

 dress: urban outfitters, gift from my fiance / tights: TJMaxx / shoes: c/o Blowfish Shoes
belt: f21 / watch: fossil / bracelet: gift from my friend, Sandy

i do not know who i am becoming.
i have been a baking fiend. baked two pumpkin pies in two days.
that is a record for me, my friend.
while most people relieve stress through baking, the process actually stresses me out.
but what i figured out is that it stops becoming stressful when i've baked the recipe more than once. i also find that i have to bake something that i actually want to devour myself. like a marathon runner addicted to races, the craving pushes me far.

in other news, be sure to check out the shop. i totally just stocked it up some pretty corsages, perfect to brighten up your autumn wardrobe. also be on the lookout 'cause i'm planning to stock more designs and colors throughout the week. 

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much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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Monday, September 26, 2011

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much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

Friday, September 23, 2011


 cover: H+M / tee: base exchange/ boyfriend jeans: GAP / champ heels: c/o Blowfish Shoes / rings, Le Mode accessories, Charming Charlie's / necklace: c/o Le Mode Accessories

right now, i'm chilling on the couch, watching the X-Factor with my mom. we've cheering on the crazy-awesome singers and cracking up, rolling our eyes, and covering our ears over the really crazy-out-of-their-mind people who think they can sing. and i seriously love the fact that Simon Cowell is back. i've been a fan of him since the days of American Idol. favorite quote of the night: You are Justin Bieber gone wrong. love him.

and now that it's the weekend, i think i have a couple of cravings that i hope to meet. first, i've been craving a pumpkin pie, so i need to bake one this weekend. and since i finished Divergent, i've been craving a good book - a really, really gone one. And the ones that i've been reading lately haven't exactly hit the target. i'll be going to a local booksale, so *crossing my fingers* to find some good books there! and bike-riding has become a weekend occurring  that i'm looking forward to the next bike trip with dad.  

and that bike ride will help me meet the craving of eating that pumpkin pie i'm planning to bake. and you bet i'm thinking about the whole pie. mmm. 
okay, maybe i'll share with dad since he's going bike riding too. 

much love.
[happy friday and first day of autumn, friend.]

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

blowing out 27 candles (too) soon enough.

someone's birthday is around the corner, so she is keeping tabs on a few of  her favorite things. 
here are just a few of them for those of you who are on a need-to-know-basis. 
(you know who you are. snicker, snicker.)

urbanears headphones in light green (not the one in picture), urban outfitters / scarf , le mode accessories

the geometry class dress, red velvet / black lace top, reverie market 

architectural diffusion bracelet, le mode accessories / braided bracelet, reverie 

hunter boots in hunter green, nordstrom or zappos / fox head ring, sea of bees

sigh, this is one thing on my wishlist that i'm not sure if i want it or not.
call me a grandma or an old lady, but i do love the feel of the books.
the phrase curling up with a book is stuck on me, not so much curling up with my kindle.
see, i'm such an old lady? i can already here my future grandchildren making fun of me.

what's on your wish list, friend?

you might help me add a few more things to this list.
oh, plus cash and food are eagerly accepted. hehe.

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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