Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on the road again: ROADTRIP check-in, folks!!!!!

just checking in to say whaaaaat's up?!
we have been having a blaaaast on this road- trip.
thought i'd share a few pictures from it.
and as you can see in the above picture, peyton is as happy as a squirrel with a pile of nuts.
he kinda looks like a squirrel sometimes.

got the chance to see my boy in GA. and yes, we totally made a pit-stop at Panda's. yeaaaah, baby! it made me so happy to see him. and of course, so happy to enjoy some orange chicken and chow mein. yow.

got the chance to grab coffee with my high school best friend, Dayna! haven't seen this woman in 11 years, so it was the best reunion. a few tears of happiness and lots of laughs were shared and sooo much catching up, too. loved our short but awesome time together.

 and on our way to Minnesota, we had a mini picnic with a feast of fruits with some of my parents' college friends. we're talking watermelon, cherries, melons, and peaches galour. i was in heaven. probably ate too much but it was so worth it. oh and ashley and i got the chance to run around the playground. we so needed too after 14 plus hours in the car!

and that's a wrap...for now!

and hope you all have been enjoying the Fall Trend series on the blog this week brought to your by some very special sponsors and friends. be sure to check out Malori's post today - you don't wanna miss her!

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]


  1. Yay! So glad you stopped in! You and your boy are so cute together- glad you got to see them!

  2. Girl, looks like your having a great time!!!

  3. Awh, it looks like you've had so much fun!! (:
    And I'm so excited that you finally got to see your boy <3 !!

  4. Bahaha! So after every pit stop tweet, I totally pictured you running around like a fool with all your pent up energy. Looks like I was pretty much right. Love that smile, friend. ;)

  5. LOVE road trips! Hope your trip has loads more of fun in store!

  6. What a fun road trip! I'm trying not to be totally jealous (only 172 more school days until my next summer break - haha!)

  7. have fun, friend! roadtrips are a blast and your pictures look so fun. =)

  8. you are having a blast I can tell; that smile you're wearing is too cute! :)
    have fun on the rest of your roadtrip!!

  9. Hi, I just found your blog via Josiah's Nest. :) I love it so far and I'm now following you!

  10. your family looks like the funnest :)

  11. you have mastered the top-knot and it looks amazing!

    so glad you got see ryan :)

  12. holy hilarious. i cracked up when i saw your little doggies face on your sister's lap. LOVE that your doggie came along!!


  13. Oh my goodness, your family is freaking adorable! I love how the pup went along on your trip and that you got to see your hubby! :)

  14. Woot woot for seeing your fella! You look gorg by the way!

  15. Roadtips are thee BEST!! We always stop and buy junk food to eat on the way to whereever our van leaves us.

    I'm sooo jealous of how you and your sister are close and have a blast together!

  16. Your dog is so cute! Looks like a great road trip, so far!


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