Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the military brat in me comes out...in lace and pink.

dress: c/o asian i-candy / shoes: c/o Blowfish Shoes / earrings: c/o Le Mode Accessories

i'm always up for trying something new or different. it might be the inner miltary "brat" in me. i need to always change things up. back in college or in my old apartment, i had the tendency to rearrange furniture a lot. i like to change my nailpolish color 2-3x a week. i'm up for challenges even if they freak me out (except for sky-diving...i really don't know if i can tackle that one, Ryan!). part of the reason why i signed up to take the Red Velvet DIY Dress Up e-course. the thought of tackling some of those projects freak me out - but if i never try, i won't know if i can do it. i think i've always lived with that thought in the back of my mind: you'll never know unless you try. because of that, i feel blessed to have experienced some of the things (some good, some bad) that i did.

and i would say that i do not normally choose pink when it comes to clothing or accessories. i used to think that is the color that "all of the girls pick", but i've found myself falling more and more in love with the color this summer. (maybe i've become more of a girl?) you might remember this Le Mode bag that i've obsessed over before - and it's hot pink. and now here i am rocking around in a lacey pink dress from my sponsor, Asian iCandy. and you know what?! i'm utterly in love with it! it's so light and perfect for the Southern humidty. the lace, the sheer, the sleeves (!!), and the huge pink roses...love all of it!

so yea or nay to the pink?
and what is the last thing that you thought you couldn't or wouldn't tackle, but did?

and if you are Michelle B. (#180) of CBC Fusion, you just won the Le Mode Accessories giveaway! shoot me an email at muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot] to claim your prize. congrats to Michelle and thank you, Adrianna!!

much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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  1. i love you in pink...it's so pretty against your dark hair!

    thing i tackled, hmmm...roller coasters in disney world. yes, referring to kid coasters-- but i hate them all. so that was huge for me. (i still cried on two.)

    have a great week. you look really pretty-- keep the pink:):)


  2. you look happy! haha !


  3. You look SO dainty and lovely! You look great in pink! And your Rescue wedges are too cute!

    Oh, and I know what you mean about being constantly on the going and switching things up. I was raised with that thought it mind as well :]


  4. Superbe ta petite robe !!!!!!!!!!



  5. I hear ya on the whole "pink is girly" thing. I tend to avoid all shades of pink except HOT pink. My students have been made well aware of this fact. :)

  6. Oh, to answer your question, I never in a million years wanted to teach middle school (bring on the cute first graders!!) and I certainly didn't want to teach science. I specifically wrote on my app to BFA that I would teach anything BUT science. And now here I am, going into my third year of teaching middle school science and loving every minute of it. God has quite the sense of humor, doesn't he?

  7. You look beautiful lady! And considering that pink is my favorite color you know how I feel about it ;-)

  8. you are looking fine in the pink friend!! & i'm having serious dress envy. srsly. ;)

  9. I'm not a pink girl either, but I love that dress and it looks great on you! :)

  10. You look so beautiful girl!! I love the print and the beautiful shade of pink!! PS Rearranging furniture is so much fun! :)

  11. I think it's adorable! I would also love to hear what you think about the DIY dress up course. I've been debating signing up for it since I have a decent amount of sewing experience already. I'm not sure if it would just be a repeat of the basics!? Be sure to share your experience :)

  12. I am loving the pink. You look pretty in it :))

    Thats so cool how your up for anything, you remind me of my filo friend Zillah, she always changed her furniture back at college, ahh good times !

    I hope your having a lovely week girl !


  13. love this dress!!
    very cute and girly!

    Lots of love

  14. Loving you in the pink! It's so pretty and carefree. Just makes me smile :)

  15. 1. canNOT even handle how ca-ute you are in this dress! Adorbs!

    2. Love your hair! Woman- it's soooo long!

    3. Earrings... perf!

    4. You go try new things! Good for you! It's def working for you!

  16. Love the pink :) Im not a big PINK girl either but i've been loving wearing some of it this summer; )

  17. this is the perfect summer outfit!! I love your taste! xoxo

  18. way to go for sporting the pink! looks great on you too! xo

  19. What a sweet little dress. You look adorbs!

  20. Beautiful dress! So girlie and fabulous!


  21. I would say yes to pink, you look amazing in this dress. I love the sleeves!!


  22. That dress is so cute.. and that bag in the post below! I'm in love!!

    By the way, I'm giving away a free piece of jewelry of your choice from Towne&Reese. Just go to www.l0velindsey.com to check it out and enter : )

  23. Aw yes, changing the apartment furniture - that's right! :-) Oh my, and a note about nail polish...the current one I use (um, maybe only about a couple times a year) is still a bottle of subtle pink that I believe YOU gave me in college!


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