Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i looooourve them like hot chocolate in the dead of winter.

okay, so just a warning: the following statement might come out completely across as completely ridiculous, but actually this statement popped into my head while browsing the huge ole blog world. i thought i knew of every incredible blog known to man - there's more?! yup, stupid, i know. my jaw was hanging open while browsing blog lovin'. it really does blow my mind how much "untapped" inspiration is out there. 

and you know those incredible blogs i was talking about? well, some of them actually happen to be my August sponsors so i am excited to show them off to you today! seriously, these women blooooow my freakin' mind when i browse their sites - whether it's a gorgeous outfit post, a brand new product, or some hilarious tweet - and i looooourve them like hot chocolate in the dead of winter. 

you might already be following a handful of them, but if not check 'em out. hit their GFC follow button. stalk them on twitter. like their facebooks. seriously, you won't wanna miss out.

Gabby and her outfit posts and love for photography and travel keep me coming back to her adorable, refreshing blog. makes me want to get on a plane and be a traveling woman like her! 

i share mad love for nailpolish like mandy, so i always heart her colorful posts on nailpolish and colors. she also has one of my favorite weekly features, Toy Camera Tuesdays inspires me to carry around my Instax everywhere i go. 

i adore this girl's vintage style - her outfit posts totally rock! plus her hair is absolutely stunning. she did a recent hair product review, making me want to buy every one so that my hair can look just like hers. 

i have been following Lauren's blog to the beginning of my blogging career - and she continues to inspire me with her variety of posts. she is beautiful,, hilarious and...did i already mention, inspiring with a capital I? oh and her tweets? the best ever. 

erika and i share an obsessive love for poppies! be sure to check out some of her recent new designs for fall. she is also completely adorable all around, so check out her blog showcasing outfit posts and adventures with her husband and little dog - who loves to make appearances in her outfit posts. her dog, i mean, not the hubby.

sandy is one of my best friends in blog world and in real life. wanna know where i picked up my blogging skills? sandy has been my "blog mentor" since the beginning of time - so her blog is seriously where it's at: outfit posts, the most creative boards, and gorgeous photography. and a baby la mode is coming soon - eeek! 

have obsessive love over totes bags?! then look no more! these bags are made of the best quality is...get this...leather adjustable straps. you'll also find that the fabric patterns are all unique, and the totes themselves made in the best quality. be on the look out for their latest fall design - in shop late August! 

this lovely lady and i shared a blog meet-up back in April and have been friends ever since! before that i had been a long time admirer of her cute blog, sporting outfit posts, adventures with Scott (her sweet bf!) and showcasing some of the best business out there in blog land. she is as sweet as she is online as she is in real life! 

Rachel currently serves as a teacher in Germany. since she serves as a missionary, she must raise support every year, reaching out to family and friends and also through her own handmade business. if you have a heart for missions and teaching, be sure to check out the various ways that you can help HERE!

Morgan's love for color and shoes is what first drew me to her blog. and when she wrote the line in reference to her colorful outfit i looked like a unicorn threw up on me, it was a friendship made in heaven. her posts are filled with wit, color, and real life. don't miss out!

so what did i tell ya, folks?
quite an incredible round-up don't you think?! 
and there are more sponsors i'll be introducing to you in the coming days, so be on the look out! 

be sure to show these ladies some love.
visit their blogs, shops and twitters.
a lovely word goes a super long way.

much love.
[happy wednesday, friend.]

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