Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Trends 2011 series // Lindsey of SuLu.

I adore today's guest blogger so ridiculously much. We had the opportunity of working together in Chicago and through many lunch and Argo Tea dates, we found ourselves with a much cherished friendship. I have always looked up to her in so many ways. Her passion for creativity and thinking outside of the box has exercised my own thinking. This girl is incredible, i tell ya!

Hello Much Love Illy Friends!! I love how Ilene connects and encourages us all to be more creative . . . and brightly colorful!

(Any girl who can rock neon green tights as well as Ilene automatically has my respect.)
Thanks for letting me stop by today!

In my little corner of the world I’m often fascinated by those incredibly small, everyday moments that are rich in inspiration, which is why I’m learning to blog and creatively arrange life over at SuLu.  By day, I work in communications with the crazy and eclectic CreatePossible team and our wonderful clients. All other hours I’m hanging with my younger sis who recently moved to Chicago, enjoying relationships with some incredible high school gals, and showing some major TLC to a 1940’s Cape Cod home that my husband I recently purchased. My life is fueled by soy hot chocolate from Starbucks, but I also enjoy the s-l-o-w moments life brings. I also love taking flying leaps into dangerous change. 

Like today. Because this is what happens when a communications nerd tries to be a fashion blogger!

When I started my first job I remember thinking how b-o-r-i-n-g “practical and professional” clothes seemed. If you’re a fellow 9-to-5 person, maybe you can relate! My friends and I laughed and learned through this book as we attempted to move past the college sweatpants funk into something semi-presentable that wasn’t old and boring.

Now, I lean towards simple and classic pieces that have a bit of a modern twist.

For this fall, I’m particularly smitten with the emerald green that’s popping up everywhere,

as well as the wide selection of blazers!! Yes! Finally . . . no more horribly tailored and colorless jackets.

(I might push it a bit and add spiky heels.)

For a while, I felt really limited by the day job because I worried about breaking the rules

or what others thought which prevented me from wearing things that I loved.

But I’m glad others showed me that there is a happy medium!!

You can always incorporate small trends (like colors or jewelry) into what you wear.

(And seriously . . . don’t miss out on the affordable blazers options at Forever 21 this fall!)

Can’t wait to see what you’re wearing.

(And thanks for letting this nerd be a fashion blogger today!)

Be Well,


Yes, please, to emerald green! Yes, please, to blazers galour! Both are at the top of my fall trend list. 

what trend did you think you'd never try do you plan to rock out this fall?!

much love.
[happy monday, friend.]


  1. i love blazzers.. :)

  2. She is just adorable and I love her tips on dressing like a grown up but not boring (ha! I sound 16 saying that but it's completely how I feel). Love that outfit!

  3. i want to buy lots of emerald things! its such a great color for fall. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. love those jackets BUT i always look like i'm wearing my husbands blazer... i'm 4'10 so all my blazers have to be fitted, i love them though, wear them all the time. beautiful outfit!


  5. what a fun series, and love this gal already. i'm a communications nerd, too. :)


  6. she is adorable!! i need some more blazers in my life!!

  7. I heart emerald green. It'll most definitely fill up my wardrobe this year. :)

  8. LOVE This!! I need that blazer like yesterday!

    So glad I found your blog! Come check out mine!

    Jessica Kane - Plus Size Fashion Expert

  9. yes to the green AND the heels; she is too adorable!

  10. Thank you for all your sweet comments and to Ilene for allowing me to be a part of the series!!! I loved checking out everyone's blogs! So cute. You're all so talented.

    Much Love,


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