Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fall Trend 2011 series // Meredith of Meredith Photography

I absolutely adore today's guest blogger's eye for finding beauty through the lens of a camera. Her blog is absolutely filled with her capturing moments of every day life. Today she rocks one of my favorite looks, the belted cardi and wraps up the Fall Trend series on the blog. Closing it off with a bang! Bring it, Meredith!

Hello there, everyone! I'm Meredith and I'm stoked to be guest posting on Ilene's blog! 

As Ilene has asked, today I will be posting about my favorite fall trend!! Fall is by far my favorite season. The changing of the leaves, the clean, crisp air, and the joy I get from putting together outfits makes for a perfect few months. Layers are definitely my thing; I think that's why I love fall. You can easily add a belt, scarf, or colorful sweater to take the outfit from dull to exciting! 

That's what I tend to do, as well as throwing on a pair of boots to really make it come together. Boots are on the top of my list for favorite fall and winter trends. I've always loved shoes so my boots are my pride and joy. You'll usually see me with one of my five pairs on when I'm out and about. :)

 Here's an outfit I may put together on a warm, fall day. :) 
Earrings - T.J. Maxx Necklace - Wal Mart Cami - Express Shirt - Target Belt - T.J. Maxx Jeans - American Eagle Shoes - Bittersweet (Frye brand) Hat - Beach boutique Purse - T.J. Maxx My outfit started out fairly simple like this.                                                
  Then I threw on a hat to show you how you can add to an outfit to make it even better. :) I actually don't usually wear hats but I love this one. It's too cute and matches just about everything!

 And finally, I added a purse. :D 
             Every girl needs a nice, leather or suede purse to complete her ensemble!!!                          

 Meredith is totally a girl after my own heart! Accessories, accessories, and accessories is such a key to tying an entire outfit totally together. And I LOVE the color of that Express tee - such a perfect pop of color to an autumn outfit, especially paired with those boots!

what are your favorite accessories to include in your fall-inspired outfits?

much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]


  1. I am all about the hats and boots. Love!

  2. such a nice outfit. i so like it. :)

  3. love her hat and boots!! ahh soo excited for fall!!!

  4. Yay, Meredith! Great post. And cute outfit. :-)


  5. that cardi, those jeans, and those boots. holy cuteness batman!! i want all of them.

  6. I'm so excited about fall! Today's guest post has me thinking about all of the wonderful clothes it's been too hot for! Thank for the smiles and happy September!

    JB @

  7. lovely outfit!adore your style!


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