Saturday, July 23, 2011

Toy Story has forever tainted my feelings towards non-living objects.

i know that couches don't have feelings.
but neither do toys...yet Toy Story made us feel like they do.
and i felt that way when we say good-bye to these couches.
i grew up with them and can't remember our house without them.

maybe that sounds gross to some people but they were in great condition for the longest time. we posed for Christmas pictures around them. when i was little, there was a special corner of the loveseat couch that i'd bury my face in before i fully woke up (never have been a morning person). we posed for family photos around one for many years. they were the best couches to takes naps in. but today, we said good-bye to them, dropping them off at a local Salvation Army, so hopefully they find a good home. 

oh and see mom in that second to last picture? she's not praying to it. she's sad - and even whispered to the couches before we left them at SA, be good to the people you live with. yeah, we are all crazy.

and of course, ash and i couldn't resist squeezing in a few planking picture.

much love.
[happy weekend, friend.]

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  1. i TOTALLY understand!! my mom is this way. She cries when she gets a new vehicle-- bc she has to say good bye to the old one. and dishes, clothing, furniture-- it all holds special memories. so tends to hang around for a long time! i love that about her. everything is special!

    love your pics!! you guys are too funny!


  2. I TOTALLY understand! I remember when I was little we were getting rid of the family car and getting a new one and I actually cried!

  3. The planking pictures make this post. Hilarious!

  4. i know that feeling all too well. My mom gave up on our childhood couches years ago... and I STILL miss them to this day... almost 10 years ago and even though I don't live at home. its terrible.

  5. haha!!! I love the planking photos! did you know the new thing is "toothpicking"? yup! just google it!

  6. those last photos are hilarious!

  7. I know exactly how you feel... there is a couch and loveseat in my mother's house that are both older than me (I may or may not be 24! :P). She is talking about getting rid of them and I'm really considering driving four states away to get them from her so she can't junk them!!! Those things remind me of my childhood..... Sea Marie

  8. Hhehehee. THe last photos are do funny ;) you too cute!

  9. Just found your blog through Busy Bee Lauren and I love it. You are adorable. Following now :)

  10. Aww, it sounds like the end of an era!!

  11. well at least you and your whole family are emotionally attached to inanimate objects TOGETHER. Wouldn't it be horrible if it was just you. I love the planking pictures too!


  12. And also, I can relate...I can't seem to get rid of anything.

  13. I know EXACTLY what you mean--toy story tainted me too! Everytime I read your posts and see your pics I always think "wow, her family looks like so much fun"--"thats the kind of family I could have thanksgiving dinner with"...ya know what I mean?

  14. i know! toy story changed the way i feel about non-livings too :'D



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