Friday, July 29, 2011

some mega July sponsor love + a giveaway winner!!

i seriously have the best rocking sponsors in the world! wait, do i say that every month? maybe i do - but i mean it. every. single. time. i have been blessed with sponsors who have inspired me by their creativity, cracked me up with their tweets, and encourage me by their emails. so this is one small way, i'm able to thank them - bragging on them like craaaazy! so, drum roll, pleeaaaase...

E L Vintage should be at the top of your vintage clothing and accessories - if not, taking over your number one slot of vintage go-tos. i love the variety of pretty much everything in shop. i love the E L Vintage goodies that i own, especially this awesome belt i rocked on this here post. and for extra points, Emily is an absolute doll!


i actually had the chance to run into sweet Malori when i lived in Chicago. she was super sweet and as charming in person as she is on her cute blog. she records her every day adventures in the Windy City. can't you see why i love this girl so much? and she is just so freakin' cute!

if you have never heard of this awesomespice of a woman, you must be living under a rock! okay, maybe not really - but Lauren really is incredible and i have adored her blog for a very long time now. she is beautiful, fashionable, hilarious, and...the best part, my Bones buddy for life.

Krista has easily become of my favorite artists out there. when i peruse her blog and shop, my jaw doesn't want to stay all. her talent for color and her hand for drawing keep me speechless. and her blog - absolutely adorable with her gorgeous outfit posts and the photos of her precious family. in love with all of it!

Polly is one of my role models. the woman is uh-mazing! she is a full-time homeschooling mom while juggling an etsy shop and a blog on the side. the accessories and clothing you will find in her shop have a taste of bohemian, whimsical flair to them. oh and did i mention? she has some rockin' red hair that i hope to have myself one day?!

  shop / blog / twitter

erika and i share something very much in common - our mad love for hair accessories! you'll find silk flowers, feather accents, and darling ruffles in her pretty shop. also be sure to follow her blog so that you can tag along on all the adventures she shares with her hubby and dog. she also has a love for vintage and all things handmade! oh and p.s. be sure to check out her recent rockin' vlog - it is epic.

and that's a wrap! 
be sure to stop by these lovely ladies shops and bloggity-blogs and show 'em lots of love.
and to make sure you leave them some lovin', i'm closing up comments here, okey-doke?!
it's sneaky, i know, but you'll love me for it.
'cause seriously, these peeps are the bomb-diggity!

much love.
[happy friday, friend.]

p.s. are you Jess (#46) of Friday? 'Cause you just won the Etta Grace giveaway for the adorable Brittany gray tank (i'm totally jealous!!)! be sure to shoot me an email at muchloveilly[at]gmail[dot]com with your mailing address so that we can make sure you get your pretty package soon!