Tuesday, July 26, 2011

smoothies vs. hot chocolate.

 top: F21 / skirt: belk / necklace: Aldo / shoes: Belk
watch: Fossil / bracelet: c/o In Honor of Design

during the beginning of the summer, i was on a mad hunt for the perfect maxi skirt.
then i found this one in this post and fell in love with it.
and then i found this colorful mess of loveliness and am adoring it!
the colors, the length and the feel - love it all.

and can you believe that just around the corner is a brand new month?!
there is a part of me that is not ready for beach days, summer dresses and smoothie runs to be over, but there is a part of me that cannot wait for the days of hot chocolate, chunky boots, tights and sweaters. 
so funny, how we wish for things we don't have for the moment.
come winter, i'll be more than ready to have back the hot, humid days of summer, and the silly cycle of "the grass is greener on the other side" begins again.
what are your favorite things of summer 
that you want to savor before it's all over?

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much love.
[happy tuesday, friend.]

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  1. What a wonderful skirt! I adore all the bright colors. You look lovely!


  2. I hear ya! There is definitely a part of me that is longing for hot chocolate as well. Or at least a "cool side" of my pillowcase in my apartment which is 83 degrees at 10:40pm ;)

  3. the thought of summer ending is nearly unbearable for me!! the summer is way too short here. it feels like it just started! and the winters are sooooo looooong (and mostly awful)! haha, wow, miss negative nancy here! i need to move somewhere warmer!!

  4. How lovely! You still look so sweet in black. Love your wedges :)

    crunchy cheese me

  5. Love that skirt! And I think I am going to have a really hard time letting summer go this year. A really hard time.

  6. you look amazing! love your sweet smile x

    congrats egle!


  7. the sun is only just starting to poke its head out of the clouds, so I'm still hoping to wear my summer dresses and midi skirts.

    love you maxi though, so bright and colourful



  8. You definitely found the perfect skirt! It's just beautiful. Also... I bought myself a maxi skirt the other day and was struggling to find the right shoes for it. These look great... off I go to buy some wedge heels! =) x

  9. This is very cute & feminine - love it on you!


  10. cute skirt! you'll be able to wear that in the fall too. im not ready for summer to be over.. but fall might be nice. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  11. Love that skirt! So pretty on you. :)

    I'm really excited about this year's fall/winter season...mainly because I'll get to snuggle with my {new} husband when it's cold & we can have coffee dates. ;)

  12. cute skirt! the colors are wonderful! i want to savor the warm weather, days by the pool, and quality time with friends and family before heading back to school.

  13. I was just saying how much I can't wait for boots and sweaters and lattes lol. I love summer but fall is my absolute favorite!

  14. Love the look! super cute. :]

    I so understand where you are coming from with the seasons. I miss Fall and the layered clothing. The warm soup and the nights by the fire. But I'll be missing the hot sunny days of summer when the first snow falls.

  15. You know, I haven't even had a smoothie yet this summer! I must make some trips to my favorite smoothie places when I go home to California next week!

    I'm looking forward to fall! I always mix my summer wardrobe with my winter for a perfect mix :D

  16. Your lusting after colder days cracks me up. It seems as though bloggers are always unhappy with the current season and wishing for what's to come next. So silly. Just soak up that summer sun because when it gets cold you'll be wishing it was back!!

  17. lovely skirt!! great find. i gotta say, i'm kind of ready for this summer to be over. this is the hottest summer on record since 1890 for oklahoma! bonkers!! but i also hate winter..it's brutal here too. i live in a crap state for weather. ha. i guess the thing ill miss the most is all of the in-season fruit. it's my favorite & i'm trying to start buying only organic which means no more out of season fruits. :(

  18. I came across your awesome blog trying to find other bloggers in SC. I am kinda new to blogging and spend more time reading other ones, than writting my own... heh. But just wanted to say Love it! :)

  19. Ohhhhhhhh.. i am still waiting patiently for summer to arrive! all we have had is rain and overcast skies :(

  20. I love being able to hang out with my friends on random weekdays in the summer :) So much fun :)
    I'm ready for fall and winter too.. i need a cool down ;)

  21. i can't beliiiieve july is almost over and it's only in the 60's here!! summer better show its face again in august!

  22. Haha it's so true, isn't it! :) We're lucky that we get the chance to have such different seasons just in one year!

  23. i want to eat lots more watermelon before the summer is over :)

    + you are totally adorable!


  24. Ilene-that top rocks! And smoothies and hot chocolate are among my favorite liquid calorie splurges-he he he eh.

  25. Oh I love love LOVE your top! Hot chocolate! The only thing that I'll ever order at Starbucks is hot chocolate (no whip cream) and three vanilla scones. :)

  26. my obsession this summer has been shave ice/snow cones. definitely loving the warm weather and cold treats. =) you always find the cutest outfits.

  27. Cute outfit!:D

    I wear maxi dresses during the summer and I will surely miss wearing them when winter comes!

    ****** Marie *****

  28. That's a really beautiful skirt, Illy. You look fantastic!

  29. what a gorgeous gorgeous outfit



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