Wednesday, July 27, 2011

she's the best. she really is.

(Baguio City, Philippines. college days. daddy is to the far right of the photo.)
to my sweet mom:
i hope that you didn't need today to be reminded of how much we all love you, 
but i do hope that you feel extra special and blessed to be our mom because of it.

i am beyond grateful that you are not only my mom.
you are also my friend. 
you live out the life of someone who loves Christ.
you are stylish and beautiful.
 you love Daddy.
you are the best living room dancer...ever.
you are the best person to watch chick flicks and tv shows with (especially the ones with Zac Efron and Avan Jogia ).
you make us laugh ("a la!").
you have sacrificed for the family and continue to.
you love me and that's all i really could ask for.

mom, you pretty much rock.
we love you more than food.
and you know, that's a lot when it comes to this family.
much love.
[happy birthday, mom!]

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  1. Happy birthday to your mother!!! I am also a filipina! 100% :) Born in Manila but raised in America! Tell your mom 'masaya kaarawan'(happy birthday in tagalog)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom!!! :)


  3. seriously, you are the sweetest daughter ever! happy birthday to your mom!! i'm sure she will have a wonderful day surrounded by such a great family. my mom's b-day was on the 20th. :)

  4. Inspiring :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mom, ate Ilene. :)

  5. I can tell where you get your spunk from! Happy Birthday to your momma!

  6. What a special tribute! Cute.


  7. so sweet! happy birthday to your mom!

  8. what a sweet post! happy birthday to your mom :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  9. what a sweet post!! happy birthday to your mama!! :D

  10. Awww...what a beautiful tribute to your mom. Happy, Happy Birthday to her! :)

  11. hi, doll! i love your blog! following you <3 have a wonderful day!

    love, polly :)

  12. happy happy HAPPY birthday to ya'lls mom!! she is such a sweet woman of God. :)

  13. your mom is SO pretty! just like you and sis! :) happy happy birthday to her! she raised a lovely daughter. <3

  14. That is so beautiful, Ilene!
    Happy Birthday to your Momma!

  15. Guess you were hoping to make us all cry huh? SO sweet! Happy bday to your mama!

  16. A big Happy Birthday to your Mom! She sounds amazing :) Also, "we love you more than food" should totally be what we say to each other in my family! I love that :)

  17. How sweet!!! Happy bday to your MOM! :) xoxo

  18. Sweet post.:D

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom!:D

    ****** Marie *****

  19. awwww i love that printed old photo at Baguio. and happy bday to her.

  20. That picture is hilarious.


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