Thursday, July 21, 2011

i had one of my moments ((again)).

 top: base exchange (for 92 cents!) / shorts: GAP / necklace: Yellow Heart Art
neon bracelets: c/o In Honor of Design / shoes: c/o Blowfish Shoes

whenever i hang out with Ryan (whether it was back in Chicago or while in GA), 
our moments do not go by without me having one of my "moments."
Ryan: ilene, could you turn that knob to the left two times for me?
me: (reaching for the doorknob and turn it to the left twice)
Ryan: um, no the other knob.
me: sure. (i start turning the other door knob closest to me two times.)
Ryan: (cracking up) noooo, the knob on the wall to turn the fan!
okay, so maybe you had to have been there.
read it out loud and if you still don't get it...guess you had to have been there.
i don't know what was thinking! i heard knob so i reached for the doorknob.
but i really don't know what that would accomplish to turn a doorknob twice.

like i said, it was one of my moments.
Ryan said he loves my moments. he says it keeps him thoroughly amused.
it's a good thing 'cause once we're married, he's gonna have to deal with these moments every single day. *wink*

do you have "moments," too?

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much love.
[happy thursday, friend.]

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  1. Hahaha, I'm sitting here, cracking up outloud at you.

    Love your shorts! I think I need to just buck up and shell out some cash for some GAP jeans or shorts here soon.

  2. haha, how funny! great story. :)

    and i love your necklace. such a pretty blue/green color!

    cute & little
    Sproos Shop Giveaway for cute hair accessories!

  3. LOL! I love moments like those. I had one just this week. I was talking to my friend about the elevator at my school and how I never take it. I decided to take it and as I walked in I joked, "Hey, wouldn't it be weird if we got stuck in an elevator?" And then I looked at the level display and it still said "Level 1". I was like "OMG, WE'RE STUCK" and my friend goes, "....You didn't select a level." LOL

  4. Love your top and necklace together, such a fantastic color combo!


  5. hahah completely get you!
    love your shorts today!!

  6. I love your outfit here, Ilene!! SUPER CUTE! :)

  7. hahah..totally got it and you look so adorable in that outfit. happy Thursday, darling

  8. HEHEHEHe. I have those moments ;) Mostly at work.. I don't know why my manager hasn't fired me

    Love that your rockin the beachers!

  9. No worries Ilene, you are totally not alone!

  10. Nice! ;) That's okay, my man always teases me because I have such a hard time telling my right from my left...

  11. o.m.G! Bub and I have moments all.the.time.

    and in your defense, I totally would've went for the doorknob too HA!

    love ya <3 <3 <3

  12. Um, you got that shirt for 92 cents??? That pattern is fantastic!

  13. L. O. L. Illene you are too darn funny girl!!! I have to say, when it said knob I automatically thought door knob, but I was like, what is turning it two times going to get us? lol. I love you both!!!

  14. Haha I love hearing about your "moments" hehe. Oh and I LOVVVE the pattern on your shirt!

  15. .92 cents?!

    Cute clothes and deals are my favorite things.

  16. Love that top! You look fabulous!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week :) xoxo

  17. love your hair! :)

    xo jeanette

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